Furniture and Living Trends

It is considered the event for furniture and living trends: the imm cologne. At the world’s largest furniture fair, well-known exhibitors, exclusive designers and hip start-ups line up in numerous halls to present the latest products and furnishing concepts.

The furnishing experts will also be on the road in 2019 to present the innovations and new products to you directly from imm cologne. Read now which furniture and colors should not be missing in any home this year.

Solid wood and Co. – natural materials in modern designs

Rustic oak – what was the absolute trend in the times of our great-grandparents and grandparents is experiencing a real renaissance today. Because while the world is renewed and reinvented faster and faster, your own home is a place of rest and relaxation. Natural materials such as solid wood and natural fibers bring deceleration and stability to your own four walls thanks to their longevity. A pleasant contrast to the daily changing environment.

Nevertheless, nowadays it doesn’t have to be grandma’s massive wall unit to create a sustainable interior. New airy designs, harmonious shapes and practical functionalities as they are currently required from furniture have long since become part of everyday life, even with natural materials.

Walnut – solid wood with character

Furniture made from solid walnut is one of the costly trendsetters. Thanks to their dark coloring with a charming grain pattern, they give every room a warm, elegant character. Whether designed in the Scandinavian style or linearly modern, combined with other materials or pure and unadulterated: walnut wood in any variant attracts attention.

Inexpensive wood veneer and decorative surfaces in walnut imitation

If solid wood is too expensive for you, you can bring the natural look of walnut into your own four walls with the help of veneers and decors. MDF or chipboard, which is provided with a top layer made of real wood or wood imitation, is usually used as the base material.

The classic: solid oak

Oak is and will remain the best seller among solid woods. Filigree pieces of furniture that are far away from the clunky boxes of bygone times convince with their elegance, functionality and a warm look. The natural coloring and grain of the solid wood also transforms each product into a truly unique specimen – individuality par excellence.

Sustainable products made from European and FSC ® -certified woods

Another big trend at imm cologne 2019 are sustainable products made from FSC ® -certified woods. Because the awareness of nature and protecting it for future generations has now also become part of many interior design and design concepts. While artificiality, waste and a throwaway culture were standard in the 1990s, in the 2010s it was a completely contrary approach that designers, manufacturers and buyers were pursuing – namely that of sustainability.

The FSC ® certificate certifies that wood products come from sustainable forestry. It is an international certification process that applies to wooden furniture as well as books, paper products and pens. The organization has set itself the goal of using forests in an environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically sensible way in order to preserve them for future generations.

Still trendy: furniture in the mid-century style from the 1940s to 1960s

As in previous years, current sales figures show that retro furniture and products in mid-century style will again be among the absolute trend topics in 2019. At the trade fair in Cologne, many manufacturers are therefore relying on organic shapes and classic designs in a modern interpretation.

One of the highlights is the wing chair, for example. Its cozy charisma can no longer only be found on seating furniture, but is currently also enhancing comfortable sleeping places.

Sleeping places in retro style

Functional, versatile upholstered furniture

Outside of the bedroom, living is becoming more and more functional, according to imm cologne 2019. In the future, modular products and especially upholstered furniture will be characterized by their versatility and multifunctionality.

Individual portable modules can be put together to create spacious seating and lounging areas, while sofas serve as full bed replacements at night. The desire for flexibility is certainly also due to the fact that living space – especially in cities – is becoming increasingly limited and expensive. Those who used to be able to afford a separate guest room or a separate office are now often forced to use their rooms variably.

This is exactly what many designers and manufacturers have reacted to and created products that transform the house and apartment into one large, multifunctional space.

Color trends 2019

In contrast to previous years, the color palette in 2019 is much more colorful. Muted colors are still very popular, but strong colors such as lush green, deep blue, but also shiny gold and brass mix with the trend candidates.

From the sea to the jungle – green and blue as the dominant color spectra

Current topics such as the plastic pollution of the world’s oceans inspired designers to increasingly pick up on the colors of nature. Textiles in particular, but also upholstered furniture, shine in sea blue, jungle green, turquoise and petrol. These colors are combined with lighter shades of the same color scheme to create an elegant unit with a sense of depth.

In the case of textile accessories for the interior, different textures are also mixed. Fluffy fabrics, velvet covers and lightly patterned fabrics meet smooth leathers and fluffy flokati.

Pastel, natural and light gray tones

Pastel tones and light shades of gray have been more popular than ever since Hygge, Lagom and Co. The delicate color nuances ensure a subtle cosiness without appearing overloaded or overwhelming. Especially in combination with solid wood, the natural and pastel tones are charming companions that offer the natural material enough space for its own charisma.

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Gold and brass – the renaissance of Art Deco

One of the real novelties at this year’s imm cologne – or perhaps even the result of the ever-increasing idea of ​​individuality – is the resurrection of Art Déco. Gold and brass, shine and art: the resurgence of a style that originally combines a mixture of different characteristics from previous eras and oriental influences shows how much people want a better, more splendid future in times of unrest.

With the help of luxurious materials such as gold, bronze, brass, ebony, glass, crystal and leather as well as matching colors, they create a piece of the “ideal world” in their own four walls, against which the external circumstances seem to bounce off.


Individuality is still the main theme of the living and furniture trends in 2019. While the designs of the past few years have tended to be understated, in 2019 a stronger expressionism can be recorded. With the return of Art Déco and the use of distinctive patterns and strong colors, the individual taste and furnishing style come to the fore.

Another must for furniture: functionality. Limited living space forces people to rethink the original use of rooms and to find individual, multifunctional solutions. Designers react to this in 2019 with further developed products that can be converted quickly and easily using the modular principle.

In terms of material, the keyword is “wood”. Because a sustainable lifestyle and natural charm continue to be a trend in all rooms. Whether young living or age-appropriate living – solid woods such as oak and walnut remain the most popular materials in the furniture sector.

Furniture and Living Trends