Lollapalooza Has Retro-inspired Bands in the Line-up

Despite the Lollapalooza being known as a festival for “indies” with bands “flowers”, many of these bands today have some retro-inspired, whether musical or visual style, somehow they rescue some element related to the successes of the past. See some of the retro-inspired bands that are on the line-up of the festival:

Vintage Trouble -starting with the name, the Californian band Vintage Trouble rescues in his music the soundtrack of essence 1950 and 1960 with influences from rhythm & blues, soul, rock and blues. Besides music, they also try to add the retro men with hats, ties, suits and jackets. Your references are artists such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz, just to name a few. The Vintage band Trouble has won audiences around the world, opening for big names like the Rolling Stones at Hyde Park, in London, and on tour with the legendary The Who and AC/DC.

Alabama Shakes – formed in Athens, Alabama in 2009, the southern rock band and blues-rock, musical style unusual in mainstream, has the presence of lead singer Brittany Howard. She that surprises with your powerful voice is already considered one of the best female vocals of the current generation of singers. Brittany has a simple style and a little cheesy, but its productions have a slight pinch retro, referring the divas of jazz.

Marina and the Diamonds – despite the musical style more indie popsinger Marina stands out especially for your baby doll style in which she refers to 50 years with waist and 60 years highlighting the eyes with eyeliner kitten, false eyelashes and hair more voluminous.

Florence and The Machine – British band of indie rock had the debut album entitled Lungs, released in 2009. Led by Florence Welch, the singer has a retro style more geared for 70 years, abusing of floral prints, hats and long dresses, the famous boho chic. In addition to the singer’s style, she also took your passion for vintage for the House itself, which is full of retro decor.

Mumford and Sons – the English rock band, formed in 2007 is composed by Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. The influence of the band’s retro comes more folk style using banjo, mandolin and accordion in his songs. In visual, the band was marked by a provincial style and yank the years 30, with vests, hats and ties.

Tame Impala -Formed officially in 2007, the band’s sound is characterized by a revival of psychedelic rock bands of the 60 and 70 years. The band has charmed pop singer Rihanna, which covered the song “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”, but with the title changed to “Same Ol’ Mistakes”.

In General, many current bands have some retro essence, whether in visual or in the production of music videos, but primarily in musical style, the classical influences in the Decade of the early 20th century, the most modern trying to rescue the sound of magic years 80 and 90.