Walk Through the Leipzig Book Fair: from Worlds Are Words

Every year again. And still beautiful, exciting, versatile, exciting and very well attended: the Leipzig book fair.

I am a book person, but not a book critic. For me, the book fair is not a place where I after his latest findings examine the book market, fish out the main trends or take young authors under the magnifying glass.

‘Book fair’ is my stroll, enjoy, explore, discover. And I want that now also with friends. Immerse completely relaxed and comfortable in the world of books. Sweet highlights discover funny book titles, interesting sayings, cover, costumes, and more. Don’t have a cuppa tea, cooking you can start on the sofa and the little walk.

The world of books in Leipzig

It is no wonder that all places in Leipzig flock every year thousands of people to the book fair. in 1928 alone over 500 publishers were established. Sailor, island, Reclam – many city streets still bear the names of the formerly there domestic publishers. Breitkopf, Baedecker, and and and – the list is endless. The ‘graphical quarter’ of the city included a related organism, consisting of Commission bookstores, print shops and training facilities.

The foundations were laid for Leipzig as city in the 18th century already. The Saxon capital was one of the strongholds of the enlightenment. So, the most important authors of the time were moved there, including Christian Furstengott Gellert and Johann Christoph Gottsched.

Since the destruction of the second world war enormously many publishers migrated to West Germany, and up on the Velcro publishers until today large Publisher in the city. Meanwhile, Leipzig is at least back in the midfield, which is the number of the book productions in Germany. The book fair in Leipzig was founded after reunification.

‘Here is a special atmosphere, I believe that is so unique to Germany. Here is the Institute for literature, we have the University, we have the bookselling training, we have the book fair, we have the German national library – this is something special!’

Regine Lemke, Executive Director of the Booksellers Association of the German book trade in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia

Leipzig reads – ‘Seduction to read’

The book fair, like every year, will be accompanied by Europe’s largest Harvest Festival ‘Leipzig reads’. In over 400 locations 3000 participants have turned again to a bombastic event ‘Leipzig reads’ – whether in museums, restaurants, cafés or directly at the exhibition centre. Everywhere where you to stumble is comfortable sitting together a group of people and listens raptly an authors, what he has proudly to present his latest work.

That’s what I particularly enjoy at the book fair in Leipzig. The reflection on the reading pleasure, to sit together in silence and concentration and hanging lips of the person sitting with a book in front of a transfixed to the. So simple and yet so beautiful.

Books with history – the Antiquarian Book Fair

A particularly beautiful square between all the modern developments and new releases is the Antiquarian Book Fair for me. For ten years, this is already integrated in the book fair. ‘The world of the old book’ is characterized by objects with history. Old book back, on which golden letters announce their title. Beautiful graphics that attract the attention presented behind glass.

And thousands of old books, waiting for new owner for a long life. I could spend hours browsing, browsing and languishing in a part of the book fair.

A ransom for all reading fans. But only so long you can resign themselves thus, to be just not alone. You can push through, a little at all the masses of people who gather in the course of the day there. But the fighting spirit is rewarded.

No matter what corner standing, anywhere you can discover small treasures! So I found this fantastic book from the 50s have discovered – a journey through the history of fashion. And also Miss Nahla is very fond of them. Oh, how beautifully the ladies and gentlemen of the world once dressed were!

Conclusion of the Antiquarian Book Fair: A wonderful bridge between old and new, perhaps immerse the one or the other E-book and comic book fan in the classic works.

Cosplay – magical beings and comic book heroes

A part of the exhibition is the manga comic book Convention every year. An event that will once again exciting, colourful and varied the Leipzig. 93,000 visitors have been spotted on the Convention in Hall 1, there we will look together.

93,000 visitors – what for a gigantic number! And the evidence that manga and comics are still always absolutely needed and loved. Famous manga artist gave the Jack in your hand. For people like me all unfamiliar names, for Manga fans the absolute stars of the scene.

The costumes can be seen every year to Hauf are the most beautiful without a doubt at the annual Convention. Weeks, loving the cosplayers have made their costumes by hand himself.

The clothing is incredibly faithful to detail and elaborate, and at each step through the glass halls new exotics can be discovered. I love to let me down easy times amidst the hustle and bustle and admire the visitors in their dress. I admit, Yes, apart from Spiderman, Sailor Moon, or Pikachu I know hardly any of the characters. But it is always impressive!

Book fair – a trade show for the audience

The special feature of the book fair is that the contact between the author and visitors in the foreground. Frankfurt while it rather as trade fair is designated, counterpart the atmosphere in Leipzig should be more relaxed, personal and familiar.

For a relaxing experience, I recommend definitely to come during the week. Even if the trade fair is vast and big, so big scramble is on weekends. Or you do it like this, fold you cozy on the couch and let me lead you through the stands. I hope the small tour has fallen friends and really aroused the desire to read.

The constantly rising visitor numbers show, despite crowded corridors, halls and stalls, but especially one: the love for reading and the world of books is undiminished.

In an era of television, computers and co., I find incredibly nice that so many people in our city have come to celebrate the book, to experience and to rediscover it. Just 251,000 visitors – this number is not lying.

I know it’s very pathetic to end posts with a quote. But this set circles in my head for years, ever since I read it the first time. And he is a wonderful conclusion to our joint walk about the successful Festival of books. Thank you, I hope we see you again soon!

‘A house without books is poor, although beautiful carpets cover the walls his floor and precious wallpaper and pictures.’