Tweed Jacket: Models and Tips For Riding Looks

The name is very fashion, is not it? The tweed coat comes from the used fabric originating in a region of Scotland from the Tweed River. It is not a current fashion but rather retro and we owe this trend to beautiful and creative Coco Chanel .The French designer was responsible for making the fabric popular in the early 20th century when Scotland was a textile giant in the world and the fabric was mass-produced.

The fabric known as tweed is quite rough and can be made entirely of wool or in mixture with synthetic ones.Its differential is to be heavy even, with apparent texture and with that the piece is very striking in the look.Already had several moments of height in the history of fashion with its launch in the 30’s, a back in the 60’s, then as a trend again in the 90’s and now you have it all!

Models and where to buy

In fact the married tweed has never left the scene because it is a Chanel classic and each year it gets more modern touches.The original model is short and usually accompanied by a white pearl coat but forget about this combination if you are not going to a White House award or meet the Queen of England.The original model is super retro but not much used if it is not among the nobles and on the red carpet.

The modern modeling is very fashion and almost abandoned the beige to use stronger and striking tones like moss green and violet, but without abandoning the classic black, graffiti gray or purple.But the change is not just in the colors but in the cut as well.The round collar has always been maintained but accompanied by longer or shorter sleeves, it can be mid-waist in the cropped style or be as long as an overcoat, helping to further vary the use.

The vintage style models have a front pocket, while the more modern ones are smooth.They can come with few buttons or even without because the proposal is to use open showing the blouse from the same inside.Overall they have featured stitching on the sleeves and collar of different color but can be found in the monochrome market too.

How to wear tweed coat – looks

The jeans we all know: goes well with everything but there are other possible combinations like social pants, leather and other thick fabrics thinking about winter fashion.You can use here the rule of contrast: dark coat with light pants or winter.The advantage of using two pieces of the same color is that monochrome look lengthens the silhouette and leaves you both leaner and taller.

The most common use of the tweed coat is replacing the blazer with the same rules without any problem. It can come in tone on tone with the contrast blouse underneath, with t-shirts in looks stripped and irreverent or with your beautiful social blouse to look work.

Try to wear with lighter parts on the bottom because the fabric itself is thick coat. The rule of contrast applies who here to achieve visual harmony.

When to use?

Nowadays being a jacket or not says little about the season of the year. The tweed coat falls very well in summer or winter fashion but with some criteria in choice.In summer is a piece for the night, a little colder places and always the modeling shorter.Length below the thigh is just for the same winter fashion.By day it is not a very good piece on hot days because it is a thick fabric, it warms up a lot.

There are models to wear on formal occasions as well as with skirt for parties, brunchs and social events. It can complement a look work quietly or be an informal piece to use when hanging out with friends or something cooler.

Chanel Classics: Did You Know?

The original tweed jacket is still produced by the label from the 1930s until today and this is just one of the classics that have been so successful.Its first bag, the small and side bag so loved by the public is also in production to this day.The bicolor sneaker is also one of the oldest and fanciest pieces in the world.

Where to buy tweed coat?

The piece has become so popular that you find tweed jacket with vintage style to buy on Gradchem. Prices can range from $ 100 to $ 400, and may be a little more if it is luxury brand.As it is a sturdy jacket that comes in and out of fashion fast more than three models is not indicated because they take up too much space in the closet as well.