Plauen Lace: Delicate Elegance and Centuries-Old Tradition

Made in the depths of the Vogtland for centuries until today of one of the world’s most famous, most traditional and most popular German products: the Plauen lace.

Plauen lace

Incomparable stands for quality, tenderness, elegance, and always a little bit of luxury. Reason to immerse tip enough, even deeper into the world of magic, to explore their history and to discover what made this diverse product for small treasures.

For that I met with Manya. The sympathetic Leipzigerin loves not only the vintage style and leads a wonderful boutique for retro clothes. Together with her partner Andreas, who runs the company “fashion tip Plauen” in family tradition, she has developed a new business idea. With a new idea, they dust down the name of the Plauen lace and bring her to life.

What Manya everything exciting about her life with the tip has told me, here you can learn.

A look at the centuries-old tradition

Already at the end of the 19th century invented the Mystify tulle lace in Plauen. This development laid the foundation stone for Plauen as a center of lace and embroidery industry.

The great-grandfather of Manjas partners began to produce top more than 100 years ago, Plauen. Soon his two daughters Frieda and Elly (the name employers of today accessory collection) went into the company. Wonderfully complemented because one was the creative part, the other of the two estimated the work at the Office. The company was regarded as style in their city.

Generation after generation has been led the family business under the loving hand. Exactly 55 years ago, a major change occurred: the company caved in to the growing compulsion to join their privately owned operation in East Germany of a production cooperative.

In the PGH they had to share the means of production with other craftsmen and traders. The newly created name “fashion tip” should have until today stock. In the 90s managed the family as one of the few in Plauen to de-nationalise the company.

So, the “fashion tip Plauen” is one of the oldest companies in the now in the fourth generation with dedication the traditional product is manufactured.

Plauen as a synonym for tip

The weddings of the peak production lasted until the 20s. Many pay sticker worked out with an embroidery machine from home, many smaller companies settled in the city.

Counting together designers, stickers and entrepreneurs, there was approximately 3000 manufacturers of Plauen lace. An almost unimaginable sum, which shows the product once was as popular and sought after.

Plauen is considered to be one of the 25 largest cities of in Germany. The city lived the tip. So it is not surprising that there to the 20’s also many millionaires home found her. The world wars were the successful production, however, tragically, one huge shock against.

How is Plauen lace made?

“The special thing about Plauen lace is their three-dimensionality,” Manya tells me thrilled. It is stitched on 10-15-metre machines. Embroidered is on a reason which again is removed after the embroidery, leaving only tip. Another variation is to stitch the lace on tulle. Again and again the needle dipped it in the carrier, and that creates a sublime surface.

These production techniques have incidentally 1900 won to awards at the Paris world exhibition for their innovative method. Also today is produced this way as 100 years ago. Of course, the machines are revised and slightly faster, but the basic principle is the same.

Also manual work is it still very important. Damaged areas are removed manually and also assembling individual parts runs using a wrapping technique by hand to produce, for example, a large tablecloth. 12 employees are active in the company of the fashion tip of Plauen.

By elaborate production, the pieces are very robust. What of course is another special feature of the Plauen lace, is its long tradition. It is admirable when companies have managed to outlast such massive events like world wars and to adapt the spirit always.

The fact that the once over 3,000 companies in the industry until today only about 1% have survived, is sad proof how much the companies suffered from the historical events.

Worldwide attention to the top

I’m totally impressed, when Manja told me how popular the Plauen lace is also international . On her blog “Fashion tip”, she recently wrote an interesting article about the use of the products in Nigeria. There it is worn particularly colorful – with African patterns, floral motifs or geometric shapes. The colors of these substances is absolutely adorable.

Plauen lace is appreciated not only in Africa. There is a large market in Japan and the United States. The seal “Made in Germany” stands for many countries for quality, tradition and high quality workmanship – properties just particularly embodied by this product. Until before the ruble crisis, Russia also was a large customer.

Plauen lace modern? -“Frieda & Elly”

What comes to mind when you think about Plauen lace? Very traditionally usually grannies tablecloths, coasters, or their beloved, cherished and clean curtains? This is only one of many areas where the product is used. But let’s think outside the box.

A very classic use is for example high quality underwear. So is worked directly with designers, to develop these gorgeous fabrics.

In addition Manya and her partner have come up with a whole new area, where they bring their products to life. With their young jewellery label “Frieda & Elly” they have dusted off the stale image of the top.

Frieda & Elly was founded almost two years ago. Since then Manya and her partner Andreas have made as chains, earrings and scarves designed – all variety of accessories original Plauen lace. Manya says that many young people really nice to find these products, but don’t dare to wear them.

She tried with her pieces now slowly to introduce younger generations to the world of the time-honoured tip. So she not only lovers of vintage fashion or the Gothic speaks on scene, but also the “normal” people.

How a woman wears classic lace?

It is important in any case: less is more. Too many items, or multiple, different pattern look cluttered. If a piece of clothing is an eye-catcher, the lace jewelry should stand down rather. Therefore, it works vice versa the best: top enhances everything you wear! So it fits to a simple shirt or a plain dress.

Earlier, tip has been processed by the way in virtually every piece of clothing. Usually the luxurious evening dresses are remained in the minds of slopes. Come may the fear thus equal to chic to work? The collection of Frieda & Elly is designed very suitable for everyday use , hard-wearing also. The parts seem delicate, but some things take.

Manja and Andreas have many plans for her young company. They want to build such a fashion editorial, and design a dress with lace. Very discreetly, so that they can slowly introduce their customers to the material and this is also affordable. I’m so curious to see what the dress will look like!

A top blog with lots of love

Recently, Manya called her blog “Fashion tip”, by the way in life. There she granted their readers fascinating insights behind the scenes of top world looks in other cultures and the history of tradition is working on with wonderful pictures,. A really good site!

I can talk forever Hamster on the magical and entrepreneurial spirit not always easy top world. You notice how she loves her work through and this goes with full of passion. It’s just a way of self-realization.

Thanks for this wonderful interview! I wish them continued success with her heart piece.