The Making of a Photoshoot – A Special Day at Revival Retro London

A story about the making of a photoshoot. A very special one.

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„How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?“ Dr. Seuss.

One month has passed since my visit at Revival Retro London Boutique. One month that has flewn. The pictures of our photoshoot entered the shop. I am proud to see the results and myself presenting this beautiful fashion to customers around the world.

A lot of people ask me, what the making of a photoshoot exactly looks like. So this is why I love to show how our shooting day for Revival Retro went off, mixed with the finished results and behind the scenes – shots.

Every shooting day is an adventure

Such a photoshoot is always a bit of an adventure. A group of people are coming together, that mostly never worked together before. Everyone of them has an important role during the day. Everyone has the same ambition : creating the most beautiful vintage styles and scenes.

I love such shooting days – the exciting hurry during the changes, the different ladies I become throughout the day, the chatting and getting to know while hair and makeup is done, and all the fun and laughing between the shots.

And this one has truly been a special shooting day. Not only because I am a German girl that had the great chance to travel to the British capital. But also because there was a chemistry between us that just made everything work so well.

But first: a chaotic arrival in London

In my recent blogpost about our blogger meet up at the Revival Retro London Boutique I talked a lot about the lovely store and the gorgeous lady running it – Rowena Howie. When you enter the door, you feel welcomed, comfortable and just like coming home.

Shop owner Rowena is such a positive person that spending the day with her can only be lots of fun! You can feel her passion and love for the store in everything she does.

I must explain that I arrived in London the night before the shoot. To be exact – it was 5 am when I got into my bed. The flight had a 5-hours-delay, and travelling from the airport to the accommodation always feels like a world trip in the city of London. The making of a photoshoot takes a lot of time and of course one would like to be fresh and well rested for such a great day.

Furthermore I had a bike accident right before my journey, which got me a knee fracture that simply hurts night an day. These circumstances and also the fact, that I got to meet people I only knew from the internet, made me extremely nervous. I was truly concerned whether I would be able to model in a way that everybody would be happy with, especially myself.

The making of a photoshoot

Let’s get some hair and makeup done!

The one thing that makes pictures perfect is the chemistry behind the camera. I had a broken bone, hardly any sleep, but the most amazing shooting day! Simply because the people I worked with were truly lovely.

The first thing before a shoot is the styling of course. Hair and make up can take about two hours or even more, until everything is finished and fixed. I have very thick hair so the makeup artist needs to have great powers of endurance while curling.

The makeup artist is a person that you spend a lot of time with during a shoot, and you always have lots of time to talk while the hair is prepared.

Adrianna was my stylist that day and from the beginning we were chatting like we knew each other for years. Whether it was about our kitties or our love for the Harry Potter books – when a day starts with such a lovely lady, nothing can go wrong!

The flowers are waiting for us!

Rowena created a little story around our photoshoot. She wanted to show a lady enjoying an autumn day in London before preparing for a glamorous night out. Each of the locations has been just right around the corner from the shop, so we could always go there to get changed and prepare for the next setting.

First we went down the street to a lovely florist. Our photographer Tory took so many pictures in there – it must have been so difficult to choose from these afterwards!

The day was a bit humid so Adrianna always took care my hair was okay. The results of our florist setting you can see here. I love how the green of the dress matches the colurs of the plants.

Afterwards we went to a park nearby. Look at that adorable outfit Rowena created! All of these pieces are now available in her shop, and I must say I really fell in love with them. The autumn dress, knitted cardigan and blue coat look like they have been made for each other.

It so wonderful that the ladies took a lot of behind the scenes pictures throughout the photoshoot. It shows how much fun we had together. I truly enjoyed every minute and felt absolutely thankful to be the one strolling through the beautiful London streets to take pictures with them.

Afterwards we went to a little coffee shop. I must admit that I am a coffee addict and coincidentally the Revival Retro girls are as well. So it’s been a pleasure for us shooting there and getting some coffein refilled.

A paradise for booklovers

Rowena is truly great in finding the perfect shooting locations. A place I absolutely adore was the magical bookstore right around the corner of the shop.

Treadwell’s books is a bookshop specializing in esotericism, magic and the occult. This esoteric store is very unique in it’s interior and atmosphere. From herbs to magical supplies and of course hundreds of books about Freemasonry, Alchemy, Witchcraft or Druidry Treadwell’s is selling all the things that an average bookstore simply wouldn’t.

The spiritual atmosphere in this shop absolutely caught my interest and I must admit that I would have spent some more hours in there, if there would have been the time.

I can recommend you this store if you are as much interested in spirituality as I am. So I had no problem feeling comfortable in there and in front of the camera, as you see in this shot.

Getting ready for a night out

The great final of our shoot took place in a beautiful high class hotel in Bloomsbury, very close to the store as well. Adrianna created an amazing and glamourous hairstyle and I got wear these beautiful evening gowns.

They are both elastic and adapt the body shape, so they do not only look gorgeous but are also very pleasant to wear!

While it was getting dark outside, we took the last shots of the day. I was walking up and down the stairs while Tory was shooting my movements. I love the picture that was chosen in the end.

How did it get so late so soon?

Finally I left this long shooting day absolutely happy and satisfied. I told you in the beginning that the circumstances of our shoot were not the best for me. But in the end all that counts is the motivation and passion everybody works with at the set.

When you feel so great working with people, when they appreciate you and what you do during the making of a photoshoot, then you always have the best time together. No matter how short your night was or how much your body hurts.

This shows how important it is to love what you do. And I absolutely loved what I did! Thank you so much Rowena, Adrianna and Tory for this amazing shooting day.

I can tell you, Dr. Seuss, how it got so late so soon! Because you spent your time the best way you could: Happy.



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The making of a Photoshoot

The making of a Photoshoot