The Wild Romance of Dornburger Castle – a Guest Post

Hello dear readers!

Today, not the “Vintage girl” of Victoria, but I, Ariane welcomes you. I usually write hero weather on my own blog about travel, photography and creative and would like to introduce today a place, you ever can remember all of you above as the destination for the spring: the Dornburger Castle.

Castles and Castle Gardens, that sounds so sublime, so classy and chic. Everywhere in Thuringia is how actually already wandered around Goethe among the trees and flower beds. Standing down in place, the individual Grand-looking houses throne so far over one, you must put the head back.

Pastel colors, delicate structures, in between old stone walls and lots of greenery. How this may have been probably sooner? Had one built so high, literally on the peasants and craftsmen to be able to see down? Or you had to protect yourself from robbers rising around?

Once at the top, such questions seem suddenly preposterous. The beauty of the place, the wonderful line of adult nature and form more appropriate art captures one and you know immediately that the only logical explanation may be the breathtaking view.

As far the eye can see, the scattered clouds in a blue sky it resemble rolling green hills extra draped.

The pleasant the Dornburger castles is their calmness and lack of perfection. Small houses with leaning walls of rough zerhauenem stone, which already are overgrown by the Ivy are restored villa with stucco. There a missing disk with a rusty grid Curled up framed doors, a few meters in gold on front.

Precisely cut hedges next to weathered, crooked wooden fences. I was expecting a kind of little Versailles, but do get a mixture of herb garden, houses in life size and typical village scenery, and I like that surprisingly well.

The flowers and plants for themselves speak in the gardens. Many of them I’ve never before seen and am in heaven for photographers. Anywhere and everywhere to see, something hardly turn around a corner, one finds even more beautiful plants, still pretty prepared beds, this wonderful fragrance.

It passes in the autumn on the vines, you must extend only the hand and themselves, a little like paradise. Just a pity it is that the terrain is not too big fast – out from the world of wonder. But all around, there are several hiking trails and a small copse.

When I was last summer there, we found a piece behind the castles still was a small meadow, making perfect for in the sun loungers, dreaming and picnic .

Dornburg is two way, between Jena and Naumburg, so somewhere in the Thuringian, but fortunately not too far away from such as Weimar and Leipzig, more than visit places. So you should have times a day – it’s worth, to visit the Dornburger Castle!