Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 6 C.O.S.C..: BASEL WORLD 2015

The blue and the Red of the new Carrera calibre to commemorate 6 C.O.S.C.. Tag Heuer the original Carrera design. 2015 color is blue.

The watch brand Tag Heuer is closely linked to the racing – and is considered an epitome for the timing in racing. in 1964, the watch brand brought Heuer, at that time still without a merger partner day, the first Carrera watch on the market. Today, Tag Heuer launches new Carrera Chronograph – to the world’s most important watch fair BASELWORLD by 2015. There the Swiss are present including the Carrera calibre 6 C.O.S.C.. in vintage look.

Blue, the new Carrera watch from Tag Heuer with dark blue perforated leather strap and blue accents on the dial on the market is regarded as trend color of the year 2015 in this coming spring. The look of the watch is kept deliberately in the retro-style, at the same time timeless.The Carrera calibre 6 C.O.S.C has a 39 mm wide stainless steel case and looks good on men and women alike.

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 6 C.O.S.C.: chronograph with History

Jack Heuer began working on the Carrera watch in 1963. It was created on the occasion of the deemed to be especially fastidious rally “Carrera Panamerica Mexicana”, leading in five days 3300 kilometres through Mexico. The timer should be particularly robust, accurate and easy to read. And so came the first Carrera Chronograph on the market in 1964. The word “Carrera” means “Race of highest rank” – translated from Spanish and is available today for excitement and adventure.

Premiere at the BASELWORLD 2015: Carrera calibre 6 C.O.S.C. by Tag Heuer

The Carrera calibre 6 model C.O.S.C.., which is now launched in BASELWORLD 2015 , should the first Carrera Chronograph recall. The dial is largely decorated in silver. At the edge of a dark blue strip with seconds indexes can be found. There is a blue sub-dials that displays the power reserve, as well as an angular date window that specifies the day at six o’clock.

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 6 C.O.S.C.: price of the new Carrera watch

The Tag-Heuer -powered clock with a COSC certified movement calibre 6 with 44 hours power reserve. The estimated price of the watch with vintage look is 2750 euro at answerresume.com.