Style Office Leipzig – Men’s Fashion History

“Traditional and authentic clothing” – owner Danny describes the fashion, he offers in his shop style Office.

The style Office in Leipzig is one of the few stores in Germany that sells stylish men’s fashion of the 20s – 60s years. We met there with Danny. He loves and lives the “old fashion”. Cuts and shapes of the past, their high quality and value are not only professional, but a way of life for him.

He told us of many companies that historical production methods and clothing styles revive, to establish authentic and high quality clothing. Especially exciting, I find the stories behind each piece. Through their past as workers clothes, they are so tough and durable they are today more popular than ever.

High quality men’s clothing in the style Office

It took exactly one year until the concept of the store. The trained merchant Danny Kurzeja has worked a long time in the textile industry and knows exactly what he needs when selling clothes. He has laid down certain criteria that meets each of his selected pieces: quality, style, durability.

So he landed in the dressing room, which he sells in his shop. He would call them directly as a retro fashion, and yet it’s somehow. Reinterpreted in their retro style in their use.

Production and cuts like ‘Old times’

Many brands that are to acquire it in the style information, develop their products directly to originals. Pike Brothers, for example, manufacture of tops, pants, accessories and shoes. The company collects old pieces, to develop their models immediately after their model.

Also Levi’s has Levi’s vintage a brand founded the jeans in the retro style remakes. The label reproduces his most important pants of over 120 years. To do this, they look meticulously on every detail, from the fabric of the fit to the packaging. As evident in the range of Levi’s vintage really wonderful reading style and forms history of jeans trousers. To do this more in my next post about men’s fashion.

“Every season, our team pores through the archives, uncovering the secrets of our past and bringing them into the world through faithful reproductions that are as fresh now as they were back then.” Quote Levi’s vintage.

Furthermore, Merz b. Swan is a brand that focuses on traditional manufacturing. The label produces solid or striped shirts in the style of workers clothes from the 20s up 30s. This on an original wrinkles circular knitting machines – and that are manufactured without seam.

Highly recommended also the Redwing are us by Danny shoes. The company was originally in 1900 by German immigrants founded – to work shoes to produce. Mine workers, lumberjacks, Gold Digger, or farmer needed sturdy footwear, which withstood the harsh working conditions and was also convenient.

Danny explains that these shoes are an lifetime investment . As they adapt to the foot and new to recap even after years they take also the history of the people, who wears it every day with it. Since the customers spend also likes up 200 euros for a pair of shoes.

If you need still the appropriate bag to the Redwing shoes, is in good hands with Filson . Since 1897, the company produces high-quality pieces, including models, which were popular with prospectors.

Stylish fashion for men in summer

One reason why I visited Danny in his shop, was the search for stylish clothing for men in the warm season. It seems, as high temperatures often were the starting point for ever-scarcer-the better, Mallorca-chic in the city and flip flops as far as the eye can see. I’m different, comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Danny stressed, and I want at this point also, that everyone should wear what he feels comfortable. This should be only a recommendation for the gentlemen who want it like some high-quality or the ladies who want to offer an alternative to Plaid shorts to their loved ones.

The substancesare first and foremost important. Whether pants or tops, light, thin materials provide an airy feeling.

Light pants – in long

In pants , light jeans are as Levi’s vintage very popular. 11 oz of jeans are made of lighter materials and are ideal for heat. Chinos by Japan Blue Jeans or Indigoferra are also made of thinner fabrics.

The trousers have additionally a wide cut, they are not so closely on the skin and leave space to the breathing. You can beat up these little legs. Combined with matching suspenders or belts, the chaps is a catcher. Danny has a clear opinion shorts on the subject of:

“What men should wear short pants? 1st lifeguards, 2. Bart Simpson, 3. Angus Young, 4. That’s it already.”

Danny way, emphasizes that you can easy mix over the decades. “Me is no matter whether you wear a 20’s pants with a 60’s shirt. You have to have fun doing it and to please!”

High-quality tops – alternatives to the short-sleeved shirt

He has what’s tops , of course the classic Hawaiian shirts in the range, but they are scarce in the style Office. Light, muted colors are popular among customers. And the Hawaiian shirts are also the only short shirts, Danny sold.

Opinions differ on the subject of shirts with short sleeves. Unless quotes from a really amusing articles on this topic in the Süddeutsche a “piece of clothing without dignity”, “incomplete”, just “down-to-Earth” -. That everyone can see naturally as he wants. But in the summer, long-sleeved shirts are also Danny’s recommendation. Just simply roll the sleeves up, and you’re done!

Anyone wishing to make a bow to the shirts debate: which company Merz b. Swan or Amor Lux offer great striped shirts, partly also in the marine style in red or blue.

Airy headgear

The men at Stetson is lightweight hats for the summer. These caps are designed as she once wore the “Newsboy” at work. Particularly in the late 19th and early 20th century, these flat hats for boys and men were equally popular.

Not only paper boy had these pieces. Also farmers, merchants, craftsmen and other workers, especially from the lower classes wore the caps. A still very decorative piece, for those who want blazing sun not “topless” out of the House. AC/DC singer Brian Johnson wearing the CAP by the way almost every day.

Shoes style in the 50s

Footwear Lightweight in terms of manufacturer Zeha Berlin swears by Danny. 1897 the sports shoe company in Weida was founded by Carl Hessner was founded in 2007 in life. In the 50s-style these models are produced again – “Re-issued”.

The proper beard care

Of course the proper beard care is important that hair not too dry out in the summer. Danny uses the Brooklyn Soap Companyproducts. On the one hand to wash, on the other hand a beard oil for the morning.

This was only a small insight into what have to offer today’s companies on traditional clothing. Quite away from fashion chains and pieces off the rack, which last only a season, this clothing is an investment for life.

The condition is that the carrier has found his personal style and fun feel to dress up a little traditional. A wonderful tip for those looking for something special.

The history of jeans and manufacturers today producing retro jeans, you will find on my Vintage Blog post: jeans history – from the labor clothes the trend accessory.

Style Office Leipzig – opening hours and contact details

Also you got lust, to visit the style information? Or your better half to give a small tip?

You can find Danny in the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 30, 04107 Leipzig.