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Choosing a new wardrobe is a tricky business. On the one hand, the body should match the other furnishings from the outside and reflect the personal taste of the owner. On the other hand, it must be able to stow as many private items as possible – without feeling overwhelmed at the sight of the opulent piece of furniture.
You have to know that the heart of every cupboard is the internal organization system. If rails, shelves, pull-outs and drawers are carefully selected, many owners will usually enjoy their new cupboard for more than a decade. So it pays to think about a few things before buying.

What is important when choosing a complex piece of furniture and which individual preferences you have to take into account is stated here.

Where is my closet?

Most wardrobes have a permanent place in their owner’s bedroom. Measure the advised wall and take into account slopes, corners and crooked walls. It makes sense to create a dimensioned sketch. This also makes it easier to understand the later incidence of light from the window.
On the basis of the drawing, calculate the maximum size which the cabinet should never exceed. Also include the other furniture. Is the foot end of the bed in the way or does the room door swing into the area? Then draw in these furnishings as well.

Who should use the closet?

Many people assume that they will use the closet alone or with their partner. But the reality is sometimes different. Then, after a while, the possessions of children or grandchildren sneak in with them. For this reason, make a meticulous distinction between whose belongings should really be stored. Also consider that the domestic help, in-laws or the weekend visit might have access to the closet and plan a place for these people if necessary.

Rule of thumb – this much closet is needed:

  • Singles: good and happy to have 1.50 m cabinet width
  • Pairs: at least 2.50 m cabinet width
  • Families: minimum 3.50 m cabinet width
  • Children: from 0.70 m wardrobe width
  • Seniors: around 2.0 m cabinet width

Where will the closet and I be in 10 years?

Buying a cupboard is usually not a very cheap pleasure. It is therefore worth planning ahead in advance. For example, if you have to be flexible at work, you could make sure that you can set up the wardrobe in the hallway in the next apartment when making your selection. Then, for example, subtle sliding door wardrobes are ideal. In future, the wardrobe and household items can be stowed in such a cupboard.

If, on the other hand, you like to rummage through your clothes with friends and celebrate wild clothes orgies, you should rely on a wardrobe with generous mirror surfaces. Before that, selfies can be taken really well.

Students or young people who are going to move more often should consider a cabinet made of solid wood. Such models are firmly screwed and not glued, which means that the piece of furniture can also be easily assembled and disassembled in the future.

For a harmonious overall impression of the room

If the further furnishing of the bedroom remains and only the closet is to be renewed, the new piece of furniture must harmonize with the surrounding interior. Think about what overall impression you would like to create in the room – and what will not work at all.

If the new cupboard is to look modern and trendy, smooth, large surfaces or mirror elements would make sense, for example. If you prefer a natural ambience, however, cabinets made of wood or wood veneer are more suitable.
Let the surrounding furniture have an effect on you and also take into account the floor (carpet, tiles or wood) and the wall design (mirror, pictures or decoration). When choosing the optics, trust your gut instinct.

At a glance – this is how the corpus looks in the room

  • Made of solid wood: the models are of high quality and retain their value. Whether modern, puristic, rustic or romantic – all styles are possible. Depending on the type of wood, the outside can develop a patina.
  • With a mirror: such cabinets open up the room. However, the surface has to be polished wet more frequently.
  • High-gloss fronts: The smooth elements appear more modern and cool. If the cupboard is to blend in with the wall, monumental high-gloss fronts in light color nuances are ideal.
  • With details: decorative millings, rounded corners, offset handle strips or a surrounding frame – small-scale components give the cabinet character and make it cozy.
  • Remember: Since you will touch the elements of the wardrobe several times a day, only those materials should be chosen that you find comfortable on the skin.

Setting priorities – what exactly should the inner workings be able to do?

Whether a narrow single cupboard or a magnificent endless wardrobe – the filing system determines how the cupboard will look in your everyday life. The more logically the shelves, compartments, drawers and rails are combined with one another, the more practical the handling becomes. Therefore, sketch out in advance how you would like to handle the cabinet.

Do you need a detailed deposit and would like to keep all items neatly separated according to the occasion? Then photograph the individual subject areas in order to better assess which cloakroom components will take up how much space. In this case, many narrow drawer systems, in which all textiles can be stored separately, are ideal.

But not every closet has to be meticulously organized. Some people also appreciate a creative combination and want to be able to choose according to their mood every day. Then it is ideal to find your favorite things in the middle and at eye level. In this case, plan a little more bars and open shelves.

Good to know: Measure personally how important order and an overview are to you – as opposed to spontaneity and creativity. Use this as a basis to put together your own personal organization system.

Which Wardrobe Suits Me 1