Vintage Christmas – 8 Nostalgic & Stylish Recommendations for Christmas

1. art of folding to relax – the Frogs

For centuries is the Frogs of one of the Most popular craft objects around the Christmas season. Through its three-dimensional appearance he makes magical on the decorated coffee table, or even a festive Christmas tree.

This delicate paper artwork has a very special meaning for me. The educator Friedrich Fröbel was the founder of the kindergarten. The first kindergarten was established by him in from 1839 in my hometown, a small village in the heart of Thuringia of. So we Fröbel children have can build the star felsenheimer in his sleep.

I love the folds, because it’s relaxing and contemplative. For my personal vintage impossible to imagine Christmas, because a moment of reflection is incredibly important in this hectic time. A beautiful Fröbelstern crafting guide with background info I designed here for you .

There are do-it-yourself kits in beautiful, Christmas colors, I like to use this one*.

2. nostalgic England – Downton Abbey films

Downton Abbey is inextricably linked to Christmas for me. Just for this time of year have the producers of the British history series with their “Christmas specials” developed extremely complex, exciting consequences.

Apart from the romantic and dramatic love storiesalways have a place, the embodiment of home, family, friendship and suffering, for me at this special time of the year.

The exciting historical drama is so authentic and attention to detail, that one has the feeling as a spectator, an own role between servants and ladies and gentlemen, between “upstairs” and “Downstairs”, to take for themselves.

During my studies in England, I have can the location of the series, Highclere Castle, at Christmas time visit itself . If you want to take a look behind the scenes and in the enchanting English castle like, I can do’s (admittedly enraptured) recommend post – “On a visit to the unique Downton Abbey”*. You can find the right DVDs here*.

It is but an perfect evening of advent: with fragrant pastries, hot Earl Grey and a thrilling sequence of Downton Abbey.

3. Mrs Herzblut – magical crossings for autumn and winter

“Woman soul” alias Carolin Strothe has published her second book in August. This time six magical worlds, that Carolin the cold season will make us revolves around it.

On her blog woman takes lifeblood with unusual recipes and affectionate decoration us regularly in small fairy tale worlds. As Foodbloggerin, stylist and photographer she brings a total package here, that you can feel in all of her work.

Her work takes us this time on a little trip, starting with the “London tea party”. For the season of advent are it recommends with much love gifts made by hand like Rosemary salt or chestnut. In the chapter of “White Christmas”, Carolin provides inspiration for a Christmas all in white.

Great, I think the idea to combine the recipes with DIY craft templates . Can baked, feasted, decorated and made. See also range that hearty delicacies from Apple hand pies with elderberry and New York bagels pears of Helene Tarteletts.

I think this piece is not only a wonderful gift, but also a special accompaniment of your vintage Christmas and all the cheerful and cosy get-togethers with family and friends. You can find the book here*.

4. advent ornament for the head – Christmas Fascinators

A vintage Lady loves to wear beautiful headdress in the cold season. But not only, because he keeps so wonderfully warm!

In terms of motives, it can be played many ways. Grinding gingham fluffy foxes, delicate ice crystals – the creative Hat makers lay especially in the stuff, to deliver us the matching favorite pieces to each piece of clothing, every trip and feast day.

Even if these sweet Fascinator keep perhaps not quite as warm as a woolly hat, so they are yet very nice to look at! So I purchased the small red bows, studded with rose hips, when the sympathetic Madame Louflée.

The young lady from the Black Forest loves to create detailed, sweet creations. You will find your work here*.

Winter Fascinators for your vintage Christmas you can find also at Sophisticated Lady Hairflowers *. As the name implies, Maria has decided here on headdress in the form of flower , and that very elaborate way. There’s her hair flowers here*.

In addition you will need here the talented Jazzafine* know. You created a veritable works of art for the head. But warning, highly addictive! If you feel armed the, you will need drop here*.

5. gentleman chic – the Mr fly

Also the preppy gentleman pays attention at Christmas time especially on his well-groomed appearance. The Gentleman Blog has quite wonderfully put it: “Any man who decides for loop instead of tie can therefore visually expressing his individuality and emphasize personality”.

The classic suit-tie man so often that a nice change gives an elegant and individual touch men by flying found look. Also, once considered quite handy , the Mr is in danger not to find his tie top in the traditional Christmas roast.

I am very fond of the young farmer companies *. By farmer describes as the “portal to the world of noble and beautiful” and specializes in high-quality, stylish and well affordable accessories for men and women.

The company has its own Christmas collection * designed. The pieces are made of pure silk hand-sewn and are still priced top. So is the gentlemen both fly to self binding, as in Bordeaux, as well as finished grinding, quite classic knitting look or Tweed.

Also timeless, cravats and Einstecktücher can be found for stylish men. It is also as a very nice gift for loved ones! You will find here the Christmas pieces*.

6 Angel with eleven points – 100 years of Wendt & Kühn

I know the wonderful Angel of eleven points, as long as I can remember. The small, cherished and well-kept wooden treasures in our family are passed on for generations.

The production of this enchanting Angel began in 1915. Grete Wendt and Margarethe Kühn, graduates of the Royal Saxon Academy of the arts, founded the company, which long known worldwide for his figures at that time in the Ore mountains.

Wendt & Kühn manufactures instruments today Angel figurines. In the course of the century, an orchestra emerged from hundreds of pieces, including choir, cellist, clarinet player, or sweet drummer.

Include a high level of craftsmanship, to produce the small figurines. For the world exhibition in 1937 the small musicians were awarded with a gold medal. A testament to the quality and loving manufacture of little ones, which continues today.

My great-grandmother would be touched, if she knew that their small Orchestra expanded each year and receives a special place in our midst for the Christmas season. If you more about the Edwards* experience, or even a home a small musicians want to say let’s look at Wendt & Kühn. You can find some of the sweet Angels for sale online here*.

8. from the roll with sweet biscuits

Who comes to bake cookies has no artistic talent, and still like to neatly designed delicacies would conjure up, for whom I have a nice recommendation: dough rolls with engraving.

It’s very simple: in the dough roll motifs are engraved with a laser. It rolls out the dough so that the images raised remain so. The selection is huge, of snowflakes on Christmas sayings to deer heads and sparkling stars.

And there are so many different possibilities to the design of the dough. That is a very practical idea for the Christmas bakery with the smallest. You will find a selection of dough roll here*.

And now you’re up: what are your personal highlights at Christmas time?

I wish you a beautiful and contemplative advent!