Bedroom makeover - floor and ceiling


Bedroom makeover – walls

With fresh paint or new wallpaper on the walls, the bedroom gets a whole new look. The expenditure of time and money for a renewal of the wall design can be well controlled during the bedroom makeover. The color of the walls in the bedroom should be changed so that they match the desired furnishing style and the associated color concept.

If you like to keep up with the times and therefore implement a smaller to larger makeover in the bedroom once or twice a year, you are probably best advised to make the walls as neutral as possible in terms of color or wallpaper. Pictures , home accessories and other decorative elements on the wall can be exchanged much more quickly and with less stress, so that one leaves more options open by using such components.

Tips and ideas for a quick makeover of the walls in the bedroom

  1. Using fabric
    If you want more color in your bedroom, but do not want to go through the hassle of painting or changing the wallpaper, or if you are afraid that you will quickly get tired of the color again, you can alternatively “work” with fabric. If your bed is against a wall, simply put a curtain rod just below the ceiling. You can either hang ready-made curtains or a fabric of the required size (with a sewn-in tunnel or something similar for fastening). In this way, you can easily accommodate your desired color or design in the bedroom and if you want a change – i.e. the next makeover of the bedroom – you can easily and flexibly make adjustments in this area.
  2. Wall tattoos
    Do you have walls that are kept neutral or do you currently not want a completely new wall design, but want to set new accents on your walls? Then wall tattoos could be a very good alternative for you.

Bedroom makeover – floor and ceiling

In most cases, it is advisable to simply paint the ceiling in the bedroom white. This type of ceiling design gives the room a certain lightness and allows the greatest possible freedom to design the other areas. But you can of course also work with panels and, for example, pick up the wood tone of the floor so that the room “above and below” is designed in an almost identical shape.

For the floor you should choose a covering that is appropriate with regard to the desired use of the bedroom, supports the planned living concept and corresponds to your personal taste.

Basically, it is advisable to keep the actual floor in the bedroom as easy to care for and neutral as possible – for example in the form of a laminate floor. As part of a makeover, you can quickly and easily create a new look, for example by laying carpets and bridges.

Bedroom makeover – furniture

The bedroom gets its functionality through the furniture. Classically, next to the bed , the wardrobe and bedside table are usually part of the furnishings. In addition, there is often a chest of drawers for tidy laundry, hosiery and accessories.

Ideally, the main furniture for the bedroom – i.e. bed and closet – should be kept as neutral as possible. They should have a timeless design and a moderate color. With such versatile, combinable pieces of furniture, you are on the safe side when you later makeover your bedroom, as they can usually be easily integrated into a new furnishing style, a new living concept or a new world of colors.

You can give a little more “gas” when choosing side furniture . Here you can invest in trendy furniture during the makeover to make the room more stylish and contemporary.

Bed benches (upholstered or made of wood), for example, are recommended as side furniture for the bedroom ;

A work area can be added to the bedroom with a beautiful desk or secretary . In order to visually separate the functional zones from one another, the “work corner” can be wallpapered differently, for example, or a shelf or a screen can be used to divide the room.

The bedroom is often the place in the apartment where women feel particularly comfortable. Accordingly, if the room is large enough, it is advisable to accommodate a dressing table or a dressing table with the option of storing jewelry.

If you want to furnish a complete bedroom in fine harmony without much effort, you choose furniture from an extensive range so that each individual piece of furniture fits perfectly with all other furniture in terms of material and design.

Bedroom makeover – home furnishings

By using or changing the textile furnishings in the bedroom, you can bring a breath of fresh air to the room particularly quickly, effectively and usually inexpensively. For example, if you have a neutral bed in gray, greige, white or black, colored or patterned bed linen creates a whole new atmosphere in the bedroom in no time at all. If you plus matching decorative pillows, a residential ceiling use or bedspread and curtains and / or blinds, the desired effect will increase immensely.

As part of a more extensive bedroom makeover, home textiles are important companions that you can use specifically to further promote and support the intended style and spatial effect.

Bedroom makeover – decoration

Since – as already discussed at the beginning – the use of the bedroom has changed a lot these days and the room has become much more than a boring place to sleep, where the light is switched off anyway, decoration should not be dispensed with in the bedroom either.

Everything that pleases and fits the desired atmosphere in the room is suitable for decoration. Tip: Arrange various decorative objects and pictures in a group – e.g. on a chest of drawers. This creates extremely charming style lives that give your bedroom a very special touch.

When decorating the bedroom, keep in mind that it is important that you find yourself in the room. Therefore, where possible, incorporate things into the decoration with which you have a personal relationship. In this way you make sure that you don’t feel like you are in a “catalog environment” later on.

Plants bring a lively atmosphere, peace and well-being into the bedroom. You can find the right types for every style. Not every plant is suitable for the bedroom. For this reason, you should definitely seek professional advice when making your selection.

Bedroom makeover - floor and ceiling