The Last Days of Retro Winter Liquis, Coats and Jackets

Today, after you clear a lunch with me, saw me abandoned to my own luck in that fateful hours between the 12:00 and the 14:00. I took advantage of the moment of solitude to satisfy those simple desires that we’re so happy to share with us the same (because only the people understand how much they are important). As a cold and I’m pmsing I decided to go to lunch in the only place that could heat up my stomach and my heart all at the same time in a single Block with cheese: McDonald’s. Said and done: half an hour after entering the red and yellow, after a promotion with Coca and hit average (because I’m very contained) I was a person much happier.

With 1 hour and a half to kill, I decided to take a walk in the Mall. I didn’t get too far, right there, on the side of the Food Court of the Mall, I saw the Windows of liqui of Zara. I know that the liqui’s going on for some time and probably reaching its deal, so I decided to check out the comments and see if I could dig something worth sharing here with you.

The liquidation of Zara annoys me a bit, I confess. I get the feeling that it’s all there played and that, in the first few weeks, the discounts are pretty modest. But, as time passes, they will, remarking the prices and it is possible, with a little patience, find some really cool stuff.

Let’s go to what I consider the best bets of liqui:

Coats: winter hardly arrived and we’re already in full liquidation of winter!The crazy world of fashion.Nothing better than to enjoy the mini prices and prepare for the cold now and the years to come. My favorites were:

-military style and with wool inner lining-warm, utility (full of pockets for all our baubles) and with the military footprint that comes hard for some seasons and has all rpa turn a classic. By: R$179,00.

-This Navy Blue with Sea Wolf face. He’s not as hot as the previous, but is perfect for more mild winters where it rains more than cold (gang of River, all for you). This is classic. With a pair of vintage jeans and a white shirt, sheer wealth. Also by R$179,00. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Classics: I always say here, but it’s worth repeating: liqui is no place to buy trend, is place to invest in the classics, those who are you sure will yield good looks next season.My elected:

-This platform with little loafers. Charmosinho and super comfortable, besides never go out of fashion. I liked the caramel version (of the picture) but the Navy Blue cute too.

-that striped blazer: maxi’s blazer, linen, is striped and is PB. There’s no way out of fashion. With a skinny black (or white) and a basic blouse is ready and full of elegance. By R$159,00.

Special parts: has achadinhos that are so different that don’t fit nicely into any category, but you draw attention just by the fact of being different.It’s the kind of thing you don’t want to pay because it is super striking, but it’s always good to have one or another piece like this in the closet to get their looks from commonplace.My favorite:

-ess casaqueto printed with ethnic Middle geometric means. Please, I hope you are not fixing in looks as a whole and in parts in question (dress up clothes that I was using to buy time and could see everything). He has a very different Cardigan (great for days or hot and cold) and a cute pattern with a super color combination out of the ordinary.

Close in print:

The casaqueto was R$99,00.

And you? Found something cool on these winter liquis? Splits here cazamiga. Or there on Instagram @mourajo.

Oh! Rpa only the record, I didn’t buy anything. Just a basic blouse R $39.90 for use underneath of my jackets that I needed. Controlled is my name. RA!