Stylish Through the Cold Season – Tips for the Warm Retro Look

Elegant and warm in the retro look

Beautiful autumn in his metamorphosis also is, in his magnificent transformation of nature in its cosy atmosphere, which he throws at us.

It is so difficult more and more, and at the same time not as a spherical bulb or A packed Michelin Man look like in autumn and winter to dress up warm.

The question of a dear reader, what you best could carry as Vintage Lady in the cold season, has brought me to this post. Because we want to finally look in the winter with our retro look feminine and elegant .

Here you will find my favorite recommendations *. Have fun!

Color choice: red tones

Who ‘warm colors ‘ wears, feels automatic welcoming, cozy, warmed. We should be necessarily that yet in the current cold weather to their advantage!

Even if I’m the winter type optically rather even with blonde hair and blue eyes, I tend to fall and winter always automatically to Bordeaux and brown tones. Simply because I wrapped me thus and much more comfortable feel. And with matching makeup can wear his favourite feel good color but also any “color type”, or?

One of my favorite outfits this fall: the 40s Cardigan by King Louie* in combination with the cigarette trousers * by Collectif, found at Topvintage. If it is something fresh, I like wear a lightweight tights including.

Also for our relation to yellow to red colours have a cosy effect supposedly.

Pencil dresses in retro style

It’s actually so simple: dresses with thick or warm fabrics are the best accompaniment for the cold season. Who wears stacked several thin fabrics, feels just packed and often it is also still uncomfortable on top of that.

Miss Candyfloss is a recommended brand for the cold season. The label is one of my favorites in terms of 40s and 50s fashion. The retro clothing is of such high quality that it will have some of his favorite pieces a long time.

The new collection of Miss Candyfloss* includes authentic cuts and great, muted colours. Here I am wearing this 50s Janette pencil dress*. Very convenient that it is equally equipped with sleeves. The piece is available also as swing dress.

Pencil dresses are a great choice for cold temperatures. They are close and are often made more stable, thicker materials. A beautiful vintage cloth, when shorter sleeves once a stylish Cardigan, perfect.

Orsay also here is a great tip for the retro look. There’s often beautiful parts in the business chic. In the current collection, I discovered beautiful models, for example, with Houndstooth patterns, which can be easily combined. About this I love. Also the long-sleeved pieces of vintage chic* and frozen hibiscus * are a wonderful alternative for warmer clothes.

If you swing dresses winterized want to make beautiful, I have a tip for you below on the topic “What do I wear under it”.

Rock and roll: The College jackets

I love College jackets! They are perfect for an cozy, casual outfit and still the certain retro flair. They can also combine great, or high-cut jeans to sweeping skirts. This includes a pony tail and you’re done!

What is a great bonus to the jackets: you are so nice and warm. At the shoot for Topvintage I myself in this* piece of Collectif in love. The warm cotton feels very comfortable.

Small Tip: Look jackets for College also in Men departments of department stores!

So I purchased in S jacket for men a College in the spring at H & M, which is still a loyal companion for me.

The feel good factor: Cozy sweater

Turtlenecks were very popular in the 50’s. Oh how nice, should we use it for our hot retro look! A beautiful Marlene pants or a comfortable rock , and the outfit is complete.

Today it is popular also as “Turtleneck” back right, sweater, and so this sweater model can be currently almost everywhere to rise. For example this here for me*.

Fluffy sweater I also saw at Orsay. Special: You’re so worked as one would have attracted cozy faux fur or a cozy blanket. Ah, you see, it is difficult to describe to me. You can see it on the pictures but very nice. You can find the pieces here*.

What am I wearing the best “underneath”?

Slips & petticoats

The best recommendation for dresses and skirts is to wear yet something under it. Earlier, it was quite normal that the women under their clothes still slips* or wore petticoats.

On the one hand not to rub the cotton skirts to the tights, on the other hand provide additional thermal protection.

