Shoes Oxford, English Classicism Creates Trend

If there is a classic shoe par excellence, that is the Oxford. A model that has been exported from England and that continues today sold all over the world as an authentic piece of craftsmanship. So much so that it has come to become a true Ambassador of signatures so exclusive as the English Crockett and Jones, a firm with more than 125 years of history and tradition in this type of footwear.

We find some inside the Oxford shoe variants. In this post we will discuss specifically the model Full Brogue, a term Anglo-Saxon is used to identify the characteristics of appearance that acquires this finish. In Spain we associate it more with terms such as die-cutting, drilling or chopped, Since its appearance adorned and decorated with drawings worked on your skin and points are its principal signs of identity.

Although it is usual to find them every year, this season the Chopped Oxford It is postulated as an authentic must have that many firms have wanted to include in their collections. It’s that classic and often wins the monotony of traditional, becoming one of the major trends that we will see this next autumn-winter. Conozcamos something more about this interesting shoe.

A little history on the Full Brogue Oxford

It is said that the parents of this type of footwear were the Irish farmers, who to facilitate drying of the inside of your shoes a small made cracks by way of drilling in sight of them, so they prevented that water should soak the front part of the same.

Later would be the English Ranger who would use this type of footwear as part of their uniform. With the passage of time use would extend to the circles of the nobility that used it in their hunt for the field, since it was a type of shoe with a thick skin and a strong sole that protected them from humidity and bad weather.

Decades later the Oxford shoe-making began to perfected. Skins that were used in their manufacture were not so thick as years ago, drawing and the ornamentation of the toe was more work and shoe began to breathe some more elegant aires. This is how came the finish full-brogue, a more decorated toe.

However, his world fame arrived les in the of the 30’s, When Eduado VIII, Prince of Wales, considered by many classic fashion purists as one of the most stylish men of Europe, surprised the high society by going to play golf with shoes full-brogue. This type of shoe he liked so much that she decided to wear a more elegant version of the same during the social events. In the wake of that time, many men began to use this shoe stamped with suit and tie to go to their working places.

Today in England and in other countries is regarded as a symbol of style and classic elegance.

Variants of the Oxford model

There are three variants in the Oxford shoe, from the most simple (plain) to the most elaborate and refined (full brogue):

The upper illustration shows have evolved different dropouts of the Oxford shoe. The first (from top to bottom) is the most simple, known as Variant plain, that can be found in many models of dress, is a shoe with a sole stitching at the toe and without any drilling.

The second is the semi brogue, that takes up the Middle stitched toe of the plain, Although this is straight, and the last of them is our season model, the full brogue, with the toe and the side metal stamping and the delicately decorated with a drawing toe.

Proposals for this autumn-winter

Many firms have had this model for the new season, some as Paul Smith covered it with a look vintage but equally elegant details such as aged sight or die along the shoe work show that the London designer also can do excellent shoes.

Churchs opt for a classic shoe and sole of rubber, an Oxford prepared for cold and rainy winters.

The Italian firm Prada advocates one model somewhat more “ gross ”, that highlights his great rubber sole and his black tongue to contrast.

Salvatore Ferragamo, always impeccable, several models available full-brogue, although personally I’ll stick with this beautiful model of rubber and leather outsole in Caramel color