Magical Spring Decoration in Vintage Style: My 8 Recommendations

That decoration in vintage style is currently so popular, does not come from about. Selected items in the vintage style bring so much love, comfort, nostalgia, soft colors and atmosphere that you repeated just to enjoy old candlesticks, vases made of enamel or beautiful dishes in pastel shades in the beloved home.

Nostalgia in the nursery is one of the stores that chose particular brands of, to get us the flair of yesteryear home. Whether with Scandinavian design, colorful 50’s patterns or antique-looking pieces like to Grandma’s time.

I’ve been looking out there my favorite objects and labels, to give you an overview of the variety of decoration in the retro look and maybe even some inspiration for your home to deliver.

1. Ib Laursen

IB Laursen is one of my favorite brands at nostalgia in the nursery. It has a slightly maritime, Scandinavian touch and offers many pieces in delicate pastel shades like mint or Rosé with his series Mynte.

The subtle and muted colors that put the attention on the graceful shapes of the pieces are what I especially like about IB Laursen. The ceramic fits beautifully on every table, between freshly picked flowers and fragrant cake. This is perfect yet a candle holder in enamel, and the table!

Also, you can choose between a large number of beautiful fine assistants, kitchen scales in the retro style or ceiling lights made of metal.

Rice is a very colorful brand. These pieces are perfect to bring colorful highlights in the household. Because the living ideas varied and diverse, combine these with many other brands.

The design of rice is very detail, the motives sometimes quite gaudy, sometimes also very tender.

Functionality is very important with this label. So are the accessories in the vintage style not only beautiful to look at, but due to the materials (so is the melamine dishes for example) particularly robust. So I must me worry when my playful kittens, feel something to break. Whether for breakfast, barbecue, for storage or simply for decoration – the rice offers range a variety of beautiful and at the same time useful utensils.

3. Miss Étoile

Miss Étoile is a brand for the heart. The fabulous dishes and the nostalgic designs of French labels are absolutely fall in love.

The design of Miss Étoile is very diverse. The party items such as plates or mugs decorated with playful patterns and great pastel colors. My personal highlights are the pieces from the collection Les Yeux, whose washing has a very gorgeous eye zwickern.

Miss Étoile offers a variety of products from energy-wise porcelain about playful accessories until going to fancy Partydeko paper.

4. Krasilnikoff

Krasilnikoff loves the “cosy vintage style” . So what makes happy, widespread coziness or has a touch of vintage. The Danish brand has found their style, because most special patterns are found on all the pieces of the Collections. At the moment, there are the stars.

What I especially like the design, is the reduction to certain colors, which are reflected in all areas. So, the cozy blankets fit optically just as great to the tea cups and bowls as corresponding pads or oven mitts!

Krasilnikoff specializes Edition, comfortable fabrics for the sofa or the bed and even neck scarves including happy advertising ware, the so-called “Happy Mugs”.

5. Bloomingville

“Bloomingville is as diverse as a visit to the flea market.” One rummages through the variety of products of the Danish label, so it agrees immediately. But one thing all the pieces have in common: their Nordic naturalness.

Bloomingville is seemingly find raw materials such as natural wood, nostalgic wall decoration such as beautiful prints and delicate shades in all imaginable shades. So a purity and lightness is inherent in all of this, which make the apartment look bright and friendly.

The product diversity of Bloomingville is gr0ß. Especially the stylish lamps made of copper for me in their 50s and 60s years design, but also the wooden cabinets that are both useful and decorative.

6 vintage style of GreenGate

The GreenGate brand has a sense of home, just something homely. Also from Denmark, GreenGate brings a cozy Scandinavian flair in our home.

Picturesque colours, detailed patterns, and high-quality materials are combined in this brand. So, for example, delicate flowers combined with sweet squares or delicate strips can be found.

GreenGate has dedicated the daily benefit, as well as the stylish living with its range. So, you can buy not only magical dishes, but also fluffy pillows, geometric Patterned rugs, kitchen helpers in the vintage style or beautiful wood cabinets.

7 PiP Studio

PiP Studio offers ‘dream home design” from Amsterdam. PiP is the nickname of the young designer behind the Dutch brand. Their accessories are very color-intensive, almost picturesque.

I especially love the design of the container . It is designed for women, but we are ladies too, who particularly enjoy exceptional dishes! There are a variety of motifs with sweet little bird, detailed florals or delightful prints. The beauty of this is that all combine can be, so women can expand infinitely its range.

The range of accessories when PiP is great. Majestic dishes with delicate patterns of imaginatively designed bed linen to comfortable bed linen the whole apartment with the sweet highlights can be virtually decorate.

8 vintage style of chic antique

“When the past creates the future” is a magical motto of chic antique. Include the beautiful things of the past into the future, and that has made the Danish label to the task.

The design is quite diverse. Some products are designed more rustic , others French romantic.

Especially nice, I find the dishes, it is white and its elegant, curved shape reminds me a little of the old porcelain of my grandparents. Great for any season!

And now you’re on the series. What brands or items in the vintage style you like particularly? I’m curious!