Layette for Baby in New York, Dkny

I have prepared a script for who goes to NY stockpiled for the Baby and you don’t want to spend too much.

As you all know, the logistics for shopping in NY is not easy. But it is possible to find the basics with great price concentrated on some streets. I chose not to go to the Outlet in New Jersey because there are not many shops for baby and you lose a whole day.

On 34 Street (between 5a and 7a AV.) is Heaven to clog the small of your beautiful and cheap clothes. Follow the tips:

Macy ´ s-go straight to the floor because there are several child tags for the baby, the more popular as Carter’s to traditional ´ Ralph Lauren. Focus on First Impressions, which I’ve mentioned here on the blog,my favorite to knit clothes.

Layette for Baby in New York, Dkny 1

Old Navy Baby-most popular brand of the Gap and Banana, has many cute and inexpensive options. Worth seeing the little shoes and sneakers, item that is usually expensive, are super cheap and cute at Old Navy. The jeans line also has beautiful pieces well cheaper than at the Gap and with the same quality.

Baby Gap–indispensable to buy socks with grip in all colors because they were indicated by 10 between 10 mothers as the best and the least baby foot falls. Always have parrots on sale and the cutest jeans and fashion pieces for baby.

H & M Baby-in Manhattan only exists in H & M 34 Street with the 7th Avenue, is on the upper floor. Is the best in price raised. Is very worthwhile start there because the clothes are super cheap, fashion, than those for the day to day and quality approved by mothers, whereas in the first year, babies lose their clothes every 3 months or less! Has accessories such as ´ CAP, hat, stockings, shoes, fivelinhas, etc.

Buy Buy Baby-it’s close the street 34, in seventh with 26, is the paradise for the baby. Has everything you can imagine bigger than needed, bed and bath to electronics, shopping carts, etc. The good news is that same day delivery at the hotel and you do not need to leave loaded from there. Do not buy clothes because the price is not good. It is possible to find much more beautiful parts for a lower value.

Layette for Baby in New York, Dkny 2

What is good buy there:

-Stroller and baby comfort;

-Hooded bath towels;

-Electronic Nanny

–Pacifiers, baby bottles, silicone spoon, plates, etc.

-Mobile to crib and stroller;

-Diapers, cloth diapers, blankets soft

-Body smooth Carter ´ s

-Creams for mum (Lansinoh, Mustella, etc)

-Accessories, toys and decorations for the room

Go with the list ready so you can focus it all on a trip to the store.

Century 21-the tumultuous outlet is an excellent choice for babies. Come early (in the 8 A.M.!) and go straight to the top floor in the vintage children’s section. Although messy and out-of-order sizes, there’s a lot of piece of good brands like Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Tommy Hilfilger, Guess, etc for an incredible price. Good also to buy pajamas and towels.

Layette for Baby in New York, Dkny 3

Other tips:

If you have time before the trip, visit the website of the Albee Baby . In this site you will find the best prices on stroller and baby comfort. It’s like an outlet store and has models and colors other vintage collections for a great price. Buy and deliver at the hotel. The timeframe is 1 week and enough embaladinho for you hurry on the plane.

For more sophisticated and more expensive brands like Petit Bateau and Baby Cottons, go to Madison and walk there by 80 Street. Have several options.

If you want a feed back on the brands they bought, click HERE

And those interested in a custom consulting to complete mount list, quantities and models of clothes according to the season that your baby will be born, screenplay by purchases in the United States or in Sao Paulo, and everything you need to get organized for the arrival of the baby, send an email to our site and learn how.