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Julie & Julia

Actually, I’m not fond of them to look at film adaptations of books or stories, without having read it before. I love his spinning my own scenes and images in the mind, using the descriptive words of the authors to make the protagonists according to my ideas, and to compose their world. Reading stimulates the imagination and can attend mystique to the stories, as any reader of thoughts developed its own individual images.

But recently I got the tip, to watch a movie, which sounded from the description here so beautiful I could wait there but no longer. The comedy published in 2009* ‘ Julie & Julia’ is based on two books.

One dates from the year 1961 and is called ‘mastering the art of French Cooking*’. The author Julia Child was a U.S. American Cook who revolutionized American cooking culture in the 30s to the 70s. Her book is still regarded as one of the standard works of the French cuisine. In 1912 she was born an icon of the (cooking) mid-century with her cooking show “The French Chef” downright television.

A piece of cooking history can look on here her in the original, using the example of the croissants preparing. Look. Simply wonderful!

365 days, 524 recipes , 1 tiny apartment kitchen

Julia Child and her work were to inspire of a second book: ‘Julie & Julia: 365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen*’. The young American Julie Powell started, while she worked as time worker in Manhattan, in the year 2002 a blog. In their Julie & Julia project she tried, all recipes from Julia Childs Cookbook within a year to prepare:

“I want to write a blog, to forget the stress of everyday life. Just as cooking is a means to forget the stress of everyday life.”

This blog grew rapidly and gained a large fanbase, so that it was published as a book.

These two works about the passion for cooking have been combined in a heartwarming Retro movie. Director Nora Ephron is deals with the life story of Julia Child and the emergence of their masterpiece: Julia’s husband in the American Embassy in Paris receives a job, she is not satisfied with the typical housewife hobbies and begins to learn cooking.

Very quickly it becomes the professional and makes popular French cuisine in America a country, in which up to date from the perspective of Europeans more than furnishing bread, sound mayonnaise and ketchup are consumed.

The film jumps between the two worlds of Julie Powell (Amy Adams) and Julia Child (Meryl Streep) and creates a wonderful connection between the experienced Cook and the young woman who feels emotionally very connected to her 40 years later by her cooking experiments. The idea that this movie is based on two true stories accompanied me all the time and makes the events all the more fascinating for me.

I find stunning costumes and scenes of France in the 50s . It wasn’t a mistake not to have read the books, because the scenery is so lovingly, that you prefer in the old retro dresses may slip, stroll through the Paris streets, and dine at the romantic Cafés. The little things make the film just so special.

So, on her cooking show, Julia Child always wears a Pearl Necklace – in the kitchen! -What incredibly inspired Julie Powell. The life of Julia Child speaks against the former tradition, as a housewife to dedicate his hobbies and the budget, and for this reason, Julie looks up to her and admires her until the end of their project. Despite many rainfall during their attempts to cook she motivates himself always again to keep your goal in mind.

For me, the story is a mixture of a sweet trip to Paris of the 50s and an engaging story of a young girl of who not to confuse by setbacks can be.

I can warmly recommend you to kidnap you also by two charismatic women in the world of culinary art.

But a tip I would give you still on the way: you should be you to the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ prepare urgently something tasty to eat. Otherwise, the tooth drops you after a few minutes and you start to plunder… the entire fridge (such as I).