Produces High-Quality Women’s Fashion Fair – a Look into the Indigo Room Leipzig

Since my visit to the fast fashion exhibition in Dresden I look in fashion with open eyes through the world.

So, I am always looking for great alternatives to mass fashion, cheap production and with a view to inspiring, talented people devoted to full of passion of the production or sale of high-quality and fairly produced clothing.

The way that time is not so far and this time across led me through the city of Leipzig to Nico Weissbach and his Indigo room. Already the shop itself is a nice place to feel good and relaxed browsing.

Nico is dedicated to just this topic: high-quality women’s fashion. Clothing, the see fair conditions, traditional and environmentally conscious produced, and is thereby extremely stylish.

High-quality women’s fashion in the Indigo room Leipzig

Nico knows exactly when each piece of clothing, where and how it was made, what people and processes behind its manufacture and which path it took upon himself, until it finally arrives at his shop.

Many designers and manufacturers come personally at past him, their high-quality women’s fashion and the new collections to present. The advantage: He shares the load with Danny’s style Office, the I here reported, which at the same time selects the latest models of the same labels for the Herrenwelt.

Because the numbers often are produced according to pre-order , Nico must assess exactly which models he ordered in any size. And waiting for a sell-out part may take just several weeks.

However, that is the guarantee that his new clothes not just in the today unfortunately so popular almost fashion was mass produced for the customer!

Traditional clothing from around the world

The Indigo room are internationally engaged. The range of countries of origin of fashion and materials presented at the Leipzig store ranges from Japan to Africa over the Ivory Coast.

Here, the customer can be sure to find unique pieces that have been selected with great passion and are certainly not as fast to see a second time on the road.

Historic cuts from Denmark and the United States

First, Nico shows me an outfit by the Danish Label Hansen Garments. Exactly two people working for this company. The high quality womens clothing is produced in Italy.

While the style of Hansen garments focuses on the working clothes of the 20s and 30s years. Here is a very nice example how the same outfit for both the men and the ladies – designate style Office and Indigo room – was made.

The philosophy of Levi’s vintage I find remarkable. The junction of the Levi’s jeans brand’s made it, to its destination, again faithfully to produce his most important models of the Last 120 years .

This takes into account every detail – from the fabric, the fit is to the packaging. The archives of Levi’s vintage to regularly crawl for inspiration and cuts, to bring them back on the market after decades.

The collections are always reminiscent of a special theme – this spring is all about the topic of baseball itself. Nico explains me that Levi once one’s employees own baseball team had. The style was revived their clothing in new designs.

Raw Denim Jeans from Japan and Canada

Raw Denim Jeans seems to be particularly popular with the ladies, according to Nico. Japan Blue and Naked and Famous are examples for the chaps – untreated and dyed indigo blue – what a lifetime we

Nico stressed that Japanese denim the best in the world. It is curious that this long was manufactured in the United States. When they switched to in the 50s on mass production, Japanese companies have in the old looms, bought and take advantage of them today. Meanwhile, the United States also order the high quality fabric from Japan.

Japan blue is available in only a few shops of Europe. So the seller of the brand comes on his Europe tour to Paris, and then to Leipzig. It’s nice when Japan Blue that a brief history of origin of the pants and the cotton is sewn inside.

The special feature of this material is also selvedge edge on the inside of the pants, the quality feature for high quality jeans.

This occurs when the fabric of the pants leg stitched together and is witness to a traditional production. The selvedge edge is usually accompanied by a colored thread, using Levi’s red, Wrangler, for example yellow.

Raw Denim Jeans is often with the natural dye Indigo dyed and usually after a half a year the first time washed. The cleaning in the sink is most friendly.

As well to care for these jeans, has explained very nice Franka of ladies and gents in this post.

Slow fashion – sustainability, craftsmanship and quality

The theme of throwaway and waste of resources very busy of course also the owner of style Office and Indigo room. With their shop, they want to contribute a small contribution against this trend.

Both were long active in the textile industry and know where clothing comes from. Therefore, they place always emphasis on the selection of their fashion. Bulk products do not come into the store: “what is mass-produced, it can not be good!”.

Especially the handmade hats of the labels I loved Simon & Mary, which orders Nico for his Indigo room from the distant South Africa. In traditional manufacturing, the headdress made of wool felt on old machines of the 60s produced years, piece for piece, and only on request.

The family business from Johannesburg in 1935 with the production of hats is already busy. I’m glad that such special pieces will find their way to Germany! The elaborate production such a piece looks like you can see in this video.

Also the shoe-loving women is of course provided. A nice selection of Zeha Berlin models allows women not only stylish, but also comfortable stroll through the streets. I myself could test the shoes are as comfortable.

1897 the sports shoe company in Weida was founded by Carl Hessner was founded in 2007 in life. In the styles of the 50’s this models are produced again – “Re-issued”.

A really great support through spring and summer, and especially to chinos and nice jeans are a real eye-catcher!

Casual outfits for spring and summer

I’ve grabbed my highlights from the Indigo room and tried this myself. The outfit by Hansen garments is just great, I think.

You can see me mostly in skirt or dress – one reason is that I find much more comfortable this as heavy, tight jeans. The substances by Hansen garments are you can feel it on the skin so delicate and light. The Chino is also still is incredibly convenient.

A completely different look which I like but very. What do you say?

Indigo room Leipzig – opening hours and contact details

You can find Nico on the Internet and on the ground in the Karl-Liebknecht-road 30, 04107 Leipzig.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday

11:00 18:00


11:00 16:00

Holder Nico Weißbach.

If your lover (or you as Mr. itself) should look also very stylish like Nico: the men will find it located in the associated load style! You can find the post about and how traditional working clothes of that time found entry into the fashion today, under style Office Leipzig.

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