The First Wedding Market Leipzig- Unique Inspiration for the Big Day

Upbeat swing music, an idyllic park and relaxing atmosphere – so were we receive today afternoon cheerfully at the first Wedding Market in Leipzig Markkleeberg.

And no dear reader, this is no romantic report on wedding planning, wedding dress musings and the question for the right cake. This post should be just as easy and open as the event itself. I want to show you great creative , offer sweet ideas and wonderful images, the inspiration unique well away from wedding planning.

It was organized by Franzi and Steffi, who called also an event agency in the Kiss & tell in addition to their lifestyle blog some time ago wedding market Leipzig. Their goal was to organize a market that far should create an personal, romantic atmosphere events and major providers of mainstream.

I’ve met friendly, dedicated people and some introduce here – their beautiful projects and lovingly implemented ideas. Maybe, yes one or the other is here clearly something that he lacked until now for his own wedding. So I’m taking you on my virtual tour through the Park of Markkleeberg and the original proposals for the day of days.

Fashion for the big day

A true dandy is it that lures visitors to right on the first level. Maß manufacturer Norbert Schaal loves and lives the fashion of the preppy gentleman. So, his creations for his label are also high quality and absolutely nobel de Scale.

The Dandy clothes for the modern man meets exactly the spirit of the times, and yet there are up to now only a few designers who devote themselves to this topic. I think it’s great, if label ‘only’ on men’s fashion focus. Here is well-dressed, the master of the world absolutely suitable for everyday use and comfortable – and not just for special occasions. Norbert Schaal is reachable in a Leipzig store Kreuzstrasse 19. A very special tip!

Even when girls Schmidt, there are lovingly handmade pieces. The Leipzig craft label produces various accessories for men and women. Designer Ulrike relies on modern materials with light colors and patterns. She has presented her flying collection to the wedding market. You can find Ulrike homemade products on DaWanda.

Of course, even the ladies in the wedding market have admire beautiful clothes. The focus was especially on elegant restraint, ease and delicate lace. A dress that I very like it, was created by Sandy Barczewski (S.BAR). You can see on the picture below left. It is however wonderful that in summer the trend to shorter dresses is that spirited and airy effect this.

A ceremony outdoors on the wedding market

Jacqueline from Chemnitz had a wedding equipment in the luggage immediately. It lacked only the bride and groom, everything else was ready. So you can make themselves as visitors a picture as a free wedding ceremony in the Park would look like. While the temporary wedding text is not just read, but the speech carefully on the respective couple voted off.

Also on the lake or in other idyllic places to request the Verheirater offer their ceremonies. The decoration could of course individually according to their own ideas settle here. In absolute contrast to the stiff marriage in the registry office.

Relax in the open air to marry is now very popular. Jacqueline told us that the Outdoor weddings are unforgettable beautiful even on rainy days. What a cute idea! And I bet that there are to find in Germany such special wedding offers in other parts.

The wedding decoration

Shards bring luck! True to brides and grooms who make porcelaincreations at MIMA let may have this motto. MIMA is the affectionate abbreviation for ‘Mishmash’ – and so can be found under the motto all kinds of decoration for the big day.

There are homemade shelves, as well as “Lucky shards connector”, which you can distribute for example as a gift to his friends. Artist Anja handles this magical, old dishes with colorful, floral and gold details. Made from an old porcelain are particularly impressive for me retro jewelry such as rings or pendants.

There’s also still the Cup candle or flower cups, in which small flowers are planted. Just a different decoration! You can find MIMA of here in the DaWanda shop.

In cooperation of SuSaMi and the Cacaoblüte developed a detailed wedding table. A mixture of purple hydrangeas and bright Succulents, combined with gold leaf on candleholders forms a natural decoration for the table – perfect for the location outdoors.

The overall impression make pleasant colors and carefully selected materials completely. Charming I find origami cranes, the as float by itself above the place setting. Did you know that the crane in Japan is revered as a good-luck charm?

Let it swing!

Anything else to a perfect wedding? The dancing of course! A special alternative to pop music and co. is the swing. He bring momentum and good mood, and the style.

The Swing Connection Leipzig offers dance classes for this, and so the couple can prepare for a first dance of special. During their demonstration, the swing connection has torn with some guests on the wedding market. And I think I will pay them a visit itself soon. Because of the fun and positive attitude to life are just contagious!

Franzi and Steffi have achieved the goal to create a relaxed atmosphere, with its market anyway. The resonances were very positive and I’m sure that the market will grow further in the next few years.

Even if I even still long am not to plan my wedding, so I have can take much of this event. Great people, exciting ideas and a very special day in the beautiful park.

I wish all this year celebrating their wedding, a wonderful time and heart with love!