Page Boy – 30s Hairstyle Instructions

The 30 page boy, on German better the only is known as a Pageboy hairstyle that consists mainly of straight hair (and a few waves:-D) me known 30 years

And this retro is also significantly longer and more glamorous than that what we today understand as a Pageboy – so a short haircut with bangs in the style of Prince Valiant Pageboy. I’m talking here about some very other…

You can see the page boy of the late 30s glamour at the Hollywood ladies Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh, Ellen Raines, and Ginger Rogers. Just Ginger Rogers has the hairstyle in the heart and him in 1938 played in two films – the Astaire-Rogers musical “Carefree” and the romantic comedy “Vivacious Lady”. The hairstyle is very popular in the forties.

The important thing on a 30 page boy is smooth, battered inside hair. My original hair style books from the time suggest two methods for this effect:

In which one is a long cotton roll bottom placed in damp hair, put the hair so, dried, and then removed the cotton.

The other takes elongated rollers, two rows of stacked, four wrappers side by side and the hair be logically rolled inward towards neck.

I know from the outset that which will never keep my fine hair without support and use a NAP roller or node role. Something like this is available in our shop.

I recommend this for anyone with little or fine hair.

30s Hair Step 1

First wet the hair.

Then drag the vertex. The peak can be either in the middle or side, which was worn both in the 30s.

A peak in the middle left and right will set a wave.

Two waves can be put on the long side with a side parting as for me.

I use surfers here, to keep the waves, this is the fastest and easiest way is.

You must push with a comb, the hair in the photos in the form and, where changing the direction of the shaft, with the Ridge push together the hair and secure with the surfer. Here my guide, How to get waves, if you never did that.

30s Hairstyle Step 2

Very important at the page boy is to set the hair of height of the ear in a PIN curl that goes up around back. Fasten with a clip. So the curl occurs below on the waves when Ginger Rogers up and me to see below in the image.

Here my tutorial for PIN curls.

Place four large pin curls behind the ear. Place the Pincurls to back down in a clockwise direction.

30s Hairstyle Step 3

Set wrap a band around the head so that the hair is tight on the head and including for the page boy effect rolls out.

Curlers turn under the belt or attach the cotton roll.

I however wait until the hair is dry and have to do anything, because I use the node role.

30s Hairstyle Step 4

Remove surfer, hair clips etc.

I roll my hair over the node role now and secure with Bobby pins.

Who uses no node role, brush over the hand in the form.

Hair spray it over and finished.

The hairstyle looks best on girls with full hair, which need no hair role, but so that not everyone is blessed Yes unfortunately…

If you have very long hair, you can get also noticeably shorter them about such a hair Olle, up to a 20’s hair length, if necessary.