Renovating a bedroom

Remodel Bedroom: Furniture Tips

The bedroom is used for sleeping, so the bed is one of the indispensable pieces of furniture in the room. In addition, a lot of things usually have to be accommodated in the bedroom, for which there is no space in the rest of the apartment, which is why, as a rule, it is hardly possible to do without a spacious wardrobe. These two not very small pieces of furniture first have to be accommodated in terms of space in the bedroom. Then it comes to other pieces of furniture such as bedside tables, chests of drawers or valets.

Here are a few tips for choosing and placing some bedroom furniture:


  • The (new) location for the bed should be determined first when renovating the bedroom. With a double bed, both long sides of the bed should be accessible so that one does not have to crawl over the other when trying to get into or out of bed.
  • If the bed is set up under a sloping roof, you should make sure that the head height is sufficient on both sides.
  • The bed should be placed in the room so that the door does not hit it when it is opened. The bed should also not interfere with the use of cabinet doors and drawers. So there must still be enough free space in front of cupboards or chests of drawers.
  • If you only have a small bedroom, you should not choose a model with high posts or a high foot end when choosing a bed. Such beds make the room appear even smaller than it is.
  • Beds with drawers or a bed box offer additional storage space. When planning and choosing, you should make sure that the drawers or bed box can be opened and used easily. Clearance is required in front of the drawers (see above) so that they can be easily pulled out and used.

Bedside table

  • When choosing bedside tables for a double bed, they do not necessarily have to be exactly the same. Here it is usually sufficient to choose models of a similar size in order to create a balanced overall picture.
  • Even if it should be narrower in the bedroom, you should pay attention to a certain symmetry and, if necessary, move the bed a bit in order to be able to accommodate two smaller tables or shelves on the left and right.


  • If a large wardrobe is to be set up in the bedroom, it is usually best for the spatial effect if it is placed in the middle of a straight wall.
  • Smaller sized cabinets can often be accommodated harmoniously in niches.
  • For the best use of space, custom-made built-in cupboards are recommended, which even make poorly cut room areas or places under sloping ceilings usable.
  • If the wardrobe has to be set up in close proximity to the window, you should opt for the lightest possible material and, if necessary, for mirror fronts so that the wardrobe does not “take away” too much daylight.


  • If the bedroom is spacious, larger chests of drawers can be placed on the left and right of the bed instead of bedside tables. They are ideal for storing laundry and folded clothing. On the large upper surface there is enough space for night reading, a lamp and more.
  • A single chest of drawers, for example for storing laundry, can also be used as an eye-catcher in the bedroom. To do this, you can set up the chest of drawers in the middle of a wall, for example, and attach a mirror to the wall above it. Decorative objects can still find their place on top of the chest of drawers.
  • If there is less space available and the chest of drawers and the wardrobe must be placed on a wall, it is ideal if both pieces of furniture come from the same range (identical design, material, color). If this is not possible, the furniture should at least be made of the same material and have an identical depth.
  • Instead of an extra chest of drawers, you can also opt for a wardrobe that not only has doors with shelves and rails for hanging clothes, but also has drawers. The range of bedroom cabinets designed in this way is quite large nowadays, so that a suitable model for the new bedroom can be found here.

Dressing table

  • The make-up piece is one of the functional “luxury pieces of furniture” in the bedroom and is valued by most women. If there is enough space, the dressing table should ideally be set up in such a way that it “gets” as much daylight as possible. A bay window with windows or a place on a wall at right angles to a window is particularly suitable.
  • It is important to make sure that there is enough space on the dressing table for the chair or stool. In addition, the use of the dressing table should not impair a possibly second person in the room. This should still be able to move freely and have access everywhere.

Renovating a bedroom