History of HStern Vintage Jewelry

It is with great satisfaction that I write about the jewelry store HStern, a large brazilian company in which I had the privilege and the honor to work, learn and be part of a wonderful team. Work on HStern was a unique experience, very intense and enriching, further increasing my interest in the world. From all knowledge that I obtained in HStern came the idea of creating this blog and disclose everything that I learned and I’m still learning through research and studies. The HStern is in the ranking of the top five jewelry stores in the world, the first jewellery of Brazil and is the responsible for revolutionizing the world market of precious stones.

The Origin

The founder Hans Stern was born in Essen, Germany in 1922. On the eve of World War II, when he was 16 years old, went to Brazil with her parents, lived in Rio de Janeiro with his mother and your father was running a power station in Piauí. At the age of 18 years, he worked in a colored gemstones exporter and rock crystal, where your knowledge and admiration for Brazilian stones (tourmaline, amethyst and citrus).

In 1945, he sold your accordion and with the money, your first Office opened in downtown Rio. The first sales point was in the Touring Club at Praça Mauá, where ships dock. Hans Stern thereafter fought to change the erroneous vision of the colored stones in Brazil Brazilian were semi-precious stones, showing tourists the whole process of making a piece of jewelry. In 1949, it was created the international guarantee Certificate HStern, a pioneering initiative for the season, which gives the consumer the guarantee of quality and authenticity of its products, offering the best technical conditions, the best raw material and rights to exclusive services. Here at Act-test-centers.com you can get more different models and styles.

In the decades of 50 to 70, the brand becomes known internationally. In 1952, the HStern creates the Guided Tour (guided tour), where visitors could follow all the steps of making a piece of jewelry, in addition to the extensive personal collection of precious stones of Hans Stern. In 1955, opened the first branch in São Paulo; in 1960, expanded to the United States and opened your first store in New York; already in the 70, took a very important step by creating your own Gemological Laboratory (DEGEM) to sort their diamonds and never stopped growing.

One of the major achievements happened in 1983 with the opening of the world headquarters in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro; in 1984, launched the Catherine Deneuve Collection created with the collaboration of the actress herself; in 1986, the collection was born Roberto Moriconi (Italian artist) and Sapphirewatches; in the following years, red carpets were extended to the collections signed and inspired by great artists taking the HStern to the level of the most prestigious Jewelers in the luxury market.

The Vision of the Future

In the Decade of 90, the son of Hans Stern, Roberto Stern, assumes the Presidency of the company and rejuvenates the brand image, adding creative concepts that today apart on the world stage. The goal is to turn the jewelry in “griffe”. The mark will seek inspiration in fashion, music, fine arts, architecture, etc. In an increasingly globalized market, when completed 50 years in 1995, launched the World Collection that highlights Brazilian stones in the tourist market and the international market design, in keeping with international trends. In 1997, the HStern carries out a project with the famous photographer Albert Watson coming up the book “Lost Diary” and also that year into the future, started the changes in the architecture of the stores with new concept, clear and large. The HStern began to adopt some attributes for the jewels that are obeyed as law: the clean and pure design, comfort, versatility, autogratificação, i.e. internal details (secrets) that only the owner of the piece and the signature of the Star (the trademark symbol) in all parts. Toward success, HStern’s vision was to be globally recognized as one of the most important jewelry stores for the prestige of its products and services.

HStern Collections

In addition to the collections mentioned above, HStern has created collections that inspired by acts from diverse areas such as the collection Costanza Pascolato (fashion consultant), which is a reference to style, elegance and good taste; Miscigens collection, inspired by the philosophy of Carlinhos Brown (musician, composer and instrumentalist baiano), which United the brazilian, African and Arabic culture; Orbis Descriptio collection that took inspiration in the work of the artist Rio Anna Bella Geiger, showing in parts, maps, courses of rivers, the contour of continents and the imaginary line of the Mediterranean and Collection Campana (Fernando and Humberto Campana), inspired by the creativity of those architects and interior design. We can cite short another as: Collection Purangaw Collection, Diane Von Furstenberg, Collection Grupo Corpo, Collection Oscar Niemeyer, Roberto Burle Marx Collection, Collection Pope and Pop the wonderful collections and lines that are not linked with any artistic personality as the Central Stone Collection and Special lines HStern (Code, Nature, Lizard, Rua das Pedras, Moonlight, among many others that can be seen on the official website of HStern). Every six months, a new collection is launched with five or six lines (which are 10 to 12 pieces each).

In addition to jewelry, the HStern gives superexigente brand watches and very reputable brands in the international market as the Patek Phillipe, leather accessories, sunglasses and articles for home and decoration, which are also of excellent quality and beauty. The HStern also opened a beautiful and cozy restaurant, the Eca, in the center of Rio de Janeiro and the Spa HStern at Shopping Rio Design Barra.

Stoning Stern Star

The stoning stern star is unique to HStern. Created in 2004 after years of research, with organic and asymmetrical cut form, does not have the round shape or triangular, but a mixture of shapes like pebbles found in nature. The arrangement of facets (facets 51) and the table forms a five-pointed star and reflects more light than the traditional cut (57 to 58 facets).

The Brand in the World

The design , exclusive, easy recognition of jewels and brand image, took the HStern at the highest level in the world. Is the most important jewelry in the country, with more than 600 highly qualified silversmiths who work between Rio and Sao Paulo, more than 160 stores in Brazil and abroad and over 3,500 employees. The brand is present in 21 countries, has 115 representatives and manufactures more than 20000 pieces per month.

The HStern innovated your way to show your jewelry to the world through excellent marketing strategies that include important Brazilian and foreign celebrities using parts in big events, websites, catalogs, advertisements in fashion editorials of the most prestigious international journals and mainly in stores, always seeking the loyalty of the client. The constant search for excellence in results, commitment, honesty, ethics, discretion and respect, has been achieved through specific training for sellers. This training is conducted by HStern University where the candidate before starting sales activities, spends eight months a year studying and performing tests that require the minimum average of eight and a half to be approved (I know this process), in addition to receiving and fit the codes of clothing (dress code). In addition to the initial training, training sessions are held temporarily in jewelry and watches.

Ending this post about the brazilian HStern, I leave some words of Christian Hallot, brand Ambassador, “we’re not looking for trends. We created and launched trends and, through our studies of behavior we got a glimpse of what will be three-year trend, but always following this timeless product line, is a jewel has to have a great adaptability. Timeless jewelry is one that can be used anytime. Thus, all that the brand develops is a success.

The video below shows a preview of the collection MyColletion HStern.