Renovating the bathroom on your own

Renovating the bathroom can certainly be done by some. But if you want it to look good, you need to plan with hand and foot.

Bathroom renovation on your own

A bathroom renovation is not an easy thing to do. Here, one must and must carefully consider which work steps are necessary and what exactly should be done, because decisions once made can often no longer be easily reversed afterwards.

A bathroom renovation offers the opportunity to rethink the bathroom and relocate any connections in order to place the bathtub, shower or washbasin in a completely different part of the room, for example.

A bathroom renovation is therefore one of the more demanding activities when it comes to manual work around the house. But certainly also among the most interesting.

The aim of this article is to give you some bathroom renovation tips that anyone trying to tackle can use.

However, if you have little experience in manual work or simply do not trust yourself to do the whole thing, you should consider getting support from experienced specialists.

After all, the result should also be seen. Regardless of whether you decide to do it yourself or plan and implement your bathroom together with professionals:

Material and disposal

With all materials that you want to use, you must of course make sure that they are suitable for damp rooms. Nowadays, all building materials can be found in such a version in a well-stocked hardware store.

A little tip: in most cases it is worth renting a small container for the rubble and rubbish created during the renovation, as a lot can arise here that cannot be disposed of in the normal rubbish.

Removal of the old sanitary facilities

The first step in the renovation of the bathroom is to remove particularly old and possibly unsuitable systems such as washbasin, shower and toilet. Depending on the condition of the bathtub and radiator, this may also be necessary If you want to install underfloor heating, you no longer need the old radiators.

In most cases, old sanitary facilities cannot be disposed of with normal garbage, but have to be taken to a recycling center or – see above – disposed of in a rented container.

Remove tiles

In most cases, the next step in bathroom renovation is removing the old tiles. The taste has changed a lot in the last few years and grandma’s flower tiles have at most a retro factor today.

So: put it down! There are supposed to be people who glue the new tiles over the old ones, but this is not advisable if you are already in the process of renovating the bathroom from scratch. Anyone who leaves the old tiles on the wall will sooner or later get annoyed about it.

Renew the floor

In the course of a bathroom renovation, it is advisable to renew the floor. Especially in an empty room you can lay new floor ideally, because you have optimal conditions for leveling and preparing the floor if necessary.

Whether tiles or marble – the range available in stores today leaves little to be desired. Under certain circumstances, the installation of underfloor heating makes sense in this context.

New sanitary facilities

The last big step is the installation of the new sink, shower, toilet, etc.

If you also want to replace the heating or the bathtub – then of course it is clear that in this case your bathroom renovation is one of the more demanding tasks and should therefore be left to professionals in the event of doubt.

The same applies, of course, if you want to have the electrical installation renewed, remove the old cables and put in new connections.

Urgent tip: It’s better to give it out of your hand and have it removed in EVERY case. Because when dealing with electricity and water connections, particular care is required in the bathroom!

Renovating the bathroom on your own