Leipzig Blog Idea: Invitation to the Broadening

Usually I write about retro themes. Culture, Vintage fashion, old books, nostalgic places, etc. This will be a very different post.

Because the love Alida celebrates its third Bloggeburtstag with Leipzig hiker. You held to a very interesting blog parade on the theme ‘Leipzig’ favorite blogs. A reason to celebrate! And a reason to think about blogging.

So, here he is! The blog post about blog posts.
The invitation to the horizon.

Site: Everywhere in the World Wide Web.
When: Round the clock.
Is to bring something?: Nothing at all! All for free from us for you.

Here you go idea Leipzig blog! Follow me on an exciting, informative and entertaining journey. And I promise you, there is something for everyone.

I have to break a lance for all bloggers now. Before I even big have been me with this topic, I was always an very special image of bloggers in mind. And I had just no interest to deal with this:

Girls who post their lunch every day. The Selfies make with their new outfits, which they have purchased at New Yorker, H & M and co. and now as a ‘High Fashion’ want to share with the world. Photos of the nail polishes that change color due to the upper parts.

Nothing against fashion and Beautyblogs! Everyone, really every blog has its permission. I had up to now only getting the naive idea of empty, superficial posts that would just stream over the Internet. Only after I turned myself to blogging, I got to know this world from a completely new point of view. To expand the horizon, others we must start first with him.

When I started writing, I looked around the first time consciously on the Internet. What is there so for topics that move people? What is there for people who write about these topics? And I was impressed. Behind all these blogs so much more than ‘Ich loading beautiful pictures-in the network’.

Lot passion behind all these blogs. People who spend much of their free time to make their own, inspiring ideas to others. That all her love to live in it expresses to write wonderful, almost poetic texts to open the eyes of others.

They invite you to beautiful places, they even have discovered. Take you to great events, the others could not go. Things to alert, that happen away from the larger media world.

There are people who share stories from their lives just want to share with the readers about it. To look at things from different angles. To make courage. Or simply rest for a few minutes with their words and images to conjure up a smile on the face.

It was with new recipes, with Tips for trips, political statements, or just evidence, where you can get just the best shoes at the best price. A love, to writing, to photography. The others love to read.

Meanwhile, blogs have just as much value such as magazines, newspapers, magazines. And: you are personally. The person behind it has a face and a story. And she shares them with us. I have found blogs that expand my personal horizons. The themes deal, although not fit to my page that I can find but just as exciting and interesting.

Leipzig Blog idea – my Leipzig favorite blogs

Kiss & tell

The Franzi and Steffi were there. They founded their lifestyle blog Kiss & tell in August 2013. He acts as professionally as the girls would do anything else all her life. I like it, if I land on a blog, and loving presentation that occupies me and tie up, although I’ve read yet no article. You can see the passion for the detail not only in the images, but also in each of the posts.

It’s about fashion, which is especially. To Setup inspirations, which stimulate the dream. Deal with cultural issues, our city . And the food posts are already optically. I like very much especially the rubric ‘Local Heroes’, where they introduce interesting Leipzig personalities and institutions. I’m posts on new, very determined again with lot of heart made of them.

Notes to herself

On the other hand, Lina would be from notes to herself. Dreamy, I find the name of the blog. It is, as the title suggests, their own thoughts, openly sharing them with us. Part poetic, sometimes contemplative yet sometimes cheeky. Always open, honest and free of the liver off – whether it is now writes about feminism, the student life or homesickness. She regularly publishes a media show, in which she presents current articles from newspapers, radio and television.

I like your posts, because they broaden my horizons. Because it appeals to things that are not present but important. So I find their article can have nostalgia for the city, where it is just? very touching. Lina encourages’s thinking. And leaves the readers like me with a grin.

Beautiful & fine

The blog is nice & fine by Stefanie still recommended and made with love. I have a penchant for creative and artistic and philosophical blogs nunmal and Sandz page is made. With her you will find wonderful ideas for crafts, decorations and homemade.

It’s just so good to relax the head and creative romp. For this I find also great inspirations. Also, your recipe ideas are as diverse and visually a dream that you don’t can decide what to to cook first. Everywhere, you see how much time, work, and leisure she puts in her project.

These three examples are only a tiny part of an infinitely large blogger world.

Those who wish to browse a while longer in the Leipzig blogger world which should necessarily here a look: our site.

If you’re already big reader I can only tell you: thank you that we can share our thoughts with you! It is so infinitely much fun and does so good to see that others identify themselves with our contributions and deal. And a congratulations to Alida for their successful Leipzig Leipzig love blog. A wonderful example of how a blog can be useful and inspiring, and how well it will be adopted.

Know if you (as I did earlier) have a superficial image of blogs and not right to start something, then just browse to your heart’s content on our pages. I’m sure there is something for everyone. Is not a requirement, just a love invitation, the heart of.

An invitation to a beautiful horizon. At any time, free of charge. And this directly from your sofa. I love blogs!