Interview with Madame Loufleé

Madame Loufleé – airy, light, sweet.

Also their creations are just as playful as its name. All handmade, with lots of attention to detail.

Looking for young women who did her passion to the nostalgia not only a profession, but also a life’s work am I stuck very fascinated on the side of Madame Loufleé. From the simplest materials such as satin ribbons of garments, small discoveries in flea markets or objects from the local store of Diakonia, she lovingly conjures Retro jewelry for the hair.

Their motto is: ‘Do new from old’. And over again admirable, I find just such a setting. Not only the throw-away society the call to fight, but also to show what one pieces of alleged ‘waste’ for great jewelry and decoration can make.

As she came out, especially the beauties of the retro style to devote, I figured out what it inspired in their work can be and how you can realize many ideas with creativity.

You are not just hair and earrings, but also wonderful decorative objects in the Vintage Look. How did you get it, especially in the 50s – 60s style to keep working?

I’m a great nostalgic!
I think it started that I was in my youth when my aunt, uncle and cousins to visit often. At that time, they lived in an old timber-frame house. All around there was still a small shed – and where it all began!

In this shed stood an old, dark green sofa from the 40s or 50s. It was a wonderful retreatfor me as a 14-year old at the time. More rooms were decorated with nostalgic pieces such as old metal signs or fine porcelain.
I think I got my love of old things with a long history of my aunt. She is always very graceful dressed and the constant smell of cigarillos is the perfect touch her stylish appearance!

How can one imagine a ‘normal’ working day with you?

There is unfortunately not a normal working day. Two years ago we moved into the two-storey family home of my husband’s. In addition to two small children and the household I in between taking my time for creativity somehow.
I would like to invest much in my hobby time. But the time with the children is also very important to me, because they grow up way too fast! Sooner or later I again have enough room for my work.

As a creative person looking constantly for new ideas – whether with the help of simple encounters in everyday life, walks through nature or flip through magazines. What particularly inspires you?

Personally inspired me the wallowing in the past. I have also inspired me by decoration magazines. I have turned off by many magazines me however, because they are quite expensive and always repeating the topics.
Now, I prefer the blogs of creative minds or images on other platforms. Travelis also a very important inspiration! Because we live in the Black Forest, we’re with our VW camper often at the French border.

I love to stroll in the small French villages through the winding streets. And everywhere you can see these sweet shops with antique furniture and objects. Of them, you can move only! I like very much this dreamy and playful lifestyle of the French.

Would you say that you friends with your shop* and your blog is a dream carried out have?

I have already blog about five years ago. It began with the name icing hand made. Added to this was the same name our site.
Then my first son was born, I blogged soon still very little and but was more on Facebook on the go. With the new name Madame Loufleé (by the way, an idea of my husband’s), it ran great new readers and many posts at once again. There’s also more beautiful fan pages and – not to forget – great sponsors like for example Dr. Oetker.

Together with a friend I called about a year later a small pastry & event services in life: Black Forest Cherry. I suppose this is an idea you have as a House MOM when to bake much, and one feels the desire for something new!

Summarized: the shop and the blog are a passion – but my real dream is to make one out of anything: A small shop with Café in our place.

Here to order my products: our site. Because I love special orders, you can contact me also on facebook or by E-Mail.
Am I every now and then on arts and crafts and Christmas markets in my local area to find.

Are you on the move privately in the retrolook? Are you wearing your creations here regularly?

The style of the 50s and 60s years I have always liked. The clothes, the music, the styling and especially the Interior. I also love the style of the sweet ENIE van de Mageseni. Of course wearing my accessories to some outfits also fit!
I like it but still likes casual or casual, in jeans, boots and Plaid Shirt. I could never get to a style. There is simply too much nice!

You love most-saccharine reef. Can you imagine your apartment as a small light blue and pink pastel Wonderland?

However, I’m completely to pastel colors!
Especially in my little kitchen, I come to this passion. It is a mix of retro and country house style. In the rest of the apartment, old find, restored in part of my own furniture and de Karim problem: old tin cans, pictures, Pastel-colored kitchen utensils… just endless much Schnick Schnack!

I don’t want to overdo it reef with the. That does not always come easily.

Could you slip for a day in the role of a historical person, it would be Marie Antoinette. Why just them? Their lives took yes no end of beautiful…

Yes that’s true. Marie Antoinette had also no life no long and partly white. That she remained loyal to himself, and has adjusted for anyone like her.
“The people believe that it’s so easy to play Queen, but they are wrong. Being natural is a crime apparently.”
For me, Marie Antoinette is like a reflection of my personality. Young torn from home, again and again prove to and stay strong.

And finally: makes me happy that…

Makes me happy that I’m here, where I am now, with everything that entails!

What all can occur, when it comes to his passion and his ideas, you can see here. For me, Madame Loufleè gives the impression of a cheerful, young MOM, who enjoys life. In compensation to their daily role in the family, she has implemented their love for old things and girlish jewelry in a small, magical business.

If you rather simple dresses and so would like to put a small highlight, or to his rockabilly dress searches yet the perfect icing on the cake. Her sweet jewelry creations fit to each occasion and outfit, and are on top of that absolutely affordable. I’ve ordered me just my first hair clip and can’t wait until it finds its way to me.

I thank you for the great answers and wish great success with Madame Loufleé, that their vision of the own shop Café will soon come true!