Sputnik Lamps. Long Live the Retro-chic!

This is one of the 70, which could be included in the line sputnik, very much in vogue at that time and since 20 years before …. It is in chromed metal and has 6 points of light with very thick glass lampshades and with geometric patterns in relief. I do not know the manufacturer or place of origin, but I have some similar views with up to 9 points of light, in Internet sales in Germany.

The best of these lamps, in my opinion, is that they are very decorative objects; much more than a simple “something that gives light.” By day, when they are off, they are true sculptures hanging from the ceiling. Well, I see them, of course.

This type of lamp, with metal bar instead of chain falling pretty roof and several points of light, are perfect on the dining table because they give a cozy but strong light. This is the gave to my parents; I chose for my dining room is even more beautiful and you leave it for an upcoming entry.