Instructions Christmas Tree Craft: Nostalgic 3D Christmas Tree out of Paper

A wonderful 3D Christmas tree

Christmas time is craft time – my guide to the 3D Christmas tree craft.

A large number of people begins only a few days before Christmas to take care of the gifts for your loved ones. Too much work, too much stress, too much to do.

I found the perfect solution in the manual work and handicraft. It is not only fast and simple, from the simplest materials to conjure up something wonderful.

The creative work is also a great way to gain a few moments for themselves in the hectic time. Slow down, relax.

To reflect what is the beauty of Christmas. The time with the family. And to show how much you love each other.

Friends turn to beautiful music, Cook a tasty Christmas tea and enjoy browsing in your boxes and the creation of sugary tree.

The utensils for the 3D Christmas tree are immediately linked to amazon if you like still fix order one or the other.

You need to make the Christmas tree *.

  • Old paper, E.g. old book pages
  • DIY cardboard for sticking
  • Craft glue
  • Optional Zigzag scissors
  • Shish kebab skewers
  • Flower pot
  • Put
  • to the decoration you need beads wooden, Moos and optional acrylic paint

Christmas tree craft instructions to the 3D

Just take the best paper, which you can find at home can. Wrapping paper that you no longer need, color box, or, as in my case, wonderful old book pages. These are great not unread in the closet to gather dust. And give the sweet gift of an air retro feeling.

You put this on a thicker paper, about handicraft cardboard. Make yourself from further cardboard squares, one each in sizes 8 cm, 7 cm, 6 cm, 5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm.

You use this as a template, to six of any kind on the paper to cut out. Is a wonderful effect with craft scissors such as Zigzag scissors* achieved, because they still once beautiful sculpt the edges of the paper.

A hole in the middle of each square is punched (it must not perfectly fit), so that you can do this size on the skewer moved thread . If you let one or two millimeters square in between, the tree looks behind wonderfully full.

You can fix that discretion in a small flower pot , I have furnished my pots with MOSS and paper, is also put to the better grip.

Fits on the top of a small bead at the end. To the beautiful picture I painted on pot and beads with bronze colored acrylic paint , what still accompanies the nostalgic effect of old pages.

And it’s done. A personal, gift made with love for your loved ones. I made this little tree for all, which I visited during the Christmas season. And really everyone was happy very happy.

Simply because it comes from the heart . These are but the best gifts ever!

The creative idea have I found on youtube by the way and then after my retro ideas and what I have found in my cast off. If you still like to like see it in the form of a video, a great guide to the Christmas tree craft of DekoideenReich you can find here:

Tinker much fun trying it out, Christmas tree and send a gift to your loved ones!

I wish you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas time.