Timeless Women’s Fashion from Leipzig – Interview with the Designer of Gracy Q

The Leipzig fashion label gracy Q stands for graceful and elegant clothes. Each of the beautiful pieces that fights designs designer Anne with great attention to detail is classic.

Attaches great importance, to high-quality fashion. As to their wearer can accompany a lifetime. “I like if clothes ‘can be a’ and seen much with her.” The timeless style of the gracy Q, their pieces must follow any trend.

So she kidnapped collection with the new spring / summer “Mademoiselle escapade” her clients on a trip along the French Côte d’Azur. The Mademoiselles feminine magnolia pattern, flowing viscose fabrics and maritime Strip should give a feeling of femininity.

I always adorable especially the jumpsuits of gracy Q. So, “Zoe” is a beautiful piece of clothing for ladies, with sweet puff sleeves and a hint of Marlene style. I imagine here nearer the playful “escapade dress” in my pictures.

The Magnolienprint and the green color are almost unusual colorful for gracy Q, but still the classic elegance that is so typical of the Leipzig label in my opinion to keep.

Gracy Q designer Anne is an inspiring figure not only on fashion issues. As a young entrepreneur she has rebuilt piece by piece, their label always believed in their goals and ideas, and it eventually will make reality. For this, she works daily with passion and conviction.

I met the young founder and designer in her Leipzig Studio for an interview.

Interview with the designer of gracy Q

Dear Anne, what distinguishes the clothing of gracy Q as a designer label?

It’s always about femininity, from elegant to casual. The cut and the fit are two very significant factors in conjunction with the design. As we always try to be close to our customers and to meet their needs, make them feel beautiful and well-dressed.

Of course, in addition to the economically must think – we’re no exception among all the others in the industry – we value put on a sustainable and fair production, a striking design, high quality materials and also the longevity of our fashion. I think it’s great if pieces can stay so long at one and much experience!

These are all factors that give a high value to our product, and this is very important to me. Gracy Q makes out to be individually. This is the way to redefine itself as a small label and to establish in my opinion.

We do not work in the field of quantity – in terms of fast fashion, for wanting to grow and do we think – but quality. Gracy Q makes fashion for women.

Hence comes so your affinity for timeless garments?

I have an affinity to high-quality, long-lasting garments and crafts, so the tailoring. The beginnings of this lie in my earliest childhood. I came about the custom tailoring to fashion design.

My mom has always been sewn. This very affected my perception of clothing and their value. Ever since I can remember, there was a sewing machine and these great boxes with buttons and ribbons, which I have dug for hours and found treasures in our family budget.

At the age of seven, I got my first own sewing machine. There began a long era of doll clothes, until I began to tailor for myself.

You’re a skilled dressmaker. This profession has become quite rare. What is it?

The profession of the dressmaker has become rare, that’s true. But in itself, I have the impression it will be sewn morethan ever before. There are many ways to learn basic skills through courses, seminars, books and YouTube tutorials.

The classical training to the accountant in the operation disappears more and more because hardly any demand. Germany has long been an important centre of production in the textile sector, which is now no longer so. The small tailor shops are in strong competition with the other fashion market, as far as time and price. It wants to invest most of the people currently rather less.

You’ve worked several years in the profession of tailor before establishing. Q How did it ultimately to the development of gracy?

Some time after graduating, I have made my teaching to the dressmaker measure and started to work for Opera and theatre. The desire for my own design was created during this time for me and grew to self-determined work, and also my love for fashion of the 30s to the 50s.

I have slowly begun to gracy Q. I have sewn sample collections and presents, invited customers, and sold the first pieces. And the company is since then steadily grown.

Were you sometimes unsure of themselves, whether it is the right thing, what you’re doing in the early days?

I was never confused to do the right thing. I had decided very clearly! There are many challenges and obstacles that sometimes overwhelm me and sometimes confuse.

Partner, my friends and family and of course Fred, our cat mean so that I can handle these situations well, I have a great team!

Is self-employment a curse or blessing for you?

Both! To be able to materialize itself , clearly is a blessing. The curse of were working through budget manage and I felt never enough have time to take in buying.

How exactly can I imagine the process of creation of a new collection?

Films, exhibitions inspired me in my everyday life, books… And if me remains a theme in mind, I’m starting to intensively deal with me.

I’m going to travel, reading and research, to create images and then implement in clothing. The way from the idea to the finished garment includes different steps from design to prototype to the sample collection, then collected the finished collection from the.

How does a work day at gracy Q look?

Basically, I start my day very early with a lot of coffee. The tasks often stem from the concerns of my environment, such as for example the production, customers or dealers. Of course I got exactly planned calendar which contains all deadlines for the completion of designs, material research, sampling, and more one also very.

If you do everything yourself right from the start, as I did, the day quickly very long and ends also times late into the night. The phases where I design collections are the most beautiful for me, then I very enjoy the freedom to live my collections.

There are fashion designers or artists who influence which in your work?

in 1998, I was with my family in London. We went for a walk in the East end and passed a boutique by Alexander McQueen . An empty business – and they had decorated a single dress in the shop window. A lavish Corsett and an opulent rock from a sea of cream colored tulle. Was very impressed!

And I got there personally, what is fashion for me and what they can say. McQueen touched my heart and opened at the time the way me, intend to make fashion.
Inspired in my work by many artists and designers, both from the 20s to 50s, as well as “of today”.

How are you privately dressed? Find also gracy Q in your wardrobe?

It always depends on what I above :)) everything is by simple pants with shirt and dress for the evening. My wardrobe is very well stocked after four produced seasons with gracy Q!

There are certain pieces that are especially in demand among customers?

Our customers love the dresses! In all colors, materials and silhouettes.

Do you think that women should wear more dresses and skirts in General again?

I find that many better dressed women in dresses are as in pants. They have trouble but often, to rethink and to understand the dress as a piece of clothing suitable for everyday use .

I tend even in everyday life often to wear pants, and but again notice how comfortable clothes are.

You have already insanely achieved a great deal in recent years. What are your plans for the future?

I would like to establish gracy Q as a successful brand to reliance continues to work as a designer. My own ideas to implement and to be able to do what I love, is always my goal and my motivation.

Also, I am and am grateful for all the stylish women who wear gracy Q and feel beautiful in our clothes. You make me possible it all.

And last: I’m happy that…

I’ve been …dass brave and a private company to establish have dared the step!
…dass I this year Iggy Pop live can see!

The wide passion radiates Anne consistently to their fashion, and that impressed me. I love it when people take something and are happy with their decisions. If they stop their dreams to doubt and just get started, to translate this into reality. And that, without always thinking about what could go wrong about this.

Thank you, dear Anne, for the interesting and inspiring conversation. I wish you continue to completely luck and leisure with your unique collections and am very curious to see what else willing the future holds for gracy Q!

For a beautiful trip in the elegant summer fashion with a French flair look over here on the website of gracy Q.