Vintage Leipzig – the Most Beautiful Vintage Highlights

With the town of owls on tour in Leipzig

I have my “vintage Leipzig”, the most beautiful spots, Cafés, and shopping highlights with nostalgic flair so I thought, already quite properly made in the last few months and researched.

The sweet purchasable with beautiful retro clothes in the southern suburbs, the large flea market on the Agra or the Art Nouveau Café Riquet in the city centre are my favorite starting points, if I’m looking for a little Vintage Flair.

Now, a new Leipzig was released guide called “City owls”, which deals not only with the long-established tourist tips, but recommended also spots a Leipzig would visitors fall not on sight in the eye .

As I leafed through the book and noted with surprise, how small yet the extraction field is where I daily move in this exciting city.

Crazy, that it lives for many years in a city and yet realizes it has itself not yet explored many of its areas. Lots of information about my city, I learned in this book let me surprise, amazement, or laugh.

So far I did not know, for example, that in Leipzig is still a Minol gas station operated from GDR times, that we have a fresh meat counter alone for pets in the copy to clipboard or that a unique ointment Manufactory is located in the Culinary Delights.

Funny impressions and backgrounds, which I will remember for my future expeditions.

So I think this book is not only a beautiful escort for visitors who delve deeply into the city life and courses especially popular amongst the locals want to discover, that a conventional travel guide would go over. Just like having a good friend on the side that wants to share their favorite places with one.

I can put the city owls also years of Leipzig, close to the heart. As inspiration, in order to find a few nice channels, Cafés or concert halls in summer, in winter small museums to visit, as insider tips big exhibitors in anything as after.

And, of course, to find out that Leipzig corners for vintage fans and retro lovers offers wonderful, that I imagine friends here with the help of the book.

Just all this to catch up what it has not yet explored in the beautiful.

Vintage Leipzig – tips and highlights for your visit of the city owls

Vintage and retro shopping in Leipzig

As far as flea markets , so it is definitely finding good food in my “vintage Leipzig”. Especially between spring and autumn wonderful markets take place here under the open sky, but also throughout the year many retro-, open second hand and antique shops their doors.

Style Office and Indigo room

Unfortunately not in the city owls represent, but necessarily important for this list! Those looking for authentic, fair retro fashion in the style of clothing of the worker from the beginning of the century, has not only a special taste, but needed a special shop.

Danny and Nico have a business which is offered exclusively high quality fashion, handmade in part, on the popular Karl-Liebknecht Street for stylish ladies and gentlemen.

Because the shop is one of the few in Europe that sold items such as authentic Workwear by Hansen garments, African hats by Simon & Mary or Japanese jeans from Japan blue, the designer come often personally traveled to introduce new models.

You can find more about this unique fashion vintage style, and what exactly you there can get in my following posts:”High-quality women’s fashion fair produced – a look at the Indigo room Leipzig” and “style Office Leipzig – men’s fashion with history”.

Hilde dances & wardrobe

City Hawkmoth lays his readers the shop “Hilde dances” to the heart. In the George black road operates its owner Anna secondhand boutique with finest womens clothing from ancient times, even pieces for the men and children are on offer.

Also the wardrobe with followed by a costume store in the West is a great recommendation.


Unique industrial luminaires and historic features are available in the Lindenauer Atelier WKR. Artist Wolf Konrad Roscher refers to his store as “is constantly in flux comprehending total installation”.

He restored old objects in the style of industry, manufactures graphics and offers a large selection of interiors and old design classics with a focus on the past 100 years.

The buyable

Who great retro dresses and special accessories shop would like to, there’s also not in any online store to find, which can discover his new favorite pieces in the purchasable in Bernhard-Goering Street. It is my secret favorite store in my “vintage Leipzig”.

There’s some magical jewelry from Plauen lace, timeless and elegant fashion for women from the 30s to 60s, and also for the gentleman of course pleasure. Manya’s sympathetic owner help keep each as failed request.

Flea markets

Leipzig’s largest flea market held once a month on the grounds of Agra . There, about 1,000 dealers offer their goods.

