Remodel Bedroom

Renovating a bedroom: how should it be?

When it comes to bedroom renovation, of course, you first have to think about where the “journey” should actually go.

The bedroom is probably the most private and personal room in the whole apartment. This is where we withdraw to come to rest and recharge our batteries. Here, however, we are also relatively “defenseless” when we sleep at night and therefore absolutely dependent on an environment that gives us security and well-being.

When redesigning the bedroom, the focus should therefore be less on implementing a certain living style than on the joyful use of colors. Rather, it should be about creating a special atmosphere that enables absolute relaxation.

Take some time planning your bedroom renovation. If you still have no idea what the room should look like later, it can be helpful to create a so-called mood board (= kind of pin board for collecting ideas):

  • To do this, browse the Internet, catalogs, magazines and books for bedroom photos that address you personally. Collect all images in the form of copies, printouts or cutouts. After a short time you will probably notice that certain tendencies are emerging and that you have a preference for certain colors or style elements that are expressed through your “collection”. Sort your pictures again and again according to stricter criteria until only a few remain. Ideally, at the end there is only one picture or a maximum of two pictures that you can use as a rough template for your new dream bedroom.
  • In addition, think about what you do not like about your current bedroom at all and write down these things if necessary so that you do not repeat certain mistakes when renovating and redesigning your bedroom.
  • Is there already something in your bedroom that absolutely needs to be integrated into the new bedroom? If there is such an indispensable favorite, it can already be the basis for the selection of colors, patterns, shapes or even a complete design concept.
  • Decide early on for the “background color” or the wall color. Among other things, pay attention to how you use your bedroom: Should it be primarily cozy with a dark, dim atmosphere, or do you prefer a room that is as bright as possible, which is convenient for you when you get dressed or put on make-up, for example? To get a more accurate picture, you can stick paint samples and wallpaper samples on the wall in the room. How do they work in the actually existing light? For an even better picture, it is advisable to bring the wallpapers / colors on the wall in similar proportions as they are to be used later. – Are the circumstances right? Is the effect you want achieved?
  • Ideally, you should decide on a main color in the bedroom and combine it with one to three accent colors. The main color should take up the largest part, while the accent colors are used in a reduced way. You can choose accent colors that match the main color, so to speak, or choose another suitable color for exciting contrasts. Test different color combinations using samples and add your favorites to the mood board.
  • Look for new furniture for your bedroom. In terms of materials and colors, proceed in a similar way to the general color selection for the room. – Work with patterns. Also determine the shape and size of the furniture. For this it is advisable to draw the favorite furniture in the floor plan of the bedroom. – Do they fit in well with the room? Are there enough space to move around and are there necessary open spaces, for example to open revolving doors on the wardrobe? Think about whether the bedside tables should exactly match the bed in terms of design, color and material. If you decide against it, you can create an additional contrast in the bedroom by choosing other bedside tables.
  • Think about the use of patterns and textures, which can bring variety and comfort to the room. If you have a patterned wallpaper for the wall design in mind, other patterns in the bedroom should go well with it. Use carpets, blankets or pillows to add tension and life to the bedroom with different textures. Complete your mood board with appropriate samples, images or photos.
  • Every room in the apartment – including the bedroom – is only properly rounded off with the right accessories. Lights for the bedside table, runners or pictures should be selected according to the decisions already made. Therefore, choose products that match your desired colors. Accessories can particularly score here if they “appear” in the selected accent colors.

Renovating bedrooms: what does a professional have to do?

As an accomplished do-it-yourselfer, you can save a lot of money when renovating your bedroom if you take on one or the other task yourself. However, there is also work that should definitely be left to professionals. This particularly concerns electrical installations as well as the sanitary and heating area.

Remodel Bedroom