Rhababerleder, Alpacas & Finnish Potted Plants – Green Fashion at the Fashion Week Berlin

The GreenShowroom on the fashion week Berlin has shown us in an impressive way that green fashion must no longer come in the gritty eco-look. We have got to know impressive people, discovered great projects, and admired offbeat stuffs. A very special thing combines all of the labels:

The desire for a more environment-conscious and more loving approach to our nature.

At the GreenShowroom in Berlin, everything that can make eco-conscious fashion blends: high quality, timeless design, and sustainable production. “Eco Chic” has become one of the topics of the Berlin fashion week, which is fundamentally different from other shows of its kind in New York, Milan and Berlin.

This time, more than 160 international labels show the variety of ecological fashion has become how big. The bandwidth is lingerie on evening dresses for women up to business-look for the men.

A great example that these “Eco clothing” must exist not only from scratch, wool, overly colorful patterns or baggy-pants. That makes it easier to pay more attention to our own clothing consumption but for all of us.

I was together with the beloved Hamster from fashion Tip blog spot and we have not often amazed what’s innovation and creativity behind the fashion is to make a little better our world piece by piece.

Green fashion is creative: special materials for environmental protection

The location for the GreenShowroom liked me wonderfully. The old post station offered on two floors enough exhibition space and place to discover the exhibitors relax in a cosy atmosphere. A pleasant contrast to the big fairs of fashion week such as panorama, premium and co.

So we have retired interested in actually all labels and are here and there stopped when one particularly appealed to us. That happened to me in the Austrian brand “Woody”, which already produced since 1912 in handmade shoes.

The wood is grown in sustainable forestry, which used the label for the malleable clogs. I became fan of clogs this summer and find really beautiful models shown above. A great example of high heel shoes, did his könndn also at the same time comfortably.

Woody now employs about 40 people. What started everything almost 100 years ago with the production of wooden rakes and pitchforks, is today a successful and environmentally conscious company in the shoe production. Impressive!

Especially amazed left me this material on the subject of green fashion: Rhababerleder.

Rhababerleder is vegetable tanned with a special extract of the Rhababerwurzel. Through its use, by the way 100% grown in Germany and realized, sustainable natural resources are conserved.

Because the material is also breathable and very skin-friendly, it offers a great alternative to chemically tanned material. We have discovered not only Rhababer as vegetable leather tanning agent. Pineapple leather shoes also were presented at the fair. I very much hope that these materials will find a permanent place in the fashion market in the next few years piece by piece!

Not only the use of plant-based materials, but also fair production conditions and social responsibility are another important point of the fashion week. Quite interesting I found from this point of view the history of the label “Quirau”, which probably also at the same time had the longest journey to Berlin through its headquarters in Peru.

Quirau manufactures its collections of a very special material: alpaca wool. Shorn Alpacas of different ages and are processed the wool to the various pieces of clothing. Alpacas must be shorn eh annually to maintain their health. Why then immediately stop using the ‘waste product’?

Animals are a few months old, is their wool very fine and thin. Quirau used these substances, especially for soft sweaters and shirts. The fur of older animals is, however, perfectly suitable for thicker knitted fabrics. So sweet the thought that once the fabric to wear on the skin, is wandered on the body of Alpacas by the country of Peru.

The designer of the label Jose Miguel Valdivia explained to us that the pieces, for example scarves made of other biological materials are of Peruvian women manually produced. It is important to provide a platform for the ladies, to professionally sell and make money from their works to him.

A great project that seemed to us anyway!

We have learned what to manufacture everything from natural materials for small works of art can be, “Larone” handbag label. Everything you see here was created from shells, wood and plant fibres. The materials used to draw attention to the beauty of nature in the Philippines , where the bags are made.

The manufacturer attach special importance to make everything by hand – is well embroidered, woven, or braided – so that guarantees the special value, quality, and beauty of the bags. Also, so no piece is different.

Unfortunately, there is at the moment to buy the pockets mainly in Asia , the designers working to expand the export to Europe. That would forward ladies surely!

What can so all hand work…

… also showed us “Ariadne’s thread”. The Greek label, incidentally named wants to focus after a character from ancient mythology, with his work on the almost forgotten, typical Greek handicrafts.

This includes especially the lace-making. The old tradition of the real fight for survival, and so life is again breathed into this special kind of lace production. The philosophy of the brand belongs to, in the present time, which is determined from hustle and bustle and modern techniques, again to reflect on the roots, tradition, to collect folklore and myths in the present and to use them as inspiration for your own creativity.

Of course, great emphasis is placed in making these clothes on sustainable materials, which should feel particularly comfortable on the skin .

We have discovered a more kind of clothes with special items to pieces, “muka va” with the Finnish label, which takes the name of “Green fashion” so quite literally. As for the clothing of muka va colored substances are shopped not only at trade fairs to this tailor beautiful clothes. Pants decorated with potted plants, dresses and tops, Visual Artists have provided the template for the design.

It was first on paper, painted and then photographed. The print of the fabric was created using the photos.

A very cute idea to produce not only eco-conscious fashion, but at the same time on the fashion to represent nature. Generally, several Scandinavian labels on the GreenShowroom were represented!

We are one! For the love of the animal world.

Towards the end of our tour still an exhibitor, me has moved particularly with his work: “better on me”. A young lady who has nothing to do with the fashion industry in his own words at all, has been that with their shirts on the point, which is especially important to all of us at sustainable fashion on animal welfare: we are one!

How do we humans the right to kill animals? Why can we decide whether an another living being lives or dies? And why we consider us the animals compared to something better?

Very moving words long employing me in connection with the topic of fast fashion. “Better on me” brings it with his photo-shirts on the point and immediately shows what is at stake: that the animals their own fur best even is!

The young lady who is behind the label and living vegan for about 20 years, want their fashion deliberately for commercial use, but in a positive way. It concludes contracts with animal photographers, whose touching motive they print on their shirts. To show the people that we also to the animals belong to , and so much better than friends, because when their killers together could live!

We are one – are we a world, a race. The motifs on the shirts show animal welfare organizations and their activists. A part of their revenue donates the Prague designer therefore on these organizations to their projects to support – including about enforcing animal welfare legislation, the cultivation of trees in the Czech Republic, or the fight against animal cruelty.

The animals depicted on the clothes have been saved all in care of the animal and once – for various reasons – or cared.

However, not only dealing with the protection of animals, also the fair production of these shirts and the positive working conditions are the manufacturers of high-priority. A project that is absolutely empfehlens – and admirable!

Look like at our site, if you want to support the project or learn more about it. There you can see also the beautiful face that is behind this great idea!

And as a reward…

…nutze fashion week happy, great people after long time I again personally to meet.

After our visit – very detailed – in the world of green fashion, I am come to Friedrichshain and visited there a few nice ladies.

For Monika, designer of Mademoiselle Tambour, I traveled almost two weeks ago to Cologne, to scan with her new collection for spring / summer 2017. It was a great, if also (due to the weather) absolutely chaotic Shootingtag and it was a great opportunity to meet them again and to chat about the crazy adventures.

In Berlin at the fashion week presents regularly their new pieces bloggers and retailers. Also in January I have visited it already there already as you can see in this post to the winter fashion week.

And so it was a long, but very eventful and instructive day at fashion week in Berlin.

My conclusion is very positive: I’m incredibly impressed with what does everything on the subject of green fashion which failed innovations and materials pave the way in the production of the dress is’s concern is how many people, and our environment to do something good.

You see, the topic of green fashion is no longer only scratchy sweaters and baggy-pants. There are good people and beautiful designs. I am!