Welcome to The Table of Haute Couture of The Jimmy Choo Shoes

During the week the fashion of high Couture in Paris, furnishing firms also presented their collections. Jimmy Choo It has shown its collection cruise 2016 in a very original way: as if it were a succulent banquet of accessories. Spectacular halls and clutchs, to combine with the most stylish looks. A large table with perfect parts for the most important events to own to wear daily designs.

The Cruise collection is essentially Baroque. Consists of striking designs of floral print, abstract prints in blue, purple, yellow and lilac, with Swarovski crystals… rooms, some proposals and platform sneakers. Colors of suede and metallic napa proposals laden with details, both the Mise en scène. According to Sandra Choi, the Creative Director of Jimmy Choo: “the staging is inspired by the great delight that children feel to a large tray of candies”.

In our collection capsule can choose a shoe or bag adapted to your mood and access a tempting menu of hair pom-poms or type jewel ornaments to choose one to play. Design and creativity are my passions and I wanted to give our customers the opportunity to share this wonderful experience.

Custom collection

The firm has also introduced a custom capsule collection option. You choose your shoes and ornaments that decorate them. Three customization options will be offered: jewel ornaments created with Swarovski crystals, decorative floral and star shaped buttons vintage and pompon snaps with beading. Details that are responsible for wear stilettos, shoes with platform and sophisticated clutchs.

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