Western Retro Universe Looks, T-shirts

On day 30 of July, last Saturday of the month, happens the Honky-tonk Party, the country Party of the universe 1 Retro commemorating the year of the site and the launch of the collection “Pin-Ups”, in partnership with Illustrator Aline Lacroc. In addition to the confirmed attractions – the bands The Hicks, Ton White and Rooster of The Rising Sun, the DJ Wagnão DJing on vinyl and the presentation of burlesque western of Aurora D’vine -there will be the Best Vintage Western during the party at the Rockerama Club in São Paulo.

A secret Board of retro fashion experts will choose the best-dressed people with the theme of the night for a chance to win great prizes. Among them: 1 Scull Cap Dracurella HeadPieces + 2 Scarves Scarf Sundae Inc + 1 Pin-up calendar Universe Retro + 1 Pin-up Cowgirl kit by Aline Lacroc and Retro + 1 Universe Bag Western Juliana Lawrence + 1 Skirt Bia’s Closet + 1 worth buying the R $49.90 All Right Mama. With that in mind, we have selected below ideas of western female looks for those who want to be inspired and make nice in Honky-tonk Party.


There are many possibilities for those who want to bet on traditional western dresses. Since the more rotated to the most righteous, sleeved or sleeveless, one color or various combinations. Choose what most suits and storm!


Another very good option for those seeking a look western is betting on coveralls and overalls. In jeans or other tissues, the play warrants a “rural” to production. How about add long or short sleeve shirts to bind off?

Western Shirts

There is no more country than the western shirts. Despite being an all-American model, in Brazil can be found in retro shops and brands genuinely country, which usually sell their parts for goers and the like. Worth betting on embroidery models.

Pencil Skirts

How about using your western shirt with a wonderful pencil skirt? The combination will ensure a more sexy to look, because the shirts are more soltinhas, as the proposal of this type of skirt is getting tighter to the body. Finish the look with a beautiful boot country.


Another visual typical of country are the sets of the same color. And may be get out + shirt + pants or skirt, the combination is a charm only. Choose your favorite model and color and finish the look with a nice belt. Is guaranteed success!


Is no money to invest in western shirts? Go t-shirt! In addition to the typical of musicians such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, bet in fun prints with the country theme is super cute. Then, just add a nice skirt, shorts or pants and you’re done!


The shorts are also great allies to mount a look western. Look great with boots and can be used with shirts. As the idea is a retro look, give preference to high-waisted models, which can be in jeans or other material of your choice. A tip: If you make cold, bet on a pair of pantyhose to warm the legs!


If the idea is a complete look, invest in vests, with matching pants or skirt. Is super charming and, if, at some point during the party, you just get sick! Maybe it’s not a very simple to be found in Brazil, but it’s worth giving a panned or send your ideas for a fashion designer play.

Western Coats

And if you do too cold? No problem! The western jackets are great for warming up the body and give that stylized visual. Just him, a high-waisted jeans and a white shirt, you’ll be ready to rock.


Want to let the visual characteristic even more? Or simply add a touch to a basic look? Invest in tissues in the neck or on the collar of the shirt. Can be plain or patterned, or even bandanas, they will make all the difference in your look, you can be sure.


There’s nothing western in the wardrobe? You bet there is! The jeans are a great ally to form a country look without spending a lot. Since a composite “jeans” or just a piece, which can be shirt, skirt, pants, shorts or dress. Just use creativity, snapping up with boots, scarves, hats, among others.


Another nice ally for those without a lot of money are the parts with Plaid prints. Super easy to find, ensure a super country air to the visual in dresses, skirts and shirts. Choose your favorite model and color and storm!

Cute prints

Continuing with ideas of western prints, worth betting on parts that have icons that refer to the style, such as cactus, horseshoes, wheelies, cowgirls, little boots, and so on.


If the idea is to glamorize the look even more, invest in fringe! These applications guarantee a special charm to shirts, dresses, boots, bags and where else you can put them. Use your imagination and work on Honky-tonk Party!