Upcycling Ideas by Vintaliciously

Pleased again and again on the new, people to meet, which create the same passion for vintage themes of the day. For me is a kind of fascination about to devote objects of history with love and to give them a new life.

This is exactly what makes Christian from the retro blog our site. She likes to ascribe a new use for old pieces on Neu ‘Upcycling’ is referred to as. You therefore opposes the throwaway society: “It would be stupid to say I live in the past. However, I think it’s great to be able to say “no, the waist belt is not H & M, even my grandma in the 50s did the dance.”

Upcycling ideas for do it yourself

In the setup pane, decoration and home-made, she is at home and conjures up great objects that are easily to be up again and again on the new. She has answered some questions and can inspire you maybe also one or the other to get creative at home.

You call your retro Web site as ‘The vintage side of life’. What would you describe as ‘the vintage side of life’ because?

‘The Vintage side of life’ for me means to revel in memories and to reinvigorate an old, forgotten pieces. Nowadays unfortunately far too much is carelessly thrown away. No matter whether the now pieces of furniture or vintage accessories is out of fashion. It is where history hangs but beautiful and useful if someone else has used for a piece.

My blog is the opportunity for self-realization and the opportunity to be my little dream ‘Karla Kolumna’ in the form of blogger for me in any case. Now, I no longer even know what I was doing with my spare time before the blog. :))

Is there something special that you want to convey with the writing?

I want to let the Nostalgia lovers among us simply take part in my love of retro and vintage pieces. I remind you that you’re no Messi, because it picks up nice things.

Puhh. Actually the reflection – at least and – on the old times and the values of the time (that sounds now somehow very textbook): to family, crafts, recycle and feel every day like a lady. And most importantly, to feel with what you do, no matter in which category this falls and how others find it themselves at home.

You have especially specializing sweet device creations. What inspires you to this topic? And how did you get the idea to turn this into a blog?

The main reason was probably the indent in the first own apartment. I was so happy finally to be able to put up my decorations and not only be restricted to a space. So, the old pine chest of drawers in the ‘Shabby Chic’ was therefore immediately cancelled style. It was in General: How can I save money, in which I new design already existing furniture and decorative elements, so I like them again?

Continue to the then still in planning vintage is me pretty much at the beginning of my blogger-time magazine “the vintage flaneur”, where I have the luck to be since the first edition of this. The Flaneur has also strongly influenced my Upcycling ideas.

For you, it is important to create new treasures from ancient objects. What do you find it so special? It could get made pieces for little work and money at IKEA on ‘Retro’.

Probably I harvest Adepu calls now, but it also I love IKEA furniture :)) for me makes the combination just.
Many will understand that not necessarily buying the most expensive furniture in the first apartment, if you know that they have to move may be a few more times or more have no place later. I love the Scandinavian style and you find these cheap of course in Sweden around the corner. Of course I would get rather selected antiques in the apartment , but that money is unfortunately missing.
If I discover a piece of jewelry on the flea market but I do! As my 100-year-old chair, who has received a new coat of paint, and now as a mute servant in the bedroom is available.

A magical Tea Cup candle napkin technique up to Shabby Chic chairs you think everything vintage’s heart desires. Where come from for your many Upcycling ideas? Do you have because a favorite piece?

My favourite vintage is actually Tea Cup candle because my DIYidea combined with the original piece and also nice is suitable to give as a gift.

The Upcycling ideas I get some from the Internet via Instagram, Pinterest, or me reminds me, once I found an old piece, which you but unfortunately so in its original state can no longer use or find no purpose for it to decorate it (such as when such collection cups).

Are you ever done with the establishment of a space? Or is it a permanent ideas site? :))

Actually, I’m not the type that surrounded everything every 3 months and again crazy (since the man would turn even more). I need remain there until it is as I imagine it, but then most.

Are your profession / your training in any link to your blog?

I work in the publishing industry, so in principle Yes. We’re at least as regards reading and writing, in the same corner.

What are you private things, which you turned to much time?

My friend, my family and friends have always take precedence. Vintaliciously is a hobby and not to (even if it is sometimes really hard), in additional stress out.

…ICH supports going from my nearby environment which relates to my blog. And I found something, what I myself can really realize and can make new nice contacts.

If also you taste came to your home with ‘new-old’ items so crudely, or still looking for the perfect Christmas decorations, then just look on their website Vintaliciously over! What Christian conjures all for nice pieces, can you there look at you.