Lagom - the new living trend from Sweden 1

When the hyggelige cosiness grows up …

Do you find clean chic too cool and do you have too many candles around Hygge ? Then the new living trend Lagom should better suit your mood! The Scandinavian furnishing style is not just about a balanced design of your own four walls. Rather, the new look aims to improve the interior design as well as the interior – it is a way of life that is supposed to make you happy.

How Lagom works exactly and why the trend in life and in the living environment is justified is here.

What exactly does lagom mean?

The word originally comes from the northern part of Sweden and is said to go back to the Vikings. Freely translated it means something like “just right” or “suitable for us”. So it describes the subjective feeling that something is okay with the person concerned.

Lagom therefore stands for a certain, balanced attitude towards life. There is just as little room for excessive lifestyle consumption as there is for calculated stinginess. Rather, Lagom celebrates the middle ground on which everything is balanced.

In order to achieve the desired inner satisfaction, the living environment is brought into balance by means of Lagom. It is helpful to be considerate of oneself, one’s fellow human beings and the resources of nature. In addition, the trend welcomes the abandonment of everything superfluous, from clutter and useless luxury.

With Lagom, wellbeing moves in – and not only in yourself, but also in your immediate living environment. Followers of the Scandinavian living philosophy promise that in this way life will regain more authenticity, lightness and meaning. Hand on heart: who can’t use that?

Can you just buy the Lagom style like that?

With many living trends, it is enough to invest in a new piece of furniture here and there and you have that cozy look at home. It’s a bit more complicated with Lagom. The style cannot be bought together so quickly, but must be able to emerge from itself. It is a life and living philosophy that is developing.

There are two things to consider for this: On the one hand, the living environment must be freed of what is dispensable. Everything that is inauthentic, extravagant and excessive is first eliminated. The new Lagom trend is specifically helping to clear out the apartment.

On the other hand, you can invest in new furnishings that are full of quality and naturalness. Lagom promotes the conscious and sustainable attitude to life. Swedish philosophy trusts that a few aesthetic and original things are enough to achieve deep satisfaction. This way, the rooms stay tidy without people lacking anything.

This is how Lagom is created within your own four walls

In order to bring the Swedish zeitgeist home, you need a sure instinct. Because Lagom only works if the composition of the interior is balanced and functional at the same time. The rooms should look tidy, but still look individual and harmonious.

The colors at Lagom

The living trend celebrates neutrality. That is why supporters rely on contemplative colors and compose the rooms within a color family. Tinted, rather dull nuances in gray, khaki, beige, greige, off-white or matt rosé are in demand – all shades mixed with restraint and without radiance.

The materials

The focus here is on sustainability and naturalness. Warm surfaces made from original elements can be easily combined with one another. Open-pored natural woods, coarsely processed types of wool or casual covers made of natural-colored cotton are desirable.

The feel and appearance should be natural and balanced. This not only applies to furniture, but also to decorative and everyday objects. At Lagom, handmade pieces made of clay, high-quality utensils made of porcelain or other original everyday objects made of natural stone, sisal or wood are experiencing a revival.

The right choice of furniture

The Scandinavian way of life Lagom focuses on a healthy lifestyle and the conservation of resources. High-quality pieces of furniture with a long lifespan are therefore desirable. Mostly simple furnishings are used. They have a high level of functionality and a classic shape. Timeless use is possible due to the puristic appearance.

It is noticeable that furniture made of natural wood is predominantly in demand in the Lagom lifestyle trend, but it is interpreted in a young and modern way. Heavy and bulky forms are a thing of the past. Rather, the look relies on open fronts for cupboards, for example, or slender legs for tables and chairs. In this way, despite the solid wooden furniture, there is a certain lightness in the room.

Lagom - the new living trend from Sweden 1