Also the petticoat is great for swinging pieces. A great isolation due to the multilayer tulle layer, the legs and the buttocks are well protected. And also it is so fun to wear a petticoat! You can find beautiful models here*.

Petticoats combine beautifully to swing dresses. In the winter, I love when they wear a plaid pattern in green or red.

You will find enchanting petticoat-skirts in Tartanoptics such as Vivien of Holloway. Also this dress by Hell Bunny*, found at Topvintage, is great to combine with a petticoat!

Woolen, thick tights are a must of course. While I would definitely put on the knitted models. The pieces of C & A are a good recommendation *. They are marked with “Warm” and I can say from personal experience that this corresponds to the fact.

By the way, the patterns and colors are a nice looker

Another recommendation for good pantyhose is Rossmann, there you will find a comprehensive selection.

Warm retro themed Accessories: scarves, hats and gloves

In my opinion a warm head and warm feet are already half the battle. That’s why it’s so important in winter not to do without a head covering.

Very nice I currently find the beret, beret, also called. There are since the 15th century these hats already (Martin Luther carried them already like to!), and for good reason. The pieces, usually made of wool knitting, can be varied.

At Topvintage* there are currently very sweet, playful Barrett models with points. You can find them here*. In addition, newsboy caps are a great, warm choice. For men and women! There are great, high-quality specimens at Tate Millinery*.


Gloves, there is really a great variety. If you want to stay in a Vintage Look , I recommend gloves made of wool with sweet applications such as faux fureither * or bows*, or pieces of art leather effect*.

Scarf hats glove leathers

Very sweet, it is of course, if all the pieces fit together also more properly. This season there are to buy back great sets. Here * you will find just a few examples. By the way, a great source of heat is the faux fur.

I know that many see this rather critical. I personally find the morally completely ok and realized that this, for example, as a scarf* incredibly warm can.

Upbeat finish: the perfect coat

What I very much appreciate the Retro fashion, is the length of the clothes. Especially in the 30s, 40s, and 50s focused on longer dresses and jackets, ended what below the knees.

If you choose a beautiful swing coat, can you wrap beautiful warm up including and has plenty of room! So, also the above mentioned petticoat is a cozy home.

There are many winter coats at Bunny*. I love the detailed form and the length of the models.

My personal favorite is the Pearl Coat* by Collectif. He is in the 30s style worked and feels so luxurious, that you so confidently walk along the roads, that all strollers after one turn around (a lady in this coat should be expected with many views definitely, but also some compliments!).

Through the faux fur hem, the sheath at each movement resonates lovingly. The thick collar replaced each scarf. He is an investment for many years not just cheap, but due to their timeless design . You can find the great pieces here*.

A long coat for the retro look is too “boring”, capes are a welcome change certainly! I immediately made this gorgeous piece of gracy Q in the heart. It adapts great both to straight cut skirts, as well as to sweeping Marlene pants.

Here, I’ve combined the Cape “Lourdes” with an Wool ensemble of PRETTIE LANES. I love the color combination!

To be nice and warm dressed, you should wear long gloves, like leather, here. Hot underwear such as from wool or knitting is great.

The crucial question: How did you get it with warm feet?

My absolute heart pieces are the Brown boots from B.a.i.t for one and a half years. There’s the shoes so far to buy unfortunately still. only in the United States . You are absolutely worth their investment! I have appointed directly to a size conversion chart size and they just agreed with me.

Generally, I find perfect shoes for winter coats . These are always female, often have a slight but comfortable heel (often with profile). Once the cold season begins, I’m well insulated soles and put it in my shoes. So, the feet are always nice and warm from the bottom .

You can put beautiful lace-up shoes and ankle boots, for example, when Lilly’s closet, banned, Pier one, Tamaris, Miss L fire or Gabor purchase *.

So would be too Gretchen expresses happily with their shoe selection!

If you have more beautiful ideas for a hot retro look, I appreciate your comment very! And now I wish you a beautiful, warm and stylish winter!