King Louie – Colorful and Fair Fashion from Amsterdam

That fair fashion more and more gaining in modern times by pollution and mass production, is incredibly important.

Very particularly noteworthy, I find it when a successful pan-European label for vintage inspired fashion takes on this topic of fair production and makes it his goal to be pioneer in recycling and fair working conditions. And it shows: clothes nice and fair at the same time you might!

How wonderful that I now catchy apart could put Louie, the colorful, playful clothes and positive philosophy with King. Rounded off with beautiful images, the with golden eyes photography and Lisagie were built.

King Louie – a label that is for more than 30 years on the market and up to today faithful remained.

The 60s look with King Louie

Also when is the Dutch label fashion by several decades in the vintage style inspire can be’s was for me subconsciously but mainly the 60s.

What is it actually? There are probably the cheerful, bright colors and unusual, often geometric patterns that often mentally into the swinging sixties plunge me. Many of the cuts, like the straight dress or short, the skirts are simply perfect for it to revive the look of the 60s with King Louie.

So I have the style of 60s approached me for my images – a great fashion is given far too little attention on my blog. You’re reading how you think your own 60s-inspired look, below.

From the dream to the major label

It is hard to believe that King Louie’s for over 30 years on the market. So could be called the first pieces Yes in fact almost “true vintage” “.

The founders of Ann Bakanbayev and George Cramer already knew from school and soon began to sell original vintage fashion on the “Noordermarkt” in Amsterdam . As clothing stocks no longer fit in the attic, the first store was hired in 1983 – “Exota”, named after a lemonade brand of the 50s.

At this time also the first own piece of clothing by King Louie was created: a Black Turtleneck Sweater cotton. The demand was so huge that the vintage were no longer sufficient finds, and so a private “had to help out products”.

At the beginning of the 80s it was modern, this Turtleneck in combination with the jeans “Levi 501” run.

The founder of old Bowling shirt brand, which once bore that name have been inspired to the title “King Louie”. In the 90s moved loading in the Hartenstraat in the Negen Straatjes Amsterdam. There, the label is still to be found, now in two shops.

A special tip, if you want to visit special shopping venues in Amsterdam.

But not only in the Netherlands, Louie – stores are King to find. The label gained popularity throughout Europe, from Germany and Belgium to Italy, Spain or Scandinavia.

“We have designed a lot value, to develop clothing that makes people happy.”

So is King Louie’s wear patterns and prints feminine, bright, colorful, and also not afraid afraid to combine different styles and tones. By the way not only for women, for children , the Dutch label creations under the title of “Petit Louie” has vintage inspired fashion on sale!

“The decrease environmental footprint”

This wording on the King Louie website has done me especially to. Often, on my blog, I showed that fair fashion and environmentally friendly production are close to the heart. I have clarified what disastrous consequences caused by fast fashion for us and our nature, in a blog post about this brutal fashion industry.

So labels are especially dear to me, who are not only on the attractiveness of their fashion, but also to the sustainability and good conditions during the production, the as so beautifully said, to reduce the “carbon footprint”.

King Louie has been working since 2015 with the “fair wear Foundation” together, which advocates improved working conditions such as fair wages and a healthy working environment in the clothing industry.

Also a growing collection of sustainable garments at King Louie is offered with the GOTS certified. GOTS is available for the use of biological materials, about organic cotton. The products are specially marked on the site, let’s look over here.

So you think your 60s summer look

As already mentioned, the pieces of the labels have let me always subconsciously revel in the sixties. Our images are of them inspired and they show you – it is quite easy to implement this style quite easily in everyday life.

The hairstyles worn by me is not that complicated. I easily inserted strand strand it with the straightening iron for pictures with open hair and combed out after cooling. The mind pull back some and a Centre parting , and already you’re wearing a simple, classic 60s hairstyle.

With the updo I initially played a Centre parting, chosen for the last pictures a heavily accented side parting and side put away the hair. Back to backcomb the hair easily, assembled, and ready! While they may look quiet a bit wild and wavy.

Heavily stressed eye make up is quite typical for the 60’s, so you can give free rein to your love to Eye liner, eyeliner and dark eyeshadow. For this, the lips are then in nude tones to make-up so how Lisagie here wonderfully has implemented this with me.

What one learns from King Louie in any case, is not shy to be with regard to the composition of colors and patterns. Frequently to find in the fashion of the 60s are especially geometric patterns and flowery . You may like to experiment with colored or patterned tights .

Ladies like me, who may not dare approach to unusual color and pattern combinations, wonderful shows by the fashion King Louie as striped shirts with floral skirts or a Cardigan with a cherry print and a dress with polka dots harmoniously can unite.

King Louie has just the perfect footwear for the outfits. Clogs in many different shapes and colors are the Lieblingsschuh of the summer for me. They are extremely comfortable and I find the wooden heels just fine – a very pleasant compromise between high heels and flat sandals.

I found great liking it anyway, take the style of the 60s in my wardrobe. He is fun, is, as you can see in these pieces here, extremely comfortable to wear, and leaves plenty of room for shenanigans and combinations!

I think it’s also, what ultimately makes the Dutch brand. The fun of fashion.

So King Louie remains faithful for more than 30 years himself, his longtime employees and its customers: because today, the label is to find every Monday and Saturday on the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. Exactly where everything began.