The Most Beautiful Book Calendar in the Vintage Style – My 11 Recommendations

Book calendar – as you in writing your dreams

The start is a symbol of a new beginning in the new year for many. We set ourselves new targets, new dreams, desires and wishes.

To give is the most beautiful way, his wishes and objectives form, they write down. To keep in mind how wonderful life is, the own time and the new year. What are opportunities for and which Adventure to come to.

Very simple pieces are used as the basis for all of this: calendar. The white pages of a calendar are symbols for this, as you’ve got your life in their own hands.

How you can decide what you’re doing to your future and can the white paper into colorful experiences transform.

I’m a big fan of handwriting, ink and paper and could never imagine it, tap my plans in Smartphone, tablet or co., only to have them back forever a day later to delete.

For this reason I went on the search for a great book calendar, my companion for the next twelve months . I want to take you and show you what I met on the road for nice pieces are what calendar especially liked me and inspirations provide.

For your next 20 years party, buying a new dress in the 50s style or a beautiful trip in a traditional coffee house – just all highlights, which is the new year for you.

The most beautiful Pocket Calendar for 2016

Rose pattern in pastel for the romantics

Elaborate flower designs I want to in the Don’t miss out on new year. There is a wide selection of Pocket calendars with beautiful floral pattern.

The choice a bit to help friends, I have chosen my personal favorite friends.

I love the cover, because it is so feminine, delicate and beautifully designed. The Roses look really beautiful in its tendrils framing. What but it is a treat, daily from the vintage handbag to bring this piece.

All Fotocredits see below You can find the Roses Pocket Calendar here*.

MUCHAS Amethyst for culture lovers

Labels is one my favorite notebook and calendar paper blanks.

The books carry designs from all over the world, of all cultures, ages and arts. How to find beautiful typographic cover with the handwriting fonts and signatures of great scientists, painters or writers such as Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, and Albert Einstein (see below) or Claude Monet.

Paper blanks has typical medieval book designs, classic floral pattern and editions of well-known artists in the repertoire. One reason why I almost every year buy a notebook or a calendar with this Publisher.

The Mucha book calendar is my personal highlight this time. Mucha, a Czech artist of the Art Nouveau, focused among other things on the artistic portrayal of women as the personification of elements, seasons, human characteristics or particularities of nature.

Inside, the calendar is divided for weeks, so that you will have a wonderful overview of your next appointments. Due to its size the calendar fits perfectly in smaller Lady’s handbag.

You will find the beautiful calendar here*.

60s pattern for the great plans

The needs of course also enough pages who has many plans, to write them down.

This sweet little book of Nauli * offer for every day its own page, so that device also ensure no idea into oblivion. Address book, space for notes and European holidays are also represented.

I love the pattern, they remind me of beautiful 60s fabrics.

The book calendar were with Italian paper by hand bound, so it is guaranteed that they can experience a lot of things and want to! That these are very well affordable in spite of this, and more information you can read here*.

Vinyl for music fans

Also for the musical Gentlemen (the ladies find mention great pieces) I saw the special calendar.

The Berlin Shop Phonoboy* has himself dedicated the Upcycling old records and their unique design and material uses it to conjure real calendar unique.

You can bring up even his own records or design requests, to possess a personal retro calendar. There is a weekly overview on two pages, the paper is also made of recycled material. You can find the special vinyl calendar here*.

William Morris for nature lovers

This beautiful calendar* I have flirted quite long. Whether it maybe even the one’s who will guide me through the new year?

In any case is William Morris (1834-1896) one of my favorite artists and designers. The Englishman has created beautiful, large floral ornaments as one of the most important members of the Arts & Crafts movement of the 19th century, among others.

I love his works, because you could lose yourself for hours in his enchanting flowers and patterns worlds.

Especially wonderful this book calendar I find the strong blue in contrast to the gold pattern. An absolute favourite!

Inside the calendar book is very useful: A week overview shows all important dates on a point. You can find the book here*.

Shoe history for fashionable ladies

Oh dear ladies, I found doing something! I’m even still very excited about my wonderful discovery.

The great Victoria and Albert Museum of London has a unique Pocket Calendar created, dedicated to the history and design of our favourite pieces of clothing: shoes.

The book is also a week designed and the design absolutely artfully and lovingly designed. There to see historic shoes an international collection of men as well as women, represented in wonderful illustrations, photos and drawings.

Who invites this small feat not to be, is blame themselves! The shoe dream is this way*.

Nostalgic books for bookworms

This copy is a book calendar in the truest sense of the word. Love you too the old, leather-bound covers, the dusty smell and nostalgic gloss old books? Then, surely, this book is your new favorite piece.

This pocket calendar by teNeues is internally as externally * beautifully decorated.

Every week is shown on two sides Open. There is also enough space for notes. As you can see here, the note pages with old illustrations are decorated.

So you can find there, for example, the cover image of “Notre Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo, a medieval representation of six lifetime, or this beautiful image of a hazelnut Bush and Kirschbaumes from the 15th century. This calendar is always a small treasure. You can find him here*.

Flower tendrils for creative

Here I have another enchanting floral pattern for you. This is less romantic or corny.

The beautiful flower tendrils remind me also of the wallpaper patterns of the arts and Crafts movement, which is thought on the origins of art and craft.

For your many plans contains the calendar pen holder, Ribbon bookmark, piece of paper bag. It is closed with a matching elastic band. You’ll get the beautiful calendar book here*.

Alice in Wonderland for the adventurous

Already 150 years ago, the world famous book Alice in Wonderland was published by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898).

A work that influenced generations of children and adults as well, with its wondrous world, with its magical beings, small and large, crazy and lovely characters.

The British Library took the special anniversary as an opportunity to create a truly magical book calendar. The owner may enjoy the beautiful and original artwork of by artist John Tenniell , mixed with other great works on the adventurous Alice.

This calendar is a treasure for children and adults and accompanied you your whole year through your very own colorful and wondrous world! You can find the special booklet here*.

Original vintage Planner for time travelers

The number of publishing houses and shops has to offer not only a new calendar in the retro look. Also some original vintage treasures I have can do find on my planner search. Look at, for example, this great copy.

According to the description, this pocket calendar comes from the 50s. He looks for high-quality and well get out! I would argue that the booklet inside also replaced left so you can equip it new every year. Only Downer – the piece is still in Canada. But, how often such a vintage treasures in the hand?

This calendar will surely accompany a life his loving owner. You can find him here*.

Edgar Allan Poe crime – and typography fans

I can recommend the last booklet’s heart, because it is in my possession as a notebook.

The ornate manuscript of the great writers of Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) shines in a deep purple tone.

The book suggests easy with a magnetic clasp.

It is right once again perfect for ladies with lack of space in their pouch small and handy. You can get the love Edgar here*.

And now I hope to have inspired you in the search for your new year Companion. I wish you a healthy and happy new year full of love, adventure, and – of course – vintage shopping!