PRETTIE LANES – Beautiful & Authentic Fashion in the 50s Style

Handmade retro fashions from the Switzerland

When I the first time the beautiful fashion in the 50s style by Franziska Schlupski saw, I thought it would be original pieces of yesteryear.

The photos, in which their own models wore, were as authentic , their clothes so detail and feminine, that I suspected she would sell Vintage fashion. You could be a better compliment a designer by retro clothes but actually can’t do that, or?

The Wahlschweizerin conjures up all their clothes by hand. Accessories are included, and more suitable to the respective outfits in their collections.

In their designs, it is based on the American 50s fashion and the accompanying lifestyle. Franziska finds inspiration in contemporary photographs, books and magazines.

Using old sewing techniques and materials of the time, as well as a focus to old patterns she manages to create historically accurate collections. While she produces limited editions each, not to lose the individual their fashion.

With Prettie lanes, you will find a nice selection of vintage of inspired fashion to make reviving the spirit of the 50s. These beautiful dresses, delicate blouses, snug jackets made of wool and also the one or other Cigarette Pants – include, by the way a great Basic for any lady who loves vintage style!

Complemented the crossings with selected accessories, some also originals, in the form of brooches, delicate earrings or lace gloves.

The most popular questions to Franziska Schlupski by Prettie lanes

This time, we have turned the tables. Now has designer Franziska questions for the interview itself chosen! Exactly those questions that get your customers and prospective customers most frequently made are subject to.

Dear Deborah, you SEW all your clothes yourself?

Yes. Everything is designed by me, close to myself. I do this with the machine, as well as with the hand!

I put great emphasis on contemporary materials and sewing techniques to make fashion to my 50s as authentic as possible here.

Have you learned the sewing or fashion designing professionally?

No, I didn’t say that honestly. I did a degree in economics.

I learned the sewing at the age of 11. I have much self-inflicted, I also had great support by my grandma.

Where do you come from? (That is most frequently asked Franziska).

I am originally from Germany, from the vicinity of Berlin.

Actually I’m working 100%for the shop. By the way I’m working but still under the management of a physiotherapy (part time 60%).

How many people are employed at PRETTIE LANES?

I work at the moment alone for PRETTIE LANES. Both the label and the shop currently “only” I ‘m.

If, for example, accidentally times something “wrong is ordered”, I’m the one who sees that and cares about. Such things can always adapt or change.

The answer is plain and simple: I unfortunately do not manage a bilingual website. The effort would be alone too great to translate all texts each again for me. I get not gewuppt without help :))

So I had to choose between English and German so. The international version is of course much better for me! I would like to align my label international also.

Thank you, Deborah, that you answered the questions, which burned your customers always under the nails.

Winter and Christmas fashion in the 50s style

Franziska circulate so many ideas in my head that she could not expect to publish collections only once or twice a year. So it’s reserves when they pleasure and leisure has, individual pieces to make, which can buy a lady then regardless of season or time of year.

I imagine more precisely two of these wonderful models.

The cotton dress

Because their clothing is timeless, can you enter at any time. Combined with the right elements, summer dresses, for example, quickly become magical highlights on the Christmas market!

As you can see on her cotton dress, which originally in the summer was published, that’s wintry can be converted easily.

To cotton dress in the shop it goes this way.

Franziska attaches importance to combine their creations at shoots mostly with Vintage fashion and accessories. You can find a small selection of them in her shop.

So I’m wearing to her cotton dress a dark blue, embroidered 50s Cardigan. Among them I wore a petticoat . This is not only a beautiful form and sufficient swing dress, but holds also legs and butt warm.

The wool jacket & the wool skirt

Wool jacket and wool skirt looking at immediately, of course, that she is fit well into the winter – & Christmas. Bordeaux is one of my favorite colors in fashion.

It is out there somewhat colder you feel automatically by reds cosy and toasty warm.

Skirt and jacket are made of warm wool and sign up to be very convenient and comfortable, for they look but still absolutely feminine and elegant out. The possibilities of combinations to this outfit are dress, as well as at the previous cotton, very diverse.

The connection with long gloves, a vintage cloth 50s bag and delicate Lace up boots makes the wearer to a lady from another time. Here, you will find the beautiful combination of jacket and skirt.

And so I felt also, as I pointed out the fashion of PRETTIE LANES in Leipzig to the shooting. As from another time. Hatched from the middle of the century and ended up in the modern world.

And exactly this feeling, I want to see every day. To be, as they themselves would have seen as authentic. The stylish 50s.

You will find this website and online shop by Franziska Schlupski PRETTIE LANES.