Lagom - the new living trend from Sweden 2

What about the lighting at Lagom?

Bright ceiling lamps or spot spots are taboo. Rather, several light sources are distributed in the room, each of which gives off a warm and bright glow. The lamps can be mounted on the floor, at the height of sideboards or at head height – but not on the ceiling. You should also make sure that the windows are clear and can be seen. This should allow as much natural daylight as possible to flow into the interior.

Which accessories shouldn’t be missing from Lagom?

Less is more. Instead of a hodgepodge of inexpensive vases and candles, you should rely on a single, high-quality one-off piece – which was often made by hand. Such an accessory is set in scene and directs the gaze in the room without appearing dominant. In principle, the surfaces and walls should remain free of frills, so that a visual relaxation can enter the room.

Important – This should be avoided:
Smooth, high-gloss surfaces as well as mirrors, metal elements or too much glass are tricky. All materials that reflect light or appear cool and shiny are rather counterproductive for the Lagom look. That is why you should be careful to rely on matt and rather dull surfaces when furnishing.

At the same time, bright colors, loud patterns or wildly mixed arrangements are taboo. This means that pillows, placemats or the contents of shelves should be put together with a steady hand. Anything excited, colorful, bright or unreal has no chance with this style.

How to bring the Lagom look into the bedroom

The bedroom is ideal for experimenting with Lagom. First of all, it is important to create space and free the room of all odds and ends. The conglomerate of dream catchers, fairy lights, blankets, pillows, rugs, scented candles and picture frames, which is still so popular at Hygge, should be critically examined. Lagom needs peace and freedom to move in.

The furniture is then rearranged. In order to visually calm the bedroom, the individual pieces of furniture are placed along the wall. It is nice when the center of the room remains free and thus a certain airiness can arise.

The incidence of light should also be checked. The curtains can be removed so that as much daylight as possible can come in. To protect yourself from prying eyes, matt adhesive films are useful.

To round off the restrained overall impression, the bedroom is being upgraded with functional accessories. A thin floor lamp, a woven cover for the bed or a single, fluffy lambskin are helpful. By designing the room within a color family, an inviting harmony is created even with a few objects.

Lagom style beds

The look needs authenticity and lightness in order to be effective. Therefore, high-quality beds made of solid wood are generally suitable, which per se bring a lot of naturalness into the bedroom.

One should make sure that the grown structure of the wood can be recognized, which in turn emphasizes the character of the material. For this reason, the surfaces of the frame, bed canopy and feet should not be overworked. Whether you choose a classic solid wood bed, a beamed bed or a futon bed with wooden elements is a matter of taste.

Certain upholstered beds are also possible at Lagom. If textile woven covers, no-frills colors or organic materials are used in the desired model, a comfortable box spring bed can even move into the bedroom. But then you should make sure that the appearance is reserved and simple, so as not to force unnecessary tension.

More than just a trend: The Scandinavian wisdom behind Lagom

The Swedish furnishing philosophy promises above all to bring life back into balance. By banning useless things from the environment and enhancing life with real and authentic arrangements, people should concentrate on the beauty of the little things in order to be able to relax and harmonize all around.

Lagom aims at the inner center and the personal satisfaction of the individual. You can transfer the trend to your own life. Because in order to let Lagom grow, it is always helpful to adjust your social contacts, your attitude to work and career or the rest of everyday life accordingly. Those who allow aspects such as sustainability, quality, harmony and mindfulness into their further existence should not only be able to call a more beautiful home, but also a more balanced life overall. It is important to find the right amount.

How do you actually pronounce the word correctly?
Last but not least, a tip on how to pronounce the foreign word. The “A” in Lagom is pronounced like a long “AO”. The back “O”, on the other hand, is shaped like a “U”. In terms of spoken language, the result is a loosely formulated “Laaogum”.

Lagom - the new living trend from Sweden 2