Sleep Winders – Vintage Waves and Soft Curls Overnight

Classic vintage waves are a wonderful hair style for every woman that her love for vintage style, elegance and femininity to express.

Whether for a daily walk in the city or a stylish event in the evening, with this look, a lady is always superbly decorated.

Retro dresses are indeed wonderful, but, a Classic hairstyle , but is it that makes really complete the vintage look.

PIN curls – origin of the curls overnight

Usually, the gentle curls overnight with PIN curls are formed. PIN curls have been used years particularly in the 30s, 40s and 50s as the basis for a wide variety of hairstyles.

Individual strands of hair from damp or dry hair, depending on its procurement, are at bedtime turned up and with hair clips attached to the head. The next morning, they can be combed out and placed in the form. Marilyn Monroe used this technique, for example, for their enchanting hairstyles.

How turn I really a she, as Combs I right from them. Each tutorial today has its own method, as the perfect hairstyle to create.

I just like to try my hair are a bit different every day, but I like it so. Even though I maybe would have to wind up not the streak right but to the left and the lock in the “wrong” direction falls. However, it is important that we us probably feel.

PIN curls work is wonderful, if only the piek end brackets were not. (By curlers, we need not to mention). Light sleepers or sensitive scalp, a head full of hair clips can be quite uncomfortable.

Soft waves with sleeping coilers

For this reason, I will introduce you an alternative for hair clips and co.. Designer Sarah Louise Schilling of the Retro Label Vallmanya has made up mind, preparing the curls and the nights us ladies turned a hair to make easier a piece – because she sews sleep winder.

The pieces are made of fabric, filling material and a push button. So they are very soft and easily bendable. Also very gentle to the hair without the use of heat. You will work with the various hair lengths. Get the sleeping winder for your curls overnight, for example, at woman Lux.

Sleeping is thus initially somewhat strange, but after a few days you will cope well. Advance, I would stress that I am no hair expert. I let me know much, work but also feel and experiment like.

Sleep winders – instructions for vintage waves

You need: Mousse, sleep winder, clamps, hair spray, possibly pomade

  1. For better grip you can knead mousse in your hair. If you have delicate, thinner hair, you should try these instructions with wet hair.
  2. If your hair moist, they are much curly. You can test it out for you! Especially if you have shorter hair, the effect is very large. Mine are very thick and voluminous, and then shoulder length, so dry hair in completely satisfy. So I can handle better.
  3. Draw a side parting in the direction that is most like to friends. The left is my best side.
  1. Share your hair into three sections. You can orient yourself on the ears, and along that side cut off your hair.
  2. Word of advice: You do your strands for the winder thinner , the stronger the curls are.
  3. The Leipzig stylist gave me Katharina Zimmer the note “I’m always before, the hairstyle look like at the end.” When I turn up then.” Is important to know: you turn your streak inward, it falls also on the inside. You turn it outward, the later Locke addressed to in their first sweep by the head outwards. Depending, you can design your pages.
  4. I start page like with me from left. There is the crest, it is the thinner section of the hair. I turn up for a better overview only above and work me down. It 2.3 series are usually one above the other, depending on the thickness of your hair.
  5. For the left side, I turn all the hair inwards so that it becomes a beautiful large Locke. Take for a strand and comb them before ever . Put the tip of the hair on the rod and turn inward direction of head hair.
  6. When the hair nice and tight on the winder are applied, they can slip out over night. Buckle your belt winder with the push button. While the tips of the hairs should not protrude.
  7. Now you turn up on the right side. For a nice swing there vary with the direction, while I follow on the guide the classic pin curls. I turn up this time from outside the first series
  8. The second series including turning in the other direction. Again, the cURL inward running direction head. (This is complied with, which of course as I want my end result. At the direction of the curls, you may also like to experiment).
  9. It is again turned on the outside under series.
  10. For the back of the head, you’re making the strands thicker. So you need there not too many winder. All are inward direction of mind Work out for it again from top to bottom.
  11. So, your hair is ready for the night! If somewhere looking out a small section of hair, I stuck them with a clip at the other hairs.

The comb in the morning

  1. Solve all the hair from the sleeping processors. Now you can admire your fresh curly head.
  2. If you wish a lockigeres result, then spare friends combing out and drive with your fingers through the hair gently, also so you can model your hair beautiful and lay out. This is but if you have thicker hair, like me, unfortunately not so beneficial.
  3. For light vintage waves you comb your hair first thoroughly. Not scare, when your hair looks like a ruptured sofa cushions :)) but here you can see already, in what direction, turn your hair and your hair can later go where!
  4. To define, I like to start with the left side (which I manage also Funnily enough always the best, which is motivating for the rest).
  5. Take for an area of the left (at best, the one you’ve separated yesterday) and comb it firmly inward. You’ll see that how by itself an inward turned Locke formed. Fix it now with hair spray.
  6. Work on the head along to your right side. Rear I Hair Combs out completely, that light waves. Then I comb the tips inwards (see photo) again, leaving a round conclusion.
  7. If you am mind more volume wishing you can also lightly backcomb this.
  8. If they sit nicely on the back of the head, you can attach the top with Hairspray.
  9. I normally combs through the hair of me right once and then I watch as they fall. With the help of a comb and comb you can model then so the curls, as you like best.
  10. At the end, I’m like most top of the head a little wave. To do I use, for example, the back of a comb, slide the curl slightly upwards and secure it with hair spray. The better grip you go to the relevant section before something back. Just keep after the spray until it is dry, then solve the Ridge top.
  11. Now you can do everything with hair spray fix (because I live like the motto: much helps a lot). Juhu, and already it’s done! Your vintage waves with the help of sleeping processors.

This styling is a basis for many looks that you can try. On the left side I like to vary. So you can wear, for example, open it, or with a beautiful clip Holster backwards.

Also, I like using headdresses, under which the curls can look out. Yet classic look and covered small posts that are successful may not be so perfect.

Here’s just one of many ways to style your hair. I wear a beautiful, handmade 50s pillbox by Tate Millinery, a similar you get here.

I combine it with a sweet dress from Vive Maria. What a wonderful outfit for the fall! You can find the dress here.

If it looks still not perfect the first time, don’t worry. The feeling of the hair comes with time. So my hair look also every day something different even curlier, even smoother.

With a little practice you can turn your hair then also quite comfortably in the evening on the couch .

If you need more clarification for your curls overnight at some steps or something still not so good work, I look forward with your comments and suggestions!

And now I wish you good luck trying it out!