Also, the flea market at the old trade fair is a great tip. Levels of our peoples battle monument is one or the other vintage honey get hold of. A great overview of Leipzig flea market dates are here.

Dining and Cafés with retro flair

Such extensive shopping tours make obviously hungry! Our “vintage”Leipzig has to offer wonderful Cafés, where’s nostalgic atmosphere, relaxed feast can be.

Café Corso

The Café Corso on the edge of the city centre is a family run since 1912. In addition to fresh-brewed coffee, the visitor can enjoy also the famous Leipzig Lark here. I especially love Corso in the Café the tasteful decoration and the combination of bright, classic colours and dark wood.

A place to feel good.


A more places where really relax or trip and the spoil can be after a strenuous shopping, is in the way of Schiller in Gohlis the drugstore. From the early 19th century, the building in the 30s to a drug store was rebuilt.

Since the end of the 90s, the establishment is now used as a restaurant with a French flair.

Riquet & Grundmann

Two more great Cafés in the vintage style I want you still recommend. A the Cafe Riquet in the downtown area, which reminds of the traditional Viennese coffee houses in Art Nouveau style.

On the other hand also the Café Grundmann is worth a visit, whose Mobiliar has remained almost the same for almost 100 years. Both I’ve presented contributions on my Vintage Blog in this: “the coffee in the Café Riquet”and “Coffee in the Café Grundmann”.

Villa rabbit wood

At the turn of the century, Villa rabbit wood was a popular tourist restaurant on the edge of the floodplain forest. As a meeting point for art and culture lovers you must not be missing in the town of owls.

So this Wilhelminian style villa is a romantic destination and a lovingly designed hotel surrounded by beautiful green today with its restaurant and beer garden.

Cultural sites from the past

As an art historian, I love it of course, Leipzig museums to visit. But I also have my personal favorites here. The GRASSI Museum at Johannisplatz includes definitely, given to classic and unexpectedly.


GRASSI offers in three thematic areas numerous permanent and special exhibitions to musical instruments, ethnological, and my favorite area: Applied arts. Also the city owls has highlighted the applied arts.

This museum, which was founded already in 1874 and leads us through 2,500 years of art and culture , the ancient, Baroque, or the Bauhaus has all 2,000 square meters area. A recommendation from the heart!

Museum of printing art

The Museum of art of printing in the nun Street is a small cultural treasurefor me in our “vintage”Leipzig, also the city owls has not left out these culturally as special equipment.

The history of this institution as the industrial site dates back to the end of the 19th century . Since 1921, the building was used as a printing and publishing house. So the visitors can still feel the old flair of the printing works, test the historic machines and follow the story of the pressure.

Historic Stadtbad

A great, historic venue is hidden behind the walls of the historic Leipzig City bath. As first wave, it was opened at the beginning of the 20th century according to city owls and until 2004 in operation. Today, theatre performances, festivals and exhibitions find their place in the former bath near the main train station.

Architect Otto Wilhelm Scharen mountain has really created a unique place, also a sauna in the Oriental style is to admire it. Look over here.

Musical comedy Leipzig

One last tip to the statements coming from me personally and from the heart. For me, the MuKo is one of Leipzig battle of Nations Monument the Augustusplatz, Leipzig lark.

The musical comedy of Leipzig is one of the few pure Operetta and musical houses at all. To the great Opera House part, but with its own choir, Ballet and Orchestra, you will find them beautiful Lindenau of the district, not far from the city centre away.

From 1913 was the former brewery building as a “vaudeville drei Linden” used. The House has today more than 592 seats, what creates a wonderful atmosphere and proximity to the actors. A wonderful recommendation for all who love Classic, humorous musicals and operettas. Show me in my post “Capriolen – Leipzig Revue Theatre 20s”, there you will find beautiful insights into the work of the MuKo.

A never-ending story

These insights and inspirations are of course only a small sample of what awaits you in the charming Leipzig and also recommendations in the town of owls. The 20 euro for the book are a worthwhile investment. You can find it, for example here*.

And now I wish you an enjoyable and memorable stay in our (and Goethe’s) beautiful “small Paris” and my “vintage”Leipzig!