Wonderful Memories – Salt Dough Handprint or Paw Print

Instructions for a beautiful salt dough handprint

Why a salt dough handprint? As you already know, we have a beautiful Cat Lady recently in our new home. It makes us incredible joy every day and we look forward every second, to have them with us.

Like after the birth of a child it is especially the first time insanely busy to take many photos of the sweet new arrival. Every movement, every look is so fascinating and exciting that you would like to capture these moments like forever on paper.

Images are a charming way to keep his experiences. But there are so many other great ideas to keep a great memory of his loved ones. I was looking for a DIY option, at the time, is still so small in the Salem, to perpetuate their cuddly cute paw print for years in a salt dough handprint. And I found a way, which is both beautifully simple, and incredibly beautiful and fast. I want you to meet them here.

The idea works, not only for animal paws! Naturally, also the trouble hands of beloved children can be great hold in this way. Yes, it is most beautiful regularly to review this and to see how the little ones are getting bigger. Not to mention photos and co.

Recipe for salt dough handprint

You need (and the list is linked to our site, immediately if anything is missing):

For the salt dough:

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water
1 teaspoon oil
If the dough should be colorful: food coloring
any cookie cutter heart*
Clear coat*

For the decoration:

Hot glue gun / All-purpose glue*
Colorful fabric or paper residue
Deep picture frames, including the IKEA Ribba*

Instructions for the salt dough handprint

Mix the ingredients for the dough. If this is still not tight enough, add some more flour just feeling. Seems he slightly dry, have a shot of water. The impression can keep it well.

I have completely rolled out the dough and then also brought my kitten. She eh very curious walked around the table, it was child’s play. A :)) Vorderpfötchen gently press into the dough, and it’s done! This is also wonderful with children’s hands for a salt dough handprint.

As decoration to hang it is possible Backförmchen, like for example a heart cookie cutter to the triggering take. With a straw above for in the Middle a hole stick, and so lets it hang himself also wonderfully! For the picture frame, it is enough to cut out the impression with a knife all around.

Now, well, the dough must dry at least a day. He is coloured, he is slightly paler when dry.

Preheat the oven to 150° and bake for about half an hour. The dough has cooled, cover with clear varnish. So, the durability is secured. The smell of clear lacquer passes away after a day or two.

And now the good salt dough handprint can on the cloth / paper are glued and framed. For my image, I’ve chosen a retro motif with flowers. Color fits the color of salt dough.

And it’s done!

A beautiful DIY and decoration idea! I have made this impression with Miss Nahla before Easter and then given it to my friend. He now hangs next to their scratching post and enjoys among visitors, particularly popular!

Since Madame is especially proud of her first artwork, she would like to present now even’s friends.