Step 1 - setting the budget

If you own an old house or an old condominium, have just bought it or have inherited it, a comprehensive renovation of the various rooms is often pending. In addition, there may also be grounds for renovation in a rented property, which, depending on the scope – is taken over by the tenant – in consultation with the landlord.

In our article we deal intensively with the renovation of the bedroom. We’ll show you the most sensible course of action if you want to renovate your bedroom and explain exactly what you should pay particular attention to.

Renovating a bedroom: step by step

Renovations in the apartment can quickly degenerate into major projects including major construction sites. In order to achieve the objective here as quickly and effectively as possible, it is advisable to divide the renovation into sections and work through them step by step in a logical sequence. In this way you usually save time and money and can prevent duplication of work, for example if an already completed task has to be completely or partially redone by a subsequent task.

In the following, we will show you the steps for a successful bedroom renovation and give brief information on what to pay attention to in which section.

Please note that we are assuming a very extensive renovation of the bedroom in our compilation, whereby, for example, new electrical installations, an exchange of the windows or a new plaster or plastering are planned. If you want to renovate your bedroom “smaller”, simply ignore the points or partial steps that are not relevant to you.

Step 1: setting the budget

Before you begin the detailed planning and renovation of the bedroom, you should first draw up a financial plan. How much money do you have to renovate the bedroom? What scope should or must the renovation be? The more craftsman services are required in the bedroom, the lower the remaining budget for additional purchases such as new furniture.

Always include a reserve in your cost statement for unforeseen expenses. This is particularly important in an older house or apartment. Assume about 10 percent.

Step 2: floor plan planning | Definition of the TARGET state

In the second step, create a true-to-scale floor plan of your bedroom. Draw all existing doors, windows and radiators in this floor plan. Mark the existing sockets and light switches. Then also draw the furniture at the desired installation location. You now have a sketch of the current actual condition of your bedroom.

Copy your created floor plan.

Now check whether the existing sockets and light switches are in suitable places. If necessary, draw new sockets and switches in the desired places on your plan. Also mark the places provided for recessed, ceiling and / or wall lights.

If necessary, mark areas for additional new connections such as for antenna or telephone / Internet.

Step 3: heating

Check whether the current space and the current size of the radiator (or radiators) fit your new concept (floor plan) or whether a new radiator – possibly in a different format – would be better placed in a different location in the bedroom. If you wish, draw the new radiator in the new location to scale.

Step 4: dismantling / preparing the room | Determination of the current state

If you have not already done so, you should now remove everything from the room in order to prepare the practical part of the renovation and to further specify the planning of the necessary work.

Remove the old wallpaper from the walls and see if the walls or ceiling need plastering. If a new plaster is necessary, adjust your budget planning if you have not already taken the costs into account.

Remove the old floor covering if it cannot remain under the new floor.

If necessary, remove wooden elements that can no longer be repaired or are no longer needed.

If work is planned on the electrical and heating systems, old cables and old heating pipes may also have to be removed. Since a certain degree of caution can be required here (see also: Renovating bedrooms: What does the specialist have to do?), You should leave these dismantling tasks to the contracted craftsmen or only carry them out on your own after consultation with them.

Step 5: obtaining Offers | Commissioning craftsmen | Time schedule

Contact electricians, heating installers and, if necessary, painters, window fitters and carpenters (for built-in wardrobes) and receive offers for your bedroom renovation.

Make your choice among the craftsmen and place the orders. Make sure that the individual trades coordinate with each other so that the individual specialists do not hinder each other in their work.

Now, in consultation with your craftsmen, create a schedule for your bedroom renovation. Among other things, this is important for the timely purchase of materials and furniture.

Step 1 - setting the budget