The Jeans History – from the Labor Clothes the Trend Accessory

The style Office in Leipzig is one of the few stores in Germany, style sells stylish men’s fashion in retro. We met there with Danny, who has set up shop with great attention to detail and exquisite pieces and rebuilt.

Men’s fashion in this form can be found only in 12 stores throughout the country. I’ve treated the themes of fashion history and stylishly through the summer in the first part of my post about the style Office.

Now it comes to the most popular piece of clothing in recent decades: the jeans pants. Located in the style you will find jeans pants in the style of the 20’s to 60’s. The exciting jeans is with this range of models is wonderfully understand history.

Jeans history – from the workers clothing trend partly

Jeans pants is the classic example of this, as a piece of clothing, which was built for work purposes, evolved over the decades into one of the most successful fashion trends.

The beginnings of the jeans are history in the 19th century. The German emigrants Levi Strauss in San Francisco with the gold rush made his money. He acted with goods and materials and it recognized that durable pants for the gold mining were needed. Brown hemp fibre, with suspenders fastened the first denim trousers were made.

Initially drawn the pants as a protection against dirt and strains of cotton clothing. For this reason, the pants legs of the previous decades are clearly further cut, with the years they were always slim.

With indigo dye to the Blue Jeans

From the 15th century, fabrics were dyed with the Indian shrub Indigo . Using chemical processes, a blue dye could be derived from the plant, which was combined with a textile fibre insoluble in water. in 1897, synthetic indigo was developed. But today many brand jeans due to their high quality using the natural raw materials are dyed.

The term Blue Jeans came up to 1920 by the Indigo coloring. In the 50s , they started their triumphant and conquered the world. 1953 was also the first jeans women’s model on the market.

Rebellion in the 50s

A long time held the jeans just to the West of the United States. In the 50s the benefit of jeans seceded from the theme of working clothes. You had become a symbol of rebellion. Elvis Presley moved as bad boy tight jeans pants. Screen heroes such as Marlon Brando wore them in front of the camera, as well as privately.

The bad guys have been role models for young people – and the jeans with them. The garments have become a statement of rebellion against the stuffy morals of the 50s.

High-quality jeans: A companion for life

Jeans can today no longer rebel himself. But a statement placing yet, when they selected and of quality. The high-quality models in the style Office of Leipzig are between 140 and 250 euro. But Danny stressed that they accompany the wearer a lifetime . They are very robust, and the time they adapt to the body shape.

By using this pants bright patches occur, and so each is an individual unique. You get a patina, which tells the story of the owner in the course of their lives. That’s why Danny says: “High-quality clothing is more beautiful with time!”

How does man the classic jeans?

Especially the other pants are either combined with braces or belts, for example by Trico, a brand of braces from Augsburg.

Danny recommends that these pants about a Half a year to wearwithout washing them. Because they have been treated with wax and starch, which is hygienically safe. Then should be cleaned it via a cold wash.

Also you should not worry, whether it is uniformly dressed from a historical perspective. Tip from the experts: quiet through the decades mix. Whether it now is a 30s in jeans and a shirt for 50 years matter. Wearing the clothes should just be fun and the men are probably feel!

Reproduction of old cuts

in 1930 the brothers Joseph and George have founded amidst a tailoring Pike from London. More and more U.S. came during the second World War American soldiers to England–so the two uniforms specialised in.

The Pike Brothers brand produced this classic and timeless clothing. Provided, the pants are quite classic with Suspender buttons. The engineer Pant shown above is based on an army pants of the 30s.

Also one of the world’s largest jeans manufacturers is on the road today in vintage style. Levi’s has the label Levi’s vintage created to manufacture old cuts, fabrics, and details classic jeans. The hard-working men and women of the past are inspiration to this day.

It’s impressive, as the pieces are similar to the historic clothing 1:1! On our site you can see great pictures of the individual models.


Other brands that recreate the models from the ancient times, are also eat dust, Japan Blue Jeans or Indigofera.

The jeans history is a success story – what was then developed as work clothes, is the most popular piece of clothing in the world today.