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In addition to many other products, brands etc, also watches are cleverly placed in movies, to build up the brand image. On the one hand, it is the film itself, which transmits image effects:the best example is surely of James Bond, who taught at the same time an elegant, but also a women – or action hero image and (from the viewpoint of the company) on the watch brand, Omega is to transfer this image. Another example is the placement of TAG Heuer vintage watches in the film rush, what naturally suited to the very fit Athletic image alignment of the brand.

Furthermore, a placement to ensure in the Hollywood environment but also always there, some of the glitz and glamour of that “glitter” world on the watch brand image to rub off…

It starts with the watch brands, most frequently seen on the big screen…

James Bond Watch Brand 1

Film Omega Watches: bond, James Bond or fire, James fire?

“James Bond!” is one of the first associations probably certainly throwing the watchmaker Omega in the round. Now two decades – since GoldenEye in 1995 – 007 wearing the brand Omega. Previously, especially Rolex and Seiko came on the wrist of the secret agent.

James Bond is known not only as um to ballernder action hero from the intelligence service MI6, but also as a
Bow tie wearing gentleman and womanizer. The responsible for GoldenEye costume designer Lindy hemming said once on the “watches”Auditions:

I was of the opinion that Commander should bear bond, a sailor, divers and discreet gentleman, the Seamaster blue dial.

And exactly this blue Omega Seamaster was then also what shows an overview of the models carried by James Bond since 1995 (high resolution PDF by clicking on the image can be downloaded):

Last bond was released in the context of the James a limited edition Seamaster 300 film spectre, which is of course also worn by James Bond actor Daniel Craig. Here a picture of the Omega Seamaster 300 spectre limited edition to the standard included NATO band and with very good-to-read vintage dial:

This watch is presented in an action-packed promotional video from Omega with many scenes from the film – including ironic Saini quote (from 0:21):

Bond to Q [holds the watch critical in the camera]: you can anything?

Q: the time displays.

By the way: Also Miss Moneypenny in spectre played by Naomie Harris, Bling-Bling pebbles was equipped with an Omega watch in the feminine gold look included.

“Fire, James fire” writes BBC in an article from 2015 and enters this highly critical on product placements in James Bond films:

There are a few moments in the bond of movie which even the most forgiving 007 fans can’t recall without wincing. […] the worst of them, there’s the Casino Royale scene in which Eva Green asks Daniel Craig if his watch is a Rolex. “Omega,” he replies. “Beautiful,” purrs Green. “Eurgghh,” groans everyone in the cinema.

The original scene is available on YouTube:

The reason for the fairly obvious product placements like the Casino Royale are primarily financial from the point of view of the filmmaker. Although luxury bracelet timepiece of course would be the profile of the film character James Bond you want to sharpen, as Omega such films without the injection of funds by luxury brands in the form of simply not possible.

A fair deal so from point of view of the visitor of the cinema? On the one hand, in my opinion defintiv Yes! On the other hand, even I as Marketingler must frequently sigh when I felt 1000th product placement will pushed by the nose to the. Example compliant? Jurassic World and Mercedes Benz, which of course accompanied throughout by a giant campaign:

A YouTube user writes to dry:

I hate you for destroying this movie. This is why I will never ever buy a car from your brand.

Maybe a little exaggerated, but shows the heart of the problem. In comparison, the placements of watch brands seem like Omega, Hamilton & co. already almost harmless…

James Bond Watch Brand 2

Hamilton film watches: looking for brand awareness in Hollywood blockbusters

Hamilton watches were already on some arm of Hollywood celebrities. A Hamilton Watch made her first appearance in 1951 in the film frogmen, where exactly the watches were placed a few years previously in the second world war provided by Hamilton to the U.S. Marine units. There is more info in the article about military watches published recently by me.

Since then managed Hamilton watches in over 450 movies, including many French and Chinese. The most famous Hollywood movies are:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Men in black (all three parts)
  • Independence day
  • Die hard 4.0
  • A Beautiful Mind
  • Interstellar
  • The Martians

Although some dramas, comedies, etc. found in the Overview of Hamilton product placement in Hollywood movies, the product placements go clearly towards action and sci-fi movies, what also the recent appearance of Hamilton watches in Independence Day: return underlines:

Overall the Hamilton sites support this on the big screen rather young and modern image of the brand. For this, the focus is on large and partially futuristic-looking models with an independent design speaks also – in addition to the focus on rather more classic military watches -. As an example here is Hamilton Khaki BeLOWZERO , which had been appearing in The Martians on the wrist of actor Matt Damon:

But how is it all to placing a Hamilton Watch in movies?

According to his own statements, Hamilton gets more requests for product placement, as the staff can handle. But much more importantly is certainly fit the movies to the brand. Hamilton has the claim to be not less as part of the definition of the character : A clock is in addition to language, gestures, etc. as a part of the puzzle, believable to the film character to represent clothing style. If this is not feasible even with a production model, Hamilton manufactures special designs from time to time for movies. A well-known example is the 1968 film 2001: Odyssey in space by Stanley Kubrick.

