Which Wardrobe Suits Me 2

What should be kept in the wardrobe in the future?

First and foremost, the new closet should be able to accommodate the existing cloakroom. But the inventory can often be expanded. This overview helps to determine what should come in at all:

The largest storage space is used for trousers, sweaters, shirts and knitwear. Such parts fit perfectly in deep drawers, shelves or lined up on clothes rails. If you want to make optimal use of the space, you can install a clothes lift in the upper areas.

What about underwear, socks, tights or swimwear? Drawers are ideal for such smaller textiles.

Jackets and coats:
They take up a lot of space in length. Think about whether jackets and coats should stay in the closet all year round.

Sports gear: do you need extra space
for your sports wardrobe? Whole pockets fit nicely in the foot area of ​​a wardrobe.

Should bags, belts, caps, scarves, gloves and hats be stowed away? List the items and get an overview.

Business wardrobe:
high-quality clothing such as suits, blazers, expensive shirts, blouses and ties must not hang too tightly. Plan generously and make do with a clothes lift, tie holder and an accurate pull-out of trousers. If you have a lot of business wardrobe, you tend to need fewer open shelves.

Filigree things: should
jewelry, watches and cufflinks be kept in the closet? A special compartment insert, which is clamped in flat drawers, is suitable for this. An utensil pull-out would also be conceivable.

Home textiles:
do you need compartments for bed linen, towels and tablecloths? Since you don’t need them every day, home textiles can be stowed well in closed drawers in the foot area or in boxes on the hat shelf.

boots, slippers and sneakers find their place on a shoe rack. The grid ensures constant ventilation.

Large bags, suitcases or boxes:
Be honest: Would you like to use the air space on the wardrobe as a storage space? Then there are room-high cabinets that reach up to the ceiling. Everything disappears here that has no other place.

Handling – How accessible should the wardrobe be from the outside?

The cabinet is locked from the front with doors. There are different models, each with their own advantages.

Sliding door wardrobes – ideal for narrow rooms The gently sliding sliding doors convey a spacious look. Thanks to the mostly puristic surfaces, even large cabinet systems appear light as a feather.
Because the doors run on rails, they hardly take up any space. This is useful when the bed ends right in front of the closet. However, one must bear in mind that the other side of the cabinet is locked when the door is opened. If two people want to quickly find their clothes in the morning, it could be inconvenient to keep sliding the doors from left to right and back again.

Revolving door wardrobes – the practical classics
Many people appreciate revolving door wardrobes because they fit in well with everyday life and are easily accessible. Usually such cabinets can be modularly expanded, reduced or rearranged.
Revolving door wardrobes visually stretch a room, which is why they are particularly effective in narrow rooms. If you want to hang up less and need more drawers, you should make sure that the drawers are accessible from the outside. It is also possible to attach an interior mirror to one of the doors.

Folding- door wardrobes – revealing the cloakroom with swing Here the elongated doors are similar to those of a revolving-door wardrobe, but when opened, several modules swing open next to each other. Because the folding doors can be folded in to save space, the contents of the cabinet can be inspected at a glance. Great for the “wow factor”.

Corner wardrobes – space savers with flexibility
They are ideal when there is little space and the space needs to be used effectively. Corner wardrobes can be fitted with sliding or revolving doors. With the help of a well thought-out interior, the outfit can be put together in a few simple steps to the left and right.

Walk-in closets for kids – they make young and old happy
Whether little tots or lively teenagers – children need a lot of space. In that case, walk-in closets can come in handy. Such constructions offer plenty of storage space and hanging options, both inside and outside. And best of all: the chaos disappears behind the door without your child having to tidy up for a long time.

More comfort – wardrobes are as individual as their owners

The new bedroom cupboard should bring joy for many years. It is worthwhile to take the details into account.

As in expensive hotels, more and more private cabinets are being upgraded with cleverly placed light-emitting diodes (LEDs). If you couple the flat lamps with a motion detector, the light ignites when the cabinet is opened. Such selective illumination is useful in order to be able to choose the outfit in spite of the surrounding darkness – for example, if a partner wants to go on sleeping undisturbed.

People who are in a hurry in the morning and want a quick overview can also rely on drawers with a glass insert. Then, in the morning rush, you can quickly put your seven things together without having to constantly open and close the drawers.

If you are not that neat and tidy, you should make it easy for yourself and rely on classic hanging systems such as clothes lifts, clothes rails or trouser pull-outs. The systems tend to forgive disorder – even if the clothes were previously only lined up chaotically.

Which Wardrobe Suits Me 2