Recicladecoracion: How to Make a Chair Style Vintage with a Step-By-Step Suitcase

Companies engaged in the sale of DIY tools have put hands to work to teach us to use them in a practical way. If the other day was Bosch which showed us a project to convert an old gate in mesa, today Dremel It explains how to make a seat from an old suitcase.

The vintage style is in fashion and recycling is a good habit, In addition the crisis still making mischief and must find a way to save, so take advantage of old accessories and furniture can be a good idea. If you don’t have an old suitcase at home you can get it at a flea market or at a second hand store and we now explain how to convert it in the Chair we see on these lines.

  • We will begin by measure the width and depth of the suitcase, then buy two planks of pine wood of 18 millimeters thick, which are cut according to these measures. Once we have them we will draw the outline of the suitcase on the table.
  • With a saw We redondearemos the corners easily and make sure that it fits properly in the suitcase. We will then use a spray adhesive for wood and glue foam parts.
  • The following will be selected a beautiful and easy to clean fabric to put it at the top of the foam, joining it to the back with small nails.
  • For place buttons on upholstery, place two screws in top 20 centimeters of distance in the middle of the wood, fabric and foam. If part of the screw can cut it.
  • We need to finish two blocks of wood 100 x 400 x 18 mm as a guide. The legs of the Chair be fixed there. We drilled holes and to give a touch of elegance, we can paint the legs of the Chair with acrylic paint in a color to match the fabric.
  • Finally put the dowels of wood in the suitcase and We set up the legs of the Chair with the screw through the wood and the suitcase suitcase.

And with these simple steps we’ll already have our Chair style vintage suitcase list. Dremel course has all the tools that we may need in a project like this. Specifically in this case would be recommended the Dremel Moto-Saw for sawing wood and the Dremel® 8100 with accessories for drilling and cutting metal.