My Fair Lady – Dreamy Musical and Retro Movie with Audrey Hepburn

With Eliza on the way in the London of the early 20th century

“I could have danced tonight”
Today all night,’ night
so much and so much more.
I had much liberty,
what I believed otherwise.
that it to sinful would be.”

As soon as I hear the first few lines of this wonderful song, I’m immediately trapped. In the magic of this 50’s retro of movie and in the magic of this stunning Audrey Hepburn.

My Fair Lady is for me the most wonderful musical, and this particular cast even the most beautiful retro film ever. I looked at him so often as a child with my mom. The great costumes admired the stunning backdrop, and this great actor.

My Mom heard in turn up – and down the Musical record with all the beautiful songs of the piece with her sister as a little girl. So, the circle is so closed. And it proves that this narrative draws for decades generations under her spell.

The songs are that you must feel just happy when you hear them so wonderfully light, lively and empathetic. “I would have danced tonight” is just one of many classics from the piece, which repeatedly heats a heart.

The musical “My Fair Lady” was 1956 Frederick Loewe’s songs in New York Hellinger Theatre premiered. George Bernard Shaw served as literary template of this story’s book “Pygmalion”. It’s about a sculptor who created the statue of a perfect woman and fell into this.

A rousing story

The story of the musical revolves around the question of whether it was possible, a simple and humble London flower girl within a few months the manners and the language to teach a real Lady .

The Phonetician Henry Higgins agrees to a bet and demoted Eliza Doolittle to his scientific subject. He teases you with exercises and squeezing them in the most expensive and most exuberant clothes. She is performing positively. Always great, sometimes melancholic are viewers admiring partly temperamental, and romantic songs.

As Eliza’s after a long and tiring night one day succeeds in the exercise correctly pronounce “In Spain if Spain flowers bloom”, are all deliriously euphoria. You prefer celebrate the success with the protagonists and to the cheerful music dance. “My God she’s got it, my God she’s got it!”

The daughter of a garbage Coachman make a Princess – is that possible?

The result is guaranteed the viewers over the course of the piece out. My Fair Lady is a wonderful story about the attempt of making a perfect wife, a work of art. What however does not mind Higgins: Eliza Doolittle is a tender, sensitive and vulnerable girl, which actually just desperately trying to pursue his own dreams. It would be just a respected woman. Quite modest, with a cute flower shop around the corner.

One wishes you a compassionate people too much at her side. Someone who’s defying the gruff, condescending Professor Higgins, while this will transform them around the clock to a perfectly staged Lady. Someone who takes Eliza on the hand and shows you what is a personality in it.

And soon enters a young man in her life who shows her that she, perfect or imperfect, worth much as a person is. Even if during the horse race in Ascott, where it takes her between the elegant ladies of the company space, time slips out of one or the other “inappropriate” saying:

“Los Dover! Run! Faster! Nu go aba Dover, otherwise litter friends pepper ick en ass!”

It is a story about life and love, which with the flower girl feel with the Viewer from beginning to end, and fear.

From 1961 ran the successful retro musical in the Berlin Theatre, personified by German stars such as Karin Hübner and Rex Gildo.

Movie with Audrey Hepburn

The film with Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Dolittle in the years 1964 published. The lovingly designed scenery and the great detail given historical costumes take the viewer immediately in the London of the early 20th century.

The film was made with a budget of $17 million. Played he has whole 72 million. A testament to the success and the great production of the play. By the way, Julie Andrews should assume actually starred, which later won the Oscar for her role as “Mary Poppins”. But Audrey Hepburn ultimately prevailed against them. Today would be the retro film hard to imagine with a different actress for Eliza Doolittle, isn’t it?

1965 the great success was rewarded – there were a number of Oscars for film, Director, the actor Rex Harrison, camera, equipment costumes, music editing and sound!

It is wonderful that the most successful musical of all time by the greatest actors of all time on film was banned. A special piece of film and musical history. And this retro is also film of the magic to My Fair Lady receives upright for eternity.

Because I adore so much of it, I would like to not denied of course a little insight.

On in the theatre!

I’m so happy that the piece currently musical comedy performed in Leipzig. I have seen it twice before already, and can’t get enough of it. A magical trip tip, away from cinema and co.

I would like to go there be sure once my family with my. My mom and my aunt will sing with probably every single song then in memory of her childhood.

And I think I now know we will float quite dreamy and in love of the theatre. Drunk with happiness, love and beautiful music.

“Was so wonderful, I
that I dream even
just dance, dance, dance