Optimum Light For The Home Office: Philips Eyecare LED Table Lamps

You can rotate and swing as you want-and always ensures optimum lighting in the Home Office: EyeCare is a new series of luminaires, the Philips developed for working in the Home Office. has. Because it is so undeniably that increasingly blurring the boundaries between the traditional world of work and private life.

There are also home best seeing conditions that create the modern LED table lamps as described in desk lighting with their light quality – for the Office work at the desk or even to read. The many ergonomic adjustments of the head light can draw exactly there, where it is needed.

EyeCare lights offer good light without compromise. A specific, tailored to the needs of the application look ensures optimal light distribution and a uniform light beam on the desktop or in the reading area. Disturbing reflections and unwanted glare are largely excluded. This protects the eyes. The fresh, daylight-like colour of the LEDs prevents rapid fatigue and increases the motivation and concentration.

Good light without compromise
The eye is one of our most important sensory organs. We take over 80 percent of all information from our environment with the eyes. An insufficient, the task inadequate lighting is often the cause for the congestion of our organ of vision.So, different activities require different levels of illumination. Therefore, the most EyeCare lights are dimmable. The light intensity can be adjusted to the best light available for any purpose.

All lamps of the EyeCare series work with the latest LED technology and offer additional benefits users in addition to the energy-efficient operation and longevity. This includes among other things the simple control of light levels, which can be adjusted on some models with a built-in sensor dimmer.

The rotating and swivelling luminaire heads and light arms the light distribution and the lighting level can also vary widely. So it is certain that lighting quality in the blink of an eye is optimally adapted to the daylight or the respective work item and significantly reduces shadow on the working surface or the reading pane.

Functional and elegant
EyeCare lighting accents and are a Visual highlight of any Home Office, because here, consistent functionality meets timeless elegance. There is it in different colors and shapes. Lamps must not be changed. This makes them a sustainable light source, which at the same time conveys the good feeling of having done something for their own well-being and the environment. The luminaires are available in September for non-binding price recommendations from 79.99 149.99 Euro in trade.