Recycling Bags: Original Retro-vintage Furniture

We know you love the vintage decor and retro, is not it? That is why we continue giving you ideas on how to make your home has that touch that you like and the best way: recycling. This time we bring you 10 ideas for recycling old bags and turn them into furniture with style. You can not miss it! Ready to know them ?

# 1 Sofa

Who would say that your grandfather’s suitcase was to become the centerpiece of your living room. Not you, but I love this couch; comfortable, delicate, original and with style. What colors do you prefer?

No. 2 Chests

Dont have space in your apartment? Neither you say it, keep everything in reduced if that task is complicated spaces. I do not know how about you, but I think these drawers are ideal. Not only they are high and take up little space, but also give you any room retro touch that you like.

No. 3 Coffee table

I fell in love with this table! And you? No furniture you enjoy more than the coffee table in the room; next to it had the best times together family home and met with friends. So, if you want to receive all praise for your next meeting, you better put to work to recycle that suitcase you have in the basement.

# 4 Bed for animals

Is there anything cuter than seeing our pets happy? With this vintage pet bed will not only leave your dog wagging his tail, but also will keep the style of your home. Is not it great?

No. 5 Macetas

Of course, how it not occurred to me before? The vintage decoration is everywhere, I love it . If you love plants and fanatical much as I’re of retro, no better for you than these pots. You can also place them in the kitchen and plant your favorite herbs.

No. 6 Desk

I always wanted to be able to travel in time, do you? For this desk is our solution. Do not you think Grandma’s desk? I love! And with a cute retro lamp and an old picture frame would be sensational. What do you expect to get?

No. 7 Bodega

¿Wine lover? Well now if you can combine your love for retro and your love for wines. This winery if that will give your home that period charm you are looking for. I already thought of place in the kitchen, and you?

No. 8 Medicine Cabinet with mirror

If you thought that you could pack only you make tables and chairs you were wrong. Is this idea I was as surprised as me? With this kit you can already declare every corner of your home fashion. What more could you ask for?

No. 9 Shelves

If you have luggage stored in the attic are not large enough to recycle and make a nice chair or a coffee table, then maybe you can create some nice shelves. Do you imagine them on the wall of your vintage desk ? I think that would be perfect. What decorative accessory will place there?

No. 10 Sideboard

In your retro room you can not miss this sideboard made ​​with recycled old suitcases . You can play with the mixture of colors, textures and sizes. Use all the creativity that characterizes you and win all the compliments on Sunday when you visit your family. Let’s do it!

What do you expect to take all that you have stored in the basement or the attic and make it the centerpiece of your decor? Look at the following link and meet these great ideas to recycle old furniture , go ahead and tell us what it has been like.