Hamilton produced a prototype, which was first made available in 2009 in a limited edition of 2001 units for end users for this movie classic:

The original watches from the film appear in the framework of an international traveling exhibition organized by the Deutsches FILMMUSEUM, which presents the complete works of genius of Stanley Kubrick.
Another example of a not available special is the film interstellar, where Cooper daughter Murph got retro clock by Papa bought a Hamilton. Later in the film, the watch is not just a mere accessory but plays also an important substantive role. I do not want spoilers at this point but – I’ve seen the film twice before and I think nobody should have missed him! So, the special design of the clock on the drawing board was created by the way…

Also the male interstellar-lead, pilot and astronaut Cooper (played by the brilliant Matthew McConaughey), carries a Hamilton, however a “off the shelf”: the Hamilton Khaki aviation pilot day date (REF. H64615135).

For the price of about €800 you get a nice package with good value for money with the clock: a 42mm stainless steel case, Sapphire Crystal, a Swiss ETA 2834-2 automatic movement and 20 bar water resistance to warrant the price.

Who want to come to a similar-looking pilot’s watch somewhat less expensive, can a look at the rock hard NAV B-Uhr 44 automatic B pattern throw. The clock also has an ETA automatic movement and Sapphire Crystal in the luggage. It is slightly larger but with 44mm and is unfortunately only splash-proof, while you can go with the Hamilton to go diving. The price for that is rock hard top: €400 directly from the manufacturer it is.

Hamilton is active behind the scenes: In the framework of the “Hamilton behind the camera Awards” those employees should be honored, normally only in the credits of a film short by name called E.g. cutter, Requisiteure etc. are,

The awards take place in China and the United States since 2006 and are naturally reared in Hollywood-style:

E.g. already Harrison Ford, Emily Blunt, Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, and Steve Carell were among the presenters.

Garrett Warren, awarded with a Hamilton behind the camera Award for his work as a stunt choreographer in “Avatar”, said in his acceptance speech:

It’s great when someone full recognition on the shoulder knocks friends. Our work is so top secret, normally
and nobody gets anything. This recognition makes me very proud.

James Bond Watch Brand 3

IWC and Glashütte Original: presence at film festivals

Even IWC watches were already in many feature films and American television series, including Wall Street: money does not sleep, ocean’s 13, R.E.D., the Bourne legacy, or grey’s anatomy.

The watch brand IWC supports in many international film festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival in New York:

IWC has set the target promising filmmaker to assist and to 2013 together with the Tribeca Film Institute called the IWC Filmmaker Award in life. This award will promote talented young filmmakers of all genres.

In the last few years IWC won some well-known Hollywood names as brand ambassadors on the red carpet, including Cate Blanchett (the Hobbit), Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained), Marc Forster (World War Z), and Zhou Xun (cloud Atlas).

Also Glashütte original has discovered the film festival itself and is for the first time in 2017 the Berlinale as the main partner, with the award of the Glashütte original of documentary film award support. The award for best documentary film is endowed with a prize money of €50,000. A three-member jury decides on the allocation, Director and producer award winners share the prize money. The award is given in the official award ceremony in the Berlinale Palace.

In addition to the prize money, Glashütte Original is also the Berlinale-statuette available, which is made with a lot of manual work in the Saxon manufactory.

Yann Gamard, CEO of Glashütte original says to cooperate:

“Our long-standing relationship with the Berlinale stands through the content area
our factory to the Festival from. There are numerous interfaces between watchmaking and
the art of filmmaking. We are pleased therefore extraordinarily, the Berlinale from 2017 not only as
Main partner to support, but with the glass Hut also original documentary film award a whole
special film form to promote”

Casio & more

Another watch brand, you’ll find very often in movies and series, is Casio. The CASIO product placements are often the company communicates its strategy but not so openly like Hamilton or Omega;

This Casio be placed above all G-shocks, where it is rough. Here are some examples that I have noticed:

  • Chris Pratt in Jurassic World with a G-shock GD100-1B (hard to believe that you could see the clock despite the flood of Mercedes)
  • Bradley Cooper in American sniper wears a Casio quasi permanent G-shock
  • Hugh Jackman in Neill Blomkamps sci fi movie Chappie
  • Tom Cruise in mission: impossible 2
  • In the current seasons of the series grey bear’s Anatomy equal to several doctors a Casio G-shock

The focus on movies and series, where it is rough, is consistent – they are the G-shocks from Casio as “indestructible”, what I can sign so from personal experience. The starting price for a Casio G-shock is not particularly high: Let’s go from approx. €70, E.g. at Amazon: Casio G-shock at Amazon.

Of course, there are quite a few other watch brands, which are worn in movies and series. The reason that many actors wear also their private watch on the set. Even though this product placement (can) not specifically controlled by the company, most of the free advertising are likely to fret. The brand Panerai, for example has become famous by Sylvester Stallone in the film daylight free wearing.

Do you know other watch brands in addition to Casio, Hamilton, IWC and Omega, are most often seen in film and television? Leave me a comment